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IT Movie Would Have Been PERFECT If Only…

September 9, 2017

Friday, September 8

Happy Friday. This week was hell lmao. Personal stress, work stress, life stress. I def wanted to cool it tonight. After a long day, I pull up to Legacy Made LA on Fairfax for this dope Nike event with artist Joe King. Huge thanks to Shavone for the invite. She knows me so well. Plus it was another chance to see her. The downside: traffic and parking. Forever the struggle in Weho.

This was an exclusive event to Design Your Own Jersey with Nike Football. You know I’m game. I love sports. And Rams games are super litty. Joe King is the man behind all these custom designs. Super dope. There were iPads throughout the store where you could legit make your own jersey, t-shirt, hoodie, long-sleeve… the whole works. This makes for the perfect gift – even if it’s for yourself.

So exclusive… no one came lmao. Deadass, I think there were more workers than attendees but that’s okay. It’s there all weekend I believe, so hopefully y’ll will be able to go peep. Shout out to the female DJ holding us down and my babygirl Monica for hanging out with me. I adore her. There were so many photographers on deck lmao.

I had to jet out to catch the 9pm showing of IT at Regal L.A. Live. Tonight was opening night (well, technically last night at midnight), and the hype was real. So real, we had to cop tickets in advance online. The entire theater was full. Even the dude next to me was a lone soldier. I felt bad. He definitely had to split up with his friends.

Mood all week lmao. I can’t even tell you how many people corrected me. I kept saying “I.T.” like “E.T.” for some reason. I honestly had no idea what this movie was even about, other than that there were clowns, and it was scary. I’m here for it. I saw the homie post at the IT Experience in Hollywood and got major FOMO. It’s an actual haunted house with mazes and they chase you. I want to play lmao :(. But real talk, the marketing behind this film… A+.

Shout out to Kristin for being my date, and copping the tickets while I was at work. One of my really good homegirls from the Bay linked us, which meant automatic friendship. We got into the packed theater right as the movie started, to find 2 children in our seats. Yes, children lmao. Jk. But times like this really make you appreciate assigned seating. After booting them, we were sucked in with the most lit opening scene. Everyone in the theater was excited after that.

The movie got like a 90% on Rotton Tomatoes. That’s extremely high. Especially for a horror film. And I can definitely see why. First of all, this is based on a novel by Stephen King, the legend. If you love horror, you love Stephen. What I couldn’t get over was how young these kid actors were lmao. AND THEY WERE SO FUCKING FUNNY. Like, their jokes were to die for. That alone probably bumped up the ratings by 50%. Humor is forever the key to a win.

IMDB plot: A group of bullied kids band together when a monster, taking the appearance of a clown, begins hunting children.

The bullying part made me really sad. The monster is Pennywise the Clown, who was honestly terrifying. But overall, I can totally see why this movie did so well. The picture, the suspense, the CGI lmao. You know when the monsters look fake as hell and it makes the entire movie corny? The monsters here were lit. The graphics, the gore, the blood… all on point. As much as I jump and get scared in scary movies, I only did ONCE tonight. Like, screamed pretty loudly out loud. It was honestly really fun. Our row was a riot. I always say: the company you have at movies make all the difference.

The ONLY downside to this… it was long af. It’s 2 hours and 15 minutes. I had no idea. I remember at one point, my girl goes, “there’s an hour left.” I was like stfu. Mind you, I do have ADD, so it’s very hard for me to sit still for long periods of time. But bruh. It would have literally been perfect if it was an hour shorter lmao. Just keeping it real.

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