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Jansport® x Noisey #BonfireSessions In DTLA f. Pell; DJ Felli Fel’s Birthday At The Continental Club

September 18, 2017

Saturday, September 17

Happy Saturday. After a long day of class and yoga, I was so ready for my evening to begin. Tonight marks the launch of THE JANSPORT® BONFIRE SESSIONS in LA. Yes, the backpack. The OG backpack that everybody sported in high school. The classic. I got this invite in my inbox and knew I immediately had to go. Pell is so dope. A free show on a rooftop in downtown LA? Come on now.

Introducing JanSport’s long-running free, outdoor concert series, presented by Noisey, featuring performances from an “electric lineup” of Monte Booker, Pell, and The Molochs. This event was the absolute most perfect reminder that summer is not over. We’re so blessed to be living in La La Land where it’s so fucking nice out- even late at night.

This took place at FIGat7th, which is about 10 minutes from me. I had a little bit of trouble finding the actual location, but eventually followed the sound of the music up to the very top. This was free, which was the best part. But you had to be 21.

The age cut-off actually made for a very sophisticated, classy, vibe. It definitely set the mood: Saturday night and the feeling’s right. Huge thanks to Nakia for having me. I found out Pell was set to take the stage at 8pm and was fortunate enough to catch his last 2 songs. The first was “Patience,” which is produced by London On Da Trak. Real recognize real.

The entire rooftop was blocked off for us. Attendees enjoyed complimentary drinks provided by Golden Road and there were dank food trucks to choose from if you were hungry. I was really into Pell’s set. He’s a really dope independent artist from New Orleans and has amazing stage presence. So much energy and charisma. “Eleven: 11″ is such a vibe. Really motivating.

After his set, two people came on stage to throw out free Jansport backpacks into the crowd. Of course, my extra ass aggressively starts hailing my arms in the front row. I refused to leave empty handed lmao. Was about to give up when I suddenly came up on the cutest one: pink corduroy. Yassss. I hung out on the lawn for a bit more and enjoyed the bonfire vibes under the big, beautiful sky.


And then I mob to a part of LA I’ve never really been to: Lincoln Heights. This was the homie’s BEERS, BBQ, AND BOXING function to watch the Canelo fight. I thought they had me at the inflatable boxing ring with giant gloves, but then they followed it up with a popcorn machine. Oh it’s lit now. I pulled up right as the fight ended lmao. Walked inside to Canelo’s red, sweaty face crying on the big screen.

I honestly might have been able to catch the last few rounds if I didn’t get lost af lmao. Their crib is located way up in the hills, behind Dodgers Stadium. It ended up being a draw between GGG and Canelo. So lame lmao. But I’m not even going to act like I know or care. Most love Canelo because he puts on for the Mexicans. I ain’t mad. I would too. Shout out to Jess and Marcos for the fucking vibe. I was just going to stop by and deadass stayed for 3 hours. It was so nice catching up. I fucking love the good people in my life.

SKRT SKRT. It was past midnight by now, but I had to show up to DJ Felli Fel‘s bday. This was at The Continental Club downtown. He told me I would love this venue, and that he would be playing straight cuts from the 90’s. Sold. As much as we (jokingly) complain, he’s a fucking great human being. If he fucks with you, he’ll have your back no matter what. He’s been in the game longer than all of us. OG status. He’s responsible for Akon’s “Get Buck In Here” and Ne-Yo’s “Finer Things” with Fab and Ye. Both timeless.

I almost didn’t come because I was definitely in sweatpants lmao. I gotta step my shit up man. My days are just so fucking long. Luckily, it was dark af lmao. I did see a ton of familiar faces. Shout out to Pro who I recruited to the team. He’s the best. <3 Fel dropped “Throw Some D’s” by Rich Boy and “Doin’ It Right” by Daft Punk. I was in straight heaven.

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