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Jake&Papa + MIKNNA Take The Stage At ASCAP Urban’s ON THE COME UP Showcase At The Troubadour

August 24, 2017

It’s rare that I scroll my timeline on IG, tbh. I’ve had no time. But I couldn’t sleep the other night and landed upon this. All my homies on one bill. I had to come support. This was ASCAP Urban‘s On The Come Up Showcase at one of the most historic venues in LA: The Troubador. Seriously, this has been around longer than The Roxy. You’ve probably driven by it on Santa Monica Blvd. It’s so swanky.

The main reason I was here today was to see MIKNNA perform. They’re the homies (shout out Perry) and I have yet to see them perform live. I pull up after work and haggled the parking attendant to let me park for a dollar lmao. It was so extra but so worth it. I walk up and immediately see all the familia.

ASCAP is a professional organization of 625,000 songwriters, composers and music publishers, owned and run by its members. Translation: they’re lit. I walk inside to find the homie Kosine on stage, killing it as a host. Honestly had some jokes that made me chuckle. ASCAP is a real one for bringing him on board. This was honestly such a dope event, because it brought together such a talented group of artists. And it was a free show. You can’t lose.

Had the pleasure of hearing Viia sing first, and her voice was incredible. Shout out to her for being the only female on the bill too. Turns out, I knew her DJ, Zuri. We both used to work at Joyrich. It’s a small, small world, you guys. Next up was MIKNNA. I swear Kosine hyped them up so well, and we were not disappointed. They are an electro-soul duo comprised of Mike B. and Ken Nana. I met them through my homie Tony, who epically failed tonight by showing up an hour after they went on lmao. Smh.

They took the stage and performed “302,” and I was immediately feeling it. Anderson .Paak vibes. I loved how HAM Ken was going on the keyboard (or whatever instrument it was) while Mike B did his thing on the mic. They performed their single “Ness,” at which point I noticed the fan section to the left of me. They definitely had their squad out. It was cute lmao. They finished out strong with “Trinity Ave,” which had everybody in the room vibin’. I was excited to say hi to them afterward.

Next up was Bugatti from Virginia who did his thing. He, too, had a fan section by the stage. I love the support. It honestly warms my heart. I went upstairs when Chris Scholar took the stage to say hi to some people, and came down to see Jake&Papa in the building. Also a duo, and also the homies. It was so good to see them. They honestly shut it down the minute they got on the mic. Bedroom R&B vibes.

They performed “Mansion,” “Phones,” and then brought it wayyyy back to the classics. “Pony” by Ginuwine is timeless, and not many people can cover it and get away with it. Jake&Papa definitely did it justice. Papa began with a fire falsetto into the mic, which honestly I don’t think anyone in the building was ready for. Jake, you’re fine as hell lmao. “Poison” was next, and it was just as good.

Can I take a moment to shout out how interactive ASCAP is on socials? I LOVE when a company responds and interacts with their followers. Game changer.

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