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Nas & Lauryn Hill Perform In Front Of 17,500+ Fans At The Hollywood Bowl

October 6, 2017

Thursday, October 5

Nas and Lauryn Hill announcing their tour had Hip Hop heads like me so hyped. How could you miss this show? Two of the greatest in Hip Hop and R&B. Period. The OG’s. Plus it was at The Hollywood Bowl. LA’s most iconic venue that seats 17,500 people.

Proud moment. I was not expecting this: the announcement of Nick Grant being added to the bill. The fact Nick was opening for one of the greatest rappers to ever do it… real recognize real. He’s been a homie of ours for a while now and we’ve just watched his career take off since day one. Nick is the epitome of an artist letting their talent speak for themselves. He is real Hip Hop. Huge thanks to Maria, Janelle, and Courtney for allowing me to cover.

I actually had to get off work early because Nick’s set time was 6:30pm. There was no way I could miss him. I’ve seen him perform every time he comes to LA and he always kills the stage. Turns out, my babygirl Ophi knew him also. It’s a small, small world this music industry is. It worked out so clutch too. She put me on this lit ass shuttle that took you from Studio City to the venue. I was in Burbank and was debating just driving to Hollywood and walking from the closest free parking I could find. That would have definitely put me on track to miss Nick’s set. Ophi saved me.

For $6, we got dropped off right in front of the venue. The only thing that blew was afterwards, when I found out the shuttles weren’t taking people back until the show ended. So weak. I was 100% trying to dip out before the mayhem. BUT. Can we talk about how LIT the Hollywood Bowl was upon arrival? It was legit a function. Music, food, socializing, the most LIT Dove tent known to mankind lmao. Seriously, unlimited chocolate. I hoarded that shit. In fact, just reminded me I have some in my backpack. Yassss.

Okay. Let me put you on Nick Grant one time. First off, adding Nas to your resume is something not a lot of people can say or do in life. So it’s like 6:28pm, and I’m still outside the metal detectors near the entrance. I seriously had to pull some ninja shit, which included cutting lines and running to the main stage. When they said 6:30pm, they meant 6:30pm lmao. It was the most on-time set… ever.

Absolutely love his record “Black Sinatra” (in this clip). Nick switched things up between his 88 mixtape and Return of The Cool album for the 20 something minutes he was on. I absolutely love when he has everybody chant “Real Hip Hop.” That’s something that’s so valued and unfortunately lacking nowadays.

Next, he played us some new shit that sounded SO fire. It was something along the lines of “who this” and “switched up” in the lyrics. Wonder if it’s out. Next was “Gold Chains,” which is always a gem to hear Nick perform.

Something I’ve noticed also, he is a ladies man lmao. For sure. He asked if he could talk to the ladies before a super sexy “All Of You.” Those lyrics man lmao. “Bouncin'” was the perfect ending.

What also tripped me out: there were not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 fucking epic shows here in this week alone (Maxwell tomorrow, Janet Sunday). I feel like that’s way more than the average. I was here for Chance The Rapper just two days ago, and had the most traumatizing experience getting there lmao. But of course, as always, the show made up for it. Also, shout out to the free wifi. That I didn’t know existed on Tuesday. I literally brought my laptop so I could take advantage of the hour and a half between Nick and Nas. Sad to miss Chronixx but I had way too much to do.

When 8:10pm rolled around and no one hit the stage, we were all a little worried lmao. Ms. Lauryn Hill straight up made headlines when she consistently shows up over two hours late for her shows. Low key though, that’s my pet peeve. I don’t show up without set times. But everything was forgotten when Nasir took the center stage. Holy shit. His presence. His voice. His New York swag. His tracksuit. EVERYTHING. Nas is fucking GOAT.

He opened his set with “Black Republican,” and I was just so taken aback. I don’t think I’ve seen him live before, which says a lot for me. Everyone in the venue was legit excited. Shout out my babygirl Waverly always being the best company. She’s a fucking sweetheart and I adore her. We met these two dudes next to us that were just as lit as we were, which says a lot lmao. New besties.

Nas in Los Angeles is something else. He brings so much New York with him. I have many friends who would fight to claim him as their baby daddy lmao. Which left us to wonder if he’s really dating Nicki Minaj. That blows my mind still. Homegirl just hit me asking if it was a picture of them on his necklace. I’m like, my seats were NOT that lit lmao. But anyways. He was so fucking happy to be there tonight. He said he’s always wanted to be standing on stage at The Hollywood Bowl. And then he intro-ed “I Can” by having the full band play Beethoven. It was fucking lit. This song made my childhood. The lyrics, the music video, the message… this made my month.

He took us way way way back with this one. To the year 2000. You literally cannot NOT dance when you hear this record. It’s a fucking classic. And then he brings out the homie to perform “You Owe Me.” He definitely was no Ginuwine, but we could hardly notice. “Stillmatic (The Intro)” and “Memory Lane” from Illmatic were next. Illmatic is still one of the best Hip Hop albums to this day.

This was just fucking beautiful. Wow. One of the greats paying tribute to one of the greats. “Human Nature” by Michael Jackson. This was followed by Nas shouting out all the kings, and then the song I’ve been waiting for all night.

At this point, I just really take it all in. Nas is GOAT. “One Mic” had such an impact on not just the Hip Hop community, but the world as a whole. It’s so fucking powerful and inspiring. Damn.

Was really trying not to cry lmao. Was honestly just really touched.

This venue is set up where if you sat on the lowers, you are lit af lmao. Seriously. You are someone important. But it’s also just about being here. It provides an unforgettable experience above all else. My homegirl snuck into her girls’ private box for Lauryn Hill’s set. “Ooh La La La” is one of the greatest R&B songs to date.

This made my night too. Diddy literally is out here living his best life. Can’t deal. Thanks for the clip Waverly <3.

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