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MIKNNA’s Headlining Show At The Roxy; Summer Happenings At The Broad f. Basquiat; Thundercup’s Birthday Celebration

September 24, 2017

Saturday, September 23

Happy Saturday. Another day, another dollar. Another 3 events tonight, but all with my favorite people. After a pretty long day, it began with a celebration for one of my favorite human beings on this earth. Monica Lin, we love you! It’s @thundercup‘s birthday, and there’s NO chance this event wasn’t going to be lit. Homegirl is a fucking beast in this industry. I’m so blessed to know her.

The official birthday party took place at Bree Bree Los Angeles on Melrose. This spot was literally adorable. Even pulling up and peeking through the see-through glass windows, I could see it was a function inside. People were getting down on the dance floor. Shout out to the DJ dropping ALL the bangers. I was loving his set. Complimentary desserts, food, drinks, fashion illustrations, HENNA TATTOOS! So fucking lit.

I thoroughly enjoyed speaking with her mom outside before entering. Of course, poor Monica had to take like 10394958 pictures tonight lmao. Everybody needs a pic with her, including me. Outfit could not have been more on.I love you, babygirl! Thanks for bringing together the best people and creating the best vibe for Saturday night. I literally wish I had gotten there sooner the minute I stepped in.

Next up, had to pull up to The Roxy right quick. Tonight was MIKNNA’s headlining show. This has been in my planner since it was announced. All the homies again in one room. MIKNNA is a rap/EDM duo consisting of Mike B and Ken. You can’t help but love these guys. Serious Anderson .Paak vibes with their music. So much talent. Shout out to Tony again for pulling through with the ticket. Low key the plug, low key my favorite.

Luckily, the set times were wayyyy pushed back so I actually could catch their set lmao. They graced the stage to “MPH” and it was an automatic vibe. Seriously obsessed with their sound. It’s so unique and so chill. This was also their last show on the 50/50 Tour, closing it out in their hometown of Los Angeles. Most of these guys are straight up from K-Town. So local. I love it.

“302” is probably my favorite song by them. I loved the mannequin on stage also, which was a prop used in their last video “Mona Lisa.” It stood right under the bright MIKNNA sign that they performed in front of the entire night. “Can’t Hold You” and “Abbot Kinney” were next before they brought out their homie Joe for a record. The support is real. Shout out to their manager, Perry. He’s the best.

Had to dip out early to drive 30+ minutes to The Broad in downtown LA. Luckily, this meant my final stop was close to home. Thank God. Tonight was a very special event called Summer Happenings at The Broad. If you guys aren’t familiar, The Broad Museum is probably one of LA’s bests. AND it’s free. Home to the famous infinity mirror rooms and only the most talented artists that exist or have existed.

The invite read: “Punk meets hip hop, gay meets straight, black meets white, and downtown party meets uptown art world— influences that made Jean Michel Basquiat the man he was.” This after hours event featured a full-line up of live performances outdoors and indoors, I was so happy to have caught the tail end. Beyond art, it was an evening to bring together people of all kinds and all races. The event was PACKED. It was an amazing turnout and the fact that it was midnight made it so special. The museum is NEVER open this late.

Plus, Basquiat is GOAT. We made our way upstairs to walk through the amazing exhibits and had to go pay homeboy a visit. We literally had 7 minutes before the museum shut down, and we made the best of it. Shout out to Corey and Val for catching a vibe with me, and Ben for the invite. Such a dope event and definitely excited for the next one!

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