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Ellae Lisque’s 2nd Annual Fashion Show At Hubble Studios In DTLA Hosted By Karen Civil

September 4, 2017

Sunday, September 3

Happy Sunday of Labor Day Weekend, where the entire world is turning up at pool parties or grilling bbq with their squad. And then there’s me. Living my best life. At Starbucks. Alone lmao. Hi.

Fast forward to the evening, tonight was the Ellae Lisque fashion show at Hubble Studios in downtown LA. Shout out to my girl Mercedes for telling me about it, and KiKi for putting it all together. You know I love fashion. And fashions shows are always a good time. Ellae Lisque is the brand by owner and designer Maxie. The event was also to celebrate her bday. She had the most fire red hair- you could not miss her. Boss babe alert. It was her day.

The show was at 9pm but I pulled up 2.5 hours early to come hang. Can we talk about how it started raining?! LA weather is so fucking bipolar. Good thing though. The forest fires need that moisture. I walk inside to mayhem of media trying to evacuate. But then it stopped lmao. The outdoor area was surrounded by really cute tables and vendors lined up. My girl copped the cutest baby sweater for her friend’s child lmao.

We literally hid inside the main room for like 1.5 hours lmao. It was so beautiful inside. Everything was black and white with crystal chandeliers. We sat at one of the tables, all which were tagged with names, and admired the bouqet of white roses in front of us (well I did). This was actually a ticketed event, so you could cop a ticket and roll. I thought that was dope. Shout out to Sy Ari Da Kid in the building. He’s my fucking fav.

We sat in our seats in the media section at 8pm. The show started at 9pm. But yo- the DJ was lit af. Straight throwbacks. I was turning up solo lmao. Shout out to my girl Lupe who we kept asking “WHO’S THAT?” to lmao. She’s my fucking girl forever.

The show began and it took a second for me to register that it was Karen Civil speaking in the mic. She always looks so fire. The first designer was Nichole Lynel, who honestly won me over tonight. Not only her clothes, but her as a human being. She’s not only stunning, but also carried herself so well. There was one piece this model wore: the most attention-grabbing, flashy, shimmery, gold mini-dress. There were verbal wow’s from the crowd. It was a W.

I thought it was also very dope that all the pieces we saw tonight were for sale. That’s honestly prolly how all fashion shows go, what do I know lmao. Next up: Cons Clothing, with the most FIRE intro ever. LITERALLY. First, the DJ drops “Fireman” by Weezy. One of my favs. Then this dude comes out juggling fire sticks and eating the fire with his mouth. Shit was brazy. This showcase was the CUTEST because they had little boys walking down the runway. The first kid came out to Nas’ “I Can.” Game over.

Next up was Scooter Styles. All I remember from his models: ABS Lmao. And really dope sweatpants. But mostly abs lmao. And couples. His style was sick though. The sweatpants with stilettos look is a go. Ella Lisque was the grand finale. All her models and their outfits were on. Still stuck on the music, coming out to The Dream’s “Fancy” couldn’t have been more perfect. She could not have chosen a better song. There was also a lot of asses tonight. The guys def were in heaven.

Mood af. Shout out to Sour Matt for inviting me to the stu. I literally wanted to smoke the entire show. I walk into Paramount Studios in Hollywood and was home. These guys are legit always tapped in. Like, I can’t keep up. But I try. And they always make sure I’m good. Such good peoples.

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