Popular Demand x TIMES10 Presents: #MayweatherMcGregor Fight Party; Interviewing Azealia Banks At The Fonda Theatre

August 27, 2017

Happy Saturday. I started school again today. I’m on the slowest fucking route known to mankind but I’m determined to finish. And then this happened. My WORST nightmare. Sitting in the wrong class for 30 minutes gave me so much anxiety. I wanted to cry lmao.


Fast forward to FIGHT NIGHT. Cue: Migos. Honestly, when Monica hit me with this, I was so fucking happy. I actually did want to see the fight. I’m obsessed with Mayweather and his entire Money Team. I think he’s entertaining af. Shout out to my babygirl for putting on the best viewing party in LA. This took place at TIMES10 in Burbank, where Popular Demand just moved their office. The minute I walk inside, it was soon evident this was the place to be.

This space was so perfect. It was huge. You know I’m a sucker for events too. They had EVERYTHING. And by everything I mean unlimited food: pizza on pizza on pizza, Krispy Kreme donuts. chips, cookies, wings… I don’t think anybody left hungry last night. Can’t forget the open bar and basketball hoop. I was sweating lmao. It was so much fun. The first shot I took, I legit lost my Marc Jacobs ring lmao. God was like, NOPE. I didn’t make the shot either.

They also had a full-on legit movie theater to watch the fight. But that shit was packed to the brim. There were no seats left. I didn’t mind standing and watching it from the outside. Sadly, I had to dipset after the first round. But Mayweather walking out in a ski mask was pure entertainment lmao. He’s seriously comedy.

Azealia Banks at The Fonda Theater in Hollywood. Her set time was at 10:15pm, but I was there 30 minutes beforehand because they told me I could speak with her before the show. Honestly, I got the interview for Ural but he couldn’t make it. So that made me really sad lmao. But I knew this was a once in a lifetime opp. She don’t speak with nobody.

Last time I saw her was at El Rey on Wilshire. All her shows always sell out. She’s got a CRAZY fan base. Mostly, the gays love her. Like, they ride or die for her. It’s insane. As much as she can’t stay out of the media and negative headlines, homegirl is talented af. You can’t deny that. Before she had the crowd turnt for “Desperado,” she showed mad love for LA. She said this was the city she got her tits, wrote Fantasea, and wrote “1991.”

Azealia has great stage presence, and her back up dancers were fire. It was like, every time she moved her hip one way, the crowd would scream at the top of their lungs. I also watched one fan give her a bouquet of yellow roses and another give her a T-shirt. The love was so real. “Esta Noche” was another highlight.

“The Big Big Beat,” “212,” “Miss Amor,” and then an encore because the fans wouldn’t let her leave lmao. “212” is the reason I fell in love with her. Tonight, she had to clarify the lyrics to one of the lines on the song, so everyone could sing along correctly.

Huge thanks to Jovon for making this happen. He couldn’t promise me she’d speak with me after but I took the chance. During the show, she revealed that by this time next year, she would have a jazz album out. All the fans were trippin’ off that. As was I. I had to get more details, but she didn’t give me much lmao.

Tbh, the interview was weak af. She didn’t give me nothing and shot down all my questions. But she’s Azealia Banks. What was I expecting? Low key scarred. You need thick skin in this music industry man. I question myself on the daily.

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