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Dilla’s Donuts Pop-Up Shop In LA; Ultimate Relaxation At Just Float In Pasadena; Vintage Stylist NyLaurent’s “Decade Revival” Soft Launch

September 3, 2017

Saturday, September 2

Happy Saturday everyone. My day began with a 3-hour class downtown, followed by this moment of compassion. I had to walk a couple blocks to my building, where I see the most miserable parking lot attendant sitting in a chair. In all honesty, this LA heat wave is unreal. Like, unbearable. Really hope he gets a bonus, because I wouldn’t wish it upon my worst enemy.

Today was also the day I was going to try float therapy for the first time. If you guys haven’t heard of this, neither had I. I was literally in a group chat expressing how I was going to try to get professional help this weekend, for my debilitating mental illnesses. Out of the blue, my homeboy puts me on Just Float. All I can say is, wow. Nothing. I was left speechless.

Float therapy is an hour of pure stillness, meditation, and just being. No phones, no outside distractions, no stress, nothing. I just realized I didn’t even take a Snap of the facility. I want all my friends to experience this. I was so fucking okay with being disconnected for a whole 2 hours. Think of it as meditation on steroids. This is perfect for anyone who struggles with stress, anxiety, depression, ADD (me, me, me, and me). The benefits of improving your well-being are scientifcally proven. Floating has been around for 50 years.

I will be writing a full review later, as I plan on coming back regularly. My entire experience was remarkable. If there was something beyond remarkable, it would be that. Beyond just the amazing takeaways from the treatment and facility itself, I was able to meet with the owner, Jim, who had such a powerful impact on me, in just the two days we conversed. I revealed the struggles I was going through and all my triggers, and his mere confidence in how much float therapy would help made me trust the process even more.

After his first float, he decided to own this float center in Pasadena. Now, it’s the largest in the world. Honestly, this facility had to be the most comfortable, clean, modern, luxurious… it felt like an upscale spa. The Pasadena location is so perfect too. This city is so calm compared to LA. I didn’t want to leave.

Introducing NyLaurent, the most lit vintage stylist in the game. No joke. Tonight made me realize how much I love fashion. And want to work in fashion lmao. Don’t get me wrong, music is my first love, but there’s something about fashion that allows you to utilize your creativity and style to your fullest capacity. Maybe I’ll pursue being a stylist in my next life.


This was an event called Decade Revival, which was the soft launch of Ny’s work as art pieces representative of decades throughout the 1990’s. The invite said: “Enjoy a fascination exhibition of decadal fashion with a contemporary twist.” Fashion, sounds, and refreshing drinks. I’m there. We pull up to this amazing two-story house in Mid-City, which actually turned out to be her showroom as well. The palm trees on the outside set the mood before we even got inside.


RIght as you walk in, you’re greeted with mannequins with the most extravagant outfits. It was an automatic vibe. Just the overall environment and people in attendance, who were all dressed chic af. I felt underdressed lmao. It reminded me of a swanky little get together you see in the movies, Great Gatsby status.


The vintage theme definitely came to life. Each mannequin represented a different decade. I thought that was so dope. We also got to tour the house and the showroom. Honestly, all her pieces were so unique and attractive to the eye. It was so inspiring seeing all her creative talent and work on display. Also had the pleasure of meeting the genius behind it all. NyLaurent was such a sweetheart.

Huge, huge thanks to Makensy for the invite. I was so honored to be here. She was actually in the most fabulous red top and white pencil skirt. Come to find out NyLaurent styled her. Jealous lmao. Shout out to Corey for mobbing with me. He appreciates fashion as much as I do. This was one of my favorite pieces, which was actually created by another designer named Redgi Woods. Glad he saw me taking a flick so he could come plug himself. Shit, I would too lmao. He had on this see-through white button up that was floor-length. Fire.

Next up: the #DillaDonuts pop-up shop in LA. J Dilla and donuts? For the culture alone. This was taking place at Delicious Pizza Cafe on Sunset in Weho, Friday and Saturday only. We literally caught them right before they closed at 10pm. Huge thanks to Rick, the co-owner, for pulling out these J Dilla photos for me to take a flick of. He had literally just taken down all the artwork to go prep for tomorrow’s grand finale. That was so kind of him.

Dilla is a Hip Hop legend, and his Donuts album from 2006 was a classic. The grand finale is taking place tomorrow in the form of a full-on festival: West Adams Block Party. This shit is about to be so lit. This is Delicious Pizza’s mid-city location, also where the Nike Cortez party was held. And it’s free. And Talib Kweli is performing. Yeah. Get there. Shout out to Val for coming to hang out with us. That’s my girl <3.

We decided to mob across town to Comfort LA, to see our girl Lyric perform. And my babygirl Sandrine. Honestly, all I need in this life is good people. The good vibe tribe. This was for such a great cause too. The flooding in Houston was so heavy on everyone, ESPECIALLY on those with loved ones over there. Lyric’s actually from Houston, so this was perfect. Live performances, games, culture, food, and donations.

Not gonna front, it was hot af in that bih lmao. Ironically enough, I was going to have my birthday turn up here, but it ended up raining that day. The restaurant is the name in a nutshell: comfort food. Fried chicken, mac and cheese, collard greens, you get it. They have a super dope back patio, perfect for events like this. Lyric did her thing, as usual. Homegirl has one of the most charming personalities out here <3.


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