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Random Chick Runs Up On Gucci Mane During His Set At #Dubshow; Sunday Funday Fit At W Hollywood W/ Carmen Morgan

August 14, 2017

Sunday Funday Fit? Fuck yes. I’ve been so stressed out and needing endorphins. This couldn’t have come at a better time. I LOVE the fitness classes at the W Hollywood too. This isn’t your average fitness class. This is a workout at one of the nicest hotels in Los Angeles. Every time I come here, I leave satisfied. Today was no different.

I could not get up this morning. I was up until 4am last night (Soulection was everything) and had to be up at 10am for this. They said class started at 11am SHARP, which of course, I fail. And then I get lost lmao. I actually have never been to the Hollywood Terrace, which was located on the 2nd floor. I must have scaled the entire floor before someone pointed me in the right direction.

I finally enter the patio and immediately see my favorite person ever behind the turntables. Jeremy! Such a small world. Luckily, they were still warming up. This was a HIIT class, which means homegirl was going to put your entire body to work. It was an amazing turnout, maybe 30 people, all ready to break a sweat. Huge thanks to Samara and Nicole for having me. And shout out to SmartWater providing the mats and hydration. Water is life.

Correction. Cold water is life. Gamechanger that they gave me an ice cold bottle. Btw, nipple top water bottles are my fav lmao. Smartwater knew. The class was only 45 minutes but Carmen definitely kicked all our asses. Her body is INSANE. I creeped her before and knew we were going to be in for a treat. I swear some people are just blessed lmao. She was the absolute sweetest though and so friendly to meet everyone afterward.

Quick shower, food, and some work, and it was off to Angels Stadium in Anaheim, CA. Today was the annual Dub Show, which I actually go to every year. I was little sad when I found out it wasn’t going to be the down the street. It’s usually held at the LA Convention Center by Staples. One look at the lineup and instant #FOMO. I was approved for The Big 3 at Staples Center but I chose this instead. Had to catch Gucci for the culture.

This year, they were taking their efforts outside. It actually totally worked. The main point of The Dub Show was the cars. The music was just an add-on. Having the whips outside made it seem like a legit car trade show. Fast and the Furious status. The event was from 12-6pm and tickets were $25. Kids under 10 could come for free, which made for family friendly vibes. I thought that was dope. Huge thanks to Cynthia for being an absolute doll and making sure I was good. I’ve always thought Dub Magazine was extremely lit, but knowing the team is genuinely good peoples made it so much better.

Remmmyyyy Boyzzzz. Everyone’s been wondering where Fetty Wap has been. Welp, he’s here lmao. Alive and well. “Right Back” is him and Monty’s latest single. It was lit. Next, he performed “Flex,” his collab with Fifth Harmony. That was lit too. What a fire collab.

Fetty Wap got hits in the bag. Next, he performed “Promise” with Kid Ink, “$ave Dat Money with Lil Dicky, “Again,” “My Way,” “679.” Whether it’s his song or a feature, homeboy does put out bangers. Him and his crew were having a ball on stage. It was dope seeing how packed the crowd was from their POV.

“Trap Queen” was the finale. It was definitely a solid closer. Shout out to Fetty’s Gucci shoes that could pay a year’s worth of my rent. “The money be coming in.”

Shut out to my babygirl for being my date. I adore her. She’s my wingwoman any time I have an event in the OC. Also not sure wtf I was on when I decided to wear a long sleeve in 90 degree sunny weather. Legit confused on that one lmao. I also finally got to meet O.T. Genasis backstage. He’s low key my spirit animal.

When it came time for Gucci’s set, we had to mob all the way around to the front. He wasn’t allowing ANYBODY on stage with him. Def no surprise there. I just wanted the best coverage. I literally push my way to the front because I’m extra af “Freaky Gurl” took us wayyyyy back. IT’S GUCCI!

This was definitely the highlight of my day. He starts performing “Black Beatles” (by Rae Sremmurd) and I had my hand up to record the whole time. I caught this moment so fucking perfectly. This random chick literally jumps on stage and security runs from the back of the stage. Gucci was like NOPE lmao. Where Keyshia at???

I could not stop laughing. That shit was too funny lmao. The whole crowd was speechless. Gucci performed his parts on “Slippery” with Migos and “Good Drank” with 2 Chainz. So lit. I always forget all the features he’s on.

“Lemonade,” “Wasted,” and a tribute to Shawty Lo. Gucci for president.

The drive to and from OC can be so therapeutic. Saw HNHH post this of Mac Miller’s K.I.D.S. mixtape. 7 years anniversary. I died a little. This project made me fall in love with Mac as an artist. Homeboy has a soft spot in my heart. “Nikes On My Feet” for life.

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