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Vic Mensa Proves He’s A Rockstar At A Private Show In Los Angeles

September 26, 2017

Monday, September 25

Monday’s are always rough. Stayed at the office late and really had no time to waste. I’ve been taking on a lot more than I can handle but at the end of the day, you just make it happen. Tonight was a busy night for LA. There was SZA‘s sold-out show at The NOVO, where ticket resell prices were at a whopping $175. That shit blew my mind. Homegirl is ready to sell out stadiums. But tonight was also Vic Mensa’s free show in Los Angeles, put on by Tidal, of course. This turned out to be one of the best shows I’d been to in a while.

I pull up to the Teragram Ballroom downtown to find the line wrapped around the building. People had been waiting for HOURS. Huge thanks to Ayanna for allowing me to cover. The invite said: “Help members of the music community affected by the recent hurricanes. Donate to the #MusiCares Hurricane Relief Fund,” with a link to donate. I actually recently donated a huge bag to our bins at work, so my heart was so full seeing all the items that were brought to the venue.

I found out you had to enter a raffle to get on the list. Shout out to my fav couple out tonight who was part of the reason I came out. I love them with all my heart. The fact that this was for a good cause, and not just a free show for the fans, made it that much more fulfilling. PLUS, the first 200 people got a free shirt. Best believe I was hyped. Who doesn’t love free merch?

The best part was walking inside the venue and seeing practically everyone rocking the tee with Vic Mensa’s face plastered on the back. I’m not kidding when I say he’s got FANS. Die hard fans. He was supposed to come on around 9:30pm, which made for a lot of downtime. Shout out to the photo booth for entertaining us for a hot minute. AND it printed out a hard copy. Winning. Being a sucker for venues, I was excited to finally come to this Teragram Ballroom. Crazy because I’ll be back next Monday for Sonder, which you all should join me.

Teragram Ballroom proved to be the cutest little spot hidden in the middle of downtown. Holding only 600 people, this made for a very intimate setting. But pause. Here’s my embarrassing story of the evening. We were all waiting near the front of the stage, and of course, my extra ass tries to get as close to the stage as possible. You know when you push through the crowd to get to the front? So this resulted in a little altercation with a girl who ended up being 20 years old. I asked. We literally got into it lmao because she claimed I was blocking her view and then proceeded to not let me through.

But then I had a change of heart and apologized. I felt so stupid. I’m almost 27 and I just fought with a girl for no reason over standing just one foot closer to the stage. I legit felt so dumb that I had to apologize. We ended up hugging it out lmao. But I saw Corey legit shake his head. The SMH, IRL. It was a moment to remember.

The buildup to Vic actually coming on stage was utterly insane. Fans started chanting his name. Most have been here since before 7pm. Vic took the stage at 10pm. But honestly- it was all worth it. NO matter how long you waited. Vic came out to the most explosive performance of “Say I Didn’t.” This comes off his last project The Autobiography, which is a fucking beautiful piece of work.

“U Mad” with Kanye West is one of Vic’s best songs to this date. It goes so fucking hard. So hard I got a bruise. Like, we were in a mosh pit. That shit was brazy. But I LOVED it lmao. I legit got the best, first-hand experience of this show. It was surreal. Had me feeling like a teenager all over again. This is the feeling music is supposed to give you.

He quickly transitioned to “Memories On 47th St.” I LOVE how much Vic embodies Chicago and the culture. The streets are no joke and Vic makes it a point to talk about it in his music. He’s able to shed light on the gangs and the violence, in hopes of encouraging kids to be better than that. Giving kids hope that there is a way out. This lead to an even more explosive “16 Shots.” One of his most personal, realist songs to date. The fans knew every word. It was insane.

He proceeded to play “Homewrecker” and ask who has ever made a mistake in their life. We all rose our hands. We all fuck up. That’s just the truth. Vic has this way of making us feel like we can relate to him. It’s special. And then he took it wayyy back with “Cocoa Butter Kisses” by Chance The Rapper. Back to the Save Money movement. Acid Rap was my SHIT. This made my week (and it’s only Monday). Low key forgot Vic was on the record but it brought me right back to that time and place in high school where we listened to the mixtape on straight repeat.

Next, he serenaded us with “Coffee & Cigarettes.” It’s crazy how versatile Vic is as an artist. It was beautiful. I had to leave a little early, and apparently I missed a wild mosh pit the second I dipped. During “Down For Ignorance,” he split the crowd in two and made everyone run into each other lmao. Prob for the best, I didn’t need another bruise. But also, missed this stage dive. #FOMO.

Shout out to Roc Nation and Tidal for putting this #TIDALXVICMENSA event together. And Vic Mensa for always giving his 150% for his fans. He’s truly an artist in his own right.


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