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Goldlink & Masego Shut Down The NOVO In Los Angeles

September 22, 2017

Thursday, September 21

This tweet was such a tease lmao. First off, if you fuck with Goldlink, you’re a real one. You’re a fan of real music. In all honesty, when homeboy dropped his At What Cost album earlier this year, I thought to myself, “Oh thank God.” There’s a hope for Hip Hop. There’s a hope for 2017 rap with substance. Tonight was a show I’ve had in my planner since it was announced. Up until this week, I thought EarthGang was opening. But not in LA. Tear.

Huge thanks to Yesennia and Chrystal for allowing me to cover. Masego opening for Goldlink was 70% of why I wasn’t missing this show. Masego is like… SoundCloud R&B jizz. If that makes sense lmao. Smino vibes, af. Just like you a real one if you fuck with Goldlink, you’re even more real if you fuck with Masego. I’ve only heard great things about this kid… and that his personality was as great as his music. I walked away 100% convinced.

The NOVO downtown is definitely one of my fav venues in LA, and you’re definitely lit if you’re headlining here. Not to mention filling this bitch up. I’ve been to shows here where it’s empty, and shows where it’s so sold out, you can’t breathe. This was towards the latter. The turnout was amazing. From the pit to the balcony upstairs, the fans were ready. And so was I.

His set time was 9pm, and I was so scared I was going to miss his set. Surprisingly, he performed until almost 10pm. Thank goodness. Goldlink definitely let him shine. They’re both from DC (or DMV, if you will). He told everyone they were about to get the best performance of their life. Ooh Nah Nah” with SiR is a straight gem. This had the security dude guarding the photo pit freaking out. He told me he went to school with SiR. Literally singing the song verbatim. Inglewood in the building.

Masego said he woke up to 5 million views on this next joint, “Tadow.” It’s lit. We were trying to figure out how to classify Masego tonight: either about to blow or already blown. I just think his journey isn’t the average. Especially with his sound, he’s carving his own lane. He performed “Navajo” next before giving us a show: making a beat from scratch. He’s so fucking talented. So. Talented.

Next, he gave a nice little shout out to Xavier Omar, and proceeded to do “Wifeable (Demo 3).” And then it turned into a straight dance party on stage, with his sexy saxophone and all. Whatever he did with Justin Timberlake’s “Senorita,” I was so here for it. The crowd ate it up. “Bounce” was the finale.

Goldlink’s set was intro-ed by his lit ass DJ, who dropped all the bangers. When Goldlink actually took the stage, the crowd went nuts. “Fall In Love” is such a gem. He said he came all the way from D.C. to fuck with us, and to dance and have fun. That was probably my favorite part from both these artists. Genuinely exuding positive energy and just making sure everybody was going to have a great fucking time. This is how a concert was supposed to feel.

“Dark Skin Women” is an amazing record. Like I said, songs with substance. “Rough Soul” was next, in which the crowd also goes nuts. Goldlink is one of those artists I discovered late, so now I’m playing catch up. All his projects are fire. You can put them on at any time of day and catch a vibe. I was in the photo pit for the first couple songs, and realized I didn’t even know what he looked like up until tonight. I literally just listened to his music.

“Meditation” off the new project was next, transitioning right into “Spectrum.” Embarrassed because I put the wrong song first. That’s what I get for trying to post and drive and live at the same time lmao. This was explosive though. Goldlink has AMAZING stage presence. There were 3 girls in front of me going HAM, literally. Squad goals.

“Summatime” with Wale is such a vibe. It’s literally always summer in LA. “Kokamoe Freestyle” was a definite highlight. Beat knocks.

Goldlink brought it back to the 90’s with Usher’s “U Don’t Have to Call.” Every single concert attendee was living. Then he brings it back to this day in age with some Kendrick Lamar. It was a fucking party. They just set the bar so high for shows. Unfortunately, I couldn’t stay for “Crew” or Shy Glizzy popping out, but man. Both these artists are so fucking special.

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