Black Eyed Peas’ “Masters of the Sun” Graphic Novel Signing At Meltdown Comics; Jez Dior’s #NotSober DJ Takeover at BLACK

August 10, 2017

Today has been a mf day. I’ve literally been stressed all. day. long. But let’s start from the top. Meet Felly. He’s this 21-year-old from Connecticut with a cult following. No lie. Teenage, skateboarder vibes. And he can rap? I was so intrigued.

I was more excited to bring him to Young & Reckless for a shoot. Turns out, he’d already been there before. So it was all love. He’s super dope and has a really good heart. Love that he graduated from USC also. He used to live right by campus but just recently moved to New York. Lucky lmao.

This happened at the end of my shift at my next job. Literally, as I was clocking out. I got scammed harder than I can even put into words. I was selling by $300 Bape hoodie and this dude faked a Paypal email account to confirm he sent me the money. I shipped it out without hesitation. I couldn’t believe it when I found out. This might be my biggest L to date.

I had to suck it up because I had 3 events tonight. First, The Black Eyed Peas were celebrating the release of their first graphic novel, Masters of the Sun – The Zombie Chronicles. I missed the Q&A, but pulled up to Meltdown Comics & Collectibles on Sunset just in time for the book signing. This store was dope as hell, especially if you’re a fan of comics or Marvel. This definitely looked like the one-stop shop for it all. Like Amoeba to music.

I definitely caught them at the end of their extremely long day. Or press run rather. Poor Will, he was over it. They were really sweet though- especially Taboo. All 3 genuinely signed each fan’s poster and/or novel, and even got up to take every picture that they were asked to take. It’s so crazy because I just watched for like 15 minutes how many that amounted to. The life of an artist.

Huge thanks to Matt and Sallie for making sure I got to speak with BEP. Literally, they were the absolute sweetest. Responding to emails at 11pm. My favorite type of people lmao <3. Next, I head to Tocaya Organica on Sunset for my babygirl’s birthday. I love her so much. It was such a nice breather from industry events. I was also just next door at Electric Feel studio yesterday. The universe knew.

Last but not least, Jez Dior’s #NotSober DJ takeover at BLACK in Weho/Hollywood. First off, I’ve been meaning to check out this bar for a minute. I’ve heard it’s one of the best in Weho, mostly because they play Hip Hop. I found out Jez had DJ residency here, so it all makes sense. This was also a release party for his video “Sober” that just dropped. He just signed to Epic and is now focusing on his artistry.

Jez is a total qt lmao. He was super sweet too. Even his mama was out to support. So cute. The bar has a dope outdoor patio that they decked out with red lights. Issa vibe. Also on the patio was a glorious BLACK backdrop which made for a great flick. They were replaying his music video on the TV screens throughout the venue too. Fire.

It was definitely getting poppin’ as the night went on and I can’t even tell you how many drinks I got offered. V sweet of everyone lmao. I was so happy to see so many familiar faces too. I love you, Simone. Huge thanks to Maria for inviting me and putting this whole thing together. She’s a boss babe.

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