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Daniel Caesar’s #Freudian Album Listening On The Rooftop Of Neuehouse In Hollywood

August 23, 2017

Hi guys. Honestly had a pretty rough day, but this meant the world to me. I hit another low in this fucked up thing called life (or the music industry), and it brought up all the doubts I’ve managed to suppress about my career choice. My friends had my back so hard and I can’t thank them enough. Just hearing that I deserve better meant the world to me. It’s hard in the moment when you’re so upset and emotional and ready to give up, but they’re the reason I’m able to keep going.

Had to man tf up. Tonight was something special: Daniel Caesar’s album listening party at Neuehouse in Hollywood. Without a doubt, one of my favorite venues in LA. The rooftop is to die-for and the perfect space to hold an event like this. It got a little chilly, but they had the space heaters on deck. This reminded me of DJ Khaled’s listening party here, only it was way more exclusive.

First off, you guys NEED to get on Daniel Caesar. Because he is about to blow. This dude has the most incredible voice. I had the pleasure of seeing him perform in the most intimate setting at No Name on Fairfax just last week, for Apple Music’s Up Next artist feature. Their last artist was Khalid, so you can see where Daniel is headed. There was no way I was missing this. Huge thanks to Evan for the invite. She is honestly the best.

Daniel is a R&B/soul singer/songwriter from Toronto. Speaking of, someone tonight told us there were no radio stations out there. Like what? That’s brazy. Who plays Drake in his hometown? Anyways. We enter the function around 9pm, to find a good mix of people mingling and socializing. I definitely fangirled when I saw Sabrina Claudio at the very front. She’s so fire man. The fact that she was out here supporting Daniel was the cutest thing. Had to steal this flick. They definitely need a record together.

Daniel didn’t arrive to the function until 9:45pm, and when he did, he was being pulled left and right. Tonight was his night. And the support was real. There was a moment where we were all just standing around and I look up to see Kendall Jenner right next to us. Justine Skye was with her, and it took me a minute before I realized it was her. I had to say hi. She is so sweet. And beautiful.

But anyways. It wasn’t until almost 10:30pm when Daniel started playing us his album. He’s so shy- it’s so cute. He asked everyone to please not post the music on social media. I LOVED that. It was our own special listening. AND he played us the entire album. The intro track “Got You” featuring Kali Uchis was released as a single, and for some reason, it sounded even better tonight.

I almost forgot, I’m pretty sure every single person in the building was jizzing over DJ Sean G. Homeboy is the realist. Literally dropping all the old school classic gems with a twist of disco. His set was orgasmic lmao. Shout out to my babygirl Noor for being my date, and Fuzzy for the photo bomb. We were genuinely loving what we were hearing. Also just found out who the other female vocals on the project were… H.E.R. Real recognize real. So hard.

Freudian drops this Friday. Don’t sleep.

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