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Zoey Dollaz “M’ap Boule” Listening Party At Le Jardin In Hollywood

August 11, 2017

Tonight started with almost another L. I literally show up to Soulcycle downtown and miraculously made the 10-minute grace period window, but I didn’t start cycling until half the class was over. I could NOT get those mf cycle shoes locked into the bike pedals. It was so embarrassing. I almost gave up and walked out. And the class was 15% full so everyone saw my struggle in the front row. Huge thanks to Jaylen for the plug though. A class typically $35. AND it’s not on Classpass. They bougie.

And then, AND THEN, I still die. This instructor was not human. She was not of this earth. Literally the most perfect body I’ve ever seen. Low key made me feel like shit. I was literally only cycling maybe 25 minutes and I still couldn’t wait for it to be over. She was RIPPED and I could not keep up for the life of me. All the other 10 riders in the room were going HAM too. Like they were made for this. And then it gets worse: I couldn’t get my right foot out. I straight up left the cycling shoe on the pedal and walk out with my head down. Def happened to me last time too. Soulcycle: 2, Shirley: 0.

Most of you may know Zoey Dollaz from his hit single “Blow A Check.” And if you don’t, listen to the song and you’ll definitely recognize it. That shit was made for the club. Now, he’s back with a brand new project titled M’ap Boule, which dropped end of July. He got all the features on there. To celebrate, Epic Records was hosting a listening party at Le Jardin in Hollywood.

I literally came because Sylvon was throwing this event. Lmao. That’s my favorite guy right there. And I was having a day (what’s new) and was so close to just emo-hiding. I was very happy I came out though. This actually turned out to be a function with all my favorite people. Huge thanks to Kisha for getting me on the list and taken care of. I love Zoey’s entire team.

When it came time to actually play the album through, Zoey got on the mic near the front of this glorious outdoor venue. First of all, Le Jardin came to existence literally right after I retired from my clubbing days (Greystone was my shit). This spot in the middle of Hollywood is lit. And there was an open bar. Issa vibe. Zoey introduced “Mula” and gave the disclaimer that there was a Lil Wayne version but he couldn’t it cleared. Brazy.

Smh I feel like I’m talking in this clip lmao. I was dealing with some crazy BS all night so my attention span was fucked. I turn around and see Tupac standing right next to me. Jk, Demetrius Shipp, Jr. lmao. I gave him a hug. But in all honesty, this project is dope. His single with Chris Brown, “Post And Delete,” is the one.

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