Brunch With Fat Joe 24 Stories Up At The Ritz Carlton In DTLA

October 2, 2017

Sunday, October 1

I honestly have a new found love and respect for Fat Joe. Today was Empire’s DJ appreciation “Meet & Eat Brunch” with New York’s own Fat Joe at the Ritz Carlton in downtown Los Angeles. He honestly is the sweetest, most genuine, kind-hearted individual. And we didn’t even speak for too long.

The private event was to thank everyone for their support on Joe’s latest single “So Excited” featuring Dre. Like, no. Thank you. I just watched the video and shit. Homeboy out here living his best life lmao. Shout out to the good people over at Empire who stay killing it with all that they do. Seriously. That’s fam. Troy, Brian, Sylvon, Stacy… I’m so grateful and blessed to have gotten to know each one of them.

The moment I saw Ritz I was like, damnnnnn. Okay. I see y’ll lmao. My dad stayed here for a business trip and I totally took advantage. The brunch took place at WP24, 24 stories up. I’m a SUCKER for views and venues, so you already know I was excited af. This is a restaurant/lounge by Wolfgang Puck, an acclaimed chef known for his award-winning modern Chinese cuisine. First of all, this spot isn’t even open during the day. Deadass, the place was all ours. Walking through the fancy restaurant while it was closed made it that much more special.

100% sad that I came so late, but it was so much love the moment I walked in. Some of my favorite people in the industry in one spot. Being up so high and overlooking all of LA set the entire mood for the day. Seriously, this was beautiful. The weather was on, too. There were tables spread throughout the room so you could actually sit and mingle with people. Event planning- two thumbs up. Fat Joe dropped some knowledge too. Super motivating words and wisdom.

I literally walked into the photo opp, the line of people waiting to take a pic with Fat Joe. I honestly wasn’t going to, I swear lmao. But Mo has a lit ass Android and I had to take advantage. Shouts out to him for always being such a positive light in my life. Love him. Again, tried to have a regular conversation with Fat Joe but was hurried away. I told him how lit it was when he came on stage last night for “New York.” Pain Is Love at Microsoft Theater (100 feet away from the Ritz) was dumb lit. Shit, he probably was staying at The Ritz.

Shout out to DJ Buck for sending me pics from his professional camera in literally 30 minutes, like he promised. That shit was fire af. We all took the most lit group pic after too. It all sounded like everyone was going to have a lazy Sunday for the rest of the day. I legit was just trynta find someone to go to church with lmao. Fail.

Man, and I thought I stayed late too. I guess I missed previews of new music from Fat Joe. Def woulda hung around if I knew that was happening. The music selection was ON though. SO many songs I fucked with. Empire knows what’s good. Also, I stole a cup of snacks for the road. I had to lmao. I was eyeing the cheese and grapes platter so hard.


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