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Logic’s “1-800-273-8255” Music Video Screening + Q&A At Neuehouse; Jorja Smith BLESSES Los Angeles With Her Voice

August 30, 2017

Logic shook up the world with his “1-800-273-8255” record featuring Alessia Cara and Khalid. If you guys live under a rock, this is the number to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. The entire premise of this song was to encourage those who are struggling and in need of professional help. Mental illness is no joke. And the fact that Logic, someone with a huge following and even crazier fan base, took it upon himself to shed light on such an important subject matter… salute.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, the music video comes out. This clocks in at over 17.5 million views, and climbing. Tonight, I got to attend a screening and Q&A with the director Andy Hines, producer Andrew Lerios, and the entire cast of the video. This took place in a private theater inside Neuehouse in Hollywood, one of my favorite venues ever.

I actually had no idea DX was putting on the livestream (partnered with Twitch) until late afternoon, which made me kind of sad lmao. Oh well. I was covering for Power (shout out Ash). This event couldn’t have come at a better time: the day after Logic’s explosive MTV VMA’s performance. That shit was honestly memorable. The best part is that on the day of the song’s release, the hotline received the second highest daily call volume in its history.

Shout out to Luis Guzman, Nolan Gould, Coy Stewart and Mickaëlle X. Bizet who acted in it. They were also joined by the associate director of the hotline, who you could just tell was so appreciative of the entire movement. Just hearing everyone speak on linking with Logic and the director’s vision, it was a beautiful thing.

It took me a minute to realize who Nolan was… I literally parked in front of him on the street. We both looked at each other while paying the meter and I know we were both thinking… fuck this meter lmao. I knew I recognized him from somewhere and then I realized he’s the kid from Modern Family. That show gives me straight life.

Next up, the event that proved to be the place to be. #Freestyle50 Cypher hosted by Sway Calloway at Playhouse in Hollywood. This venue brought back some lovely memories of my club rat days. I kid you not, I lived here. Huge thanks to Kim for the invite. She’s the best. This was actually a free event, which I didn’t realize until I pulled up lmao. There were a swarm of people trying to enter. I swear everyone in the rap game was in this bitch.

Not gonna lie, I head straight up stairs and hid for a little bit lmao. There was an open bar and free food, but no plates. Fail. I tried to get some content but failed so I stole Dylan‘s pic lmao shout out to him. And London On Da Track for being one of the contestants. I think. I honestly had no idea what was going on the entire time lmao.

Shout out to some real ones holding me down upstairs. Seriously. Neal, you’re the best. When I tried to finally go downstairs, I couldn’t see shit lmao. Welp.

But I did hear Sway get on the mic and introduce Big Boy by saying he’s the voice of Power. Awk. He def left Power and is now at Real 92.3 lmao. I caught that so hard. I dipset real quick because I had to get to El Rey for Jorja Smith. I wasn’t going to push but 3 different people texted me asking where I was. That turned out to be the best decision of the night.

Just let me put you on real quick. Well, first. Shout out to my babygirl Nechelle for putting ME on. She also put me on Sabrina Claudio and I’m forever grateful. R&B is life, you guys. The cure to everything. Jorja is featured on Drake’s More Life, which definitely sparked a buzz. I enter the sold out venue and could literally feel the sweat and body heat. Said hi to some peeps before heading to my secret spot to the right of the stage. The perfect view, every single time.

The crowd went crazy when she introduced “Carry Me Home.” As did I lmao. I was literally listening to this song all day. Honestly, Jorja sounded better live than in the whip. That’s so fucking rare. Everything from her stage presence, to her outfit, to her British accent… it was breathtaking. I loved that barely anyone in the crowd were on their phones too. Genuinely enjoying Jorja and her mere existence.

She brought Maverick Sabre back out, who I only knew opened because the guys behind me were talking about it. He also asked for my video, and I was so happy to share lmao. Jorja is from a small town in London, where I imagine Maverick is from also. He sounded amazing. They had such musical chemistry up there on stage.

She asked if she could play us some new songs and we were all here for it. Followed by “February 3rd” and a lovely introduction to her full band on stage. So much talent in the air. I stayed for her latest single “On My Mind” before I had to dip. Jorja is going to be a superstar. Calling it now.

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