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Brent Faiyaz & Sonder Give Fans A Show To Remember In DTLA

October 3, 2017

Monday, October 2

Today was one of those days where everything went wrong and you just wanted to crawl under a rock and cry. Happy Monday lmao from me to you. My day began with me losing my car key and being late af to work. Had a panic attack and threw my whole day off. Seriously. Why. With that being said, I got my shit done and head to Core Power Yoga in Hollywood. The cure to life. But still didn’t solve my emo-ness lmao.

Tonight was the long-awaited headlining show by Sonder, an R&B trio whom I like to call SoundCloud heaven. Well, not anymore. I think they are far beyond that now. As much as I’ve been saying they’re going to blow, tonight might have proved that they already have. The band is lead by vocalist and R&B vanguard Brent Faiyaz and producers Atu and Dpat. Hello, Teragram Ballroom, we meet again.

All credit goes to Chris, who told me about this show before it was even announced. Lmao. Jk, but he seriously knew about this before the rest of the world I swear. This is Sonder’s first headlining INTO North American Tour. Of course, I was in. And then I found out my girl Lauren was handling their PR. Game over. Some of the realist in the industry right here. So proud to know them.

How I would describe Sonder… if you’re a fan, then you know good music. I want to compare them to Smino vibes. But anyways. This show was so sold out. Huge, huge thanks to Lauren for allowing me to cover. You know a show is fucking lit when they can’t accommodate plus 1’s. Even seeing that it was at Teragram was a vibe. This venue is so intimate, and the absolute most perfect setting for a Sonder show.

We recruit my babygirl Waverly, who was the most perfect addition to the evening. Love her soul. She also gave Chris a run for being a day one Sonder fan. Set time was 10pm and we were front and center at 10pm. There was literally nothing short of positive energy from everyone surrounding us. For real, we lucked out. I think all Sonder fans have to be good people. I think that was my takeaway for the evening lmao. Brent Faiyaz opened his set with “Feel,” the intro track to Sonder’s Into album. We were so in love with his stage presence. “Searchin” was the one that had me in my feels. It just kept getting better.

Things got a bit freaky when Brent performed “Care.” He was humping the air. Go ahead daddy lmao. He’s just so quirky. I love it. His personality, the way he dresses, his mannerisms… all of it. In between songs, the bartender runs on stage to hand him a drink. The girl next to us could not stop pointing out how fucked up he was lmao. It did seem like he was a little turnt up there. We weren’t mad. We were, however, trying to figure out where homeboy was from. I just researched it: Maryland. He is also the dude singing on Goldlink‘s “Crew.” I totally forgot about that. Fucking amazing.

Brent serenaded us with “One Night Only” before everyone’s favorite: “Sirens.” The crowd went nuts. They knew every word. He then took the time to introduce his entire band, who gets a huge round of applause. Seriously. From the drummer to the guitarist… bruh. So talented. So lit. “No Need” was next, and I’m sad I can’t find these songs on Apple Music lmao. I think legit they blew up on SoundCloud. “Lovely” was probably my favorite performance of the evenings. No joke. Brent left an imprint on my heart with this one.

Before Brent fake left the stage, he took us way back with some Jodeci. “Feenin'” to be specific. Honestly, this was a remarkable show. Like, a perfect example of how a show should always be. It didn’t even matter if you were on your phone cause do you boo. The vibe was that on. I look to my right to see a guy with his eyes closed straight up in the moment, swaying from side to side. I look in front of me to see the cutest couple who genuinely got so turnt and so excited over every song he was starting to perform. I look behind me to see my beautiful friends just as hyped.

I also noticed my headache disappeared. On my momma, I meant to take an Advil before I left the crib, but totally forgot. I was cured. Someone tell Brent he’s out here saving lives. Of course, it wouldn’t be a show without a fake encore lmao. He actually comes back out without a shirt on lmao. We thought it was cute. “Too Fast” was the grand finale. And one of Sonder’s biggest songs to date.

Which reminds me, I gotta peep the music video. Let me get on it. Btw, Brent’s solo album Sonder Son comes out October 13. Can’t. Wait.

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