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Russell Simmons Celebrates His 60th Birthday With Diddy At His Yoga Studio In LA

October 7, 2017

Friday, October 6

Please don’t @ me lmao. This is embarrassing. I literally went from an evening of the most real, genuine, beautiful Hip Hop (with Nas)……. to  Lil Pump lmao. All day, I legit could not stop listening to his self-titled debut album. In “Gucci Gang,” he goes, “My lean cost more than your rent.” I’m like, OH SHITTTTTT lmao. So dumb. But his music slaps.

I’m just going to take you through my day because I feel like it. I usually skip work but I ACTUALLY didn’t hate life today. It was monumental and people noticed lmao. First off, I’m in the most lit book club at work. But I fucking suck and haven’t read any of the books lmao. 0 time. Seriously, I texted someone back today saying, “I have no time to even take a shit.” He was a rapper lmao wops. But seriously, I have this one, Who Moved My Cheese, and The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck. Whoever wants to borrow, PLEASE hit me. I got you 4 hunnid.

Today was full of food heaven. Literally. The perks of working at a corporate job: once in a blue moon, you get catered meals. Today, Calfornia Chicken Cafe hit the spot so hard. Next shift, I was welcomed with a table of literally every single Trader Joe’s pumpkin-flavored items known to mankind. I found out the man who supplied it actually works there, which makes a lot more sense. But seriously, there were foods you didn’t think could have pumpkin in, but it ended up being fucking fire. My sweet tooth was screaming you guys.

Okay fast forward through a much-needed Core Power Yoga Sculpt class in Studio City, and I show up to Tantris Yoga in Hollywood. Ratchet af lmao. I felt ugly. Good thing my husband wasn’t here tonight. Introducing Russel Simmons’ yoga studio in LA. If you know Uncle Rush, you know how serious he is about his yoga and zen. This man is the definition of meditation. Don’t let the word “studio” fool you. Tantris is way beyond that. This literally popped up as Tantris Yoga Science Center on Google Maps. I was just worried I would miss it by the time I pulled up, and I’m so fucking glad I didn’t.

Tantris is dedicated to the practice of yoga and all things relating. The fact that cannabis was involved tonight was the cherry on top. I’ve actually been meaning to come practice yoga here. They had a free month promo a while back (when they first opened) and I was so sad I missed it. If we’re going to be real, it’s a money thing. I ain’t got the dough to pay for these damn classes lmao.

I pull up to this glorious building on Sunset and immediately my heart is warmed by the familiar Medmen banners out front. This is my favorite dispensary in LA, you guys. Located in heart of Weho. Once you walk in you’ll see why. They definitely are the 5-stars of dispensaries (if that was a thing). The fact that these yoga mats were being handed out as gifts… crying. Shout out to Tian, who I recognized from the shop. Killing it.

“Join for our Meditation Class and Monthly Community Event, First Fridays.” Translation: turn the fuck up for Russell Simmon’s 60th birthday. Well, I completely missed the yoga and meditation portion because it was during work, but I was there for the turn up. This was so fucking cute. Their entire retail space was turned into a party.

I don’t even think I can capture all the party favors. First off, this event was packed to the brim. That’s when you know your event is a win. You couldn’t move. There was so much to do, try, taste, look at… I genuinely wish I had more time. Music, dancing, drinks, vegan bites (and actual meals in the corner), photo opps, sweets, vape pens, massages, and some crazy booth at the very front giving facials. It was literally a community of like-minded individuals. Either that or you were tight with Uncle Rush lmao.

Huge, huge thanks to Mo for inviting me. I’m not sure what strings he pulled to be able to get me on the list, but he did and I’m forever grateful.  The evening also consisted of a special curated cannabis education and sampling, which meant you had to be 21 and older to attend. For once, I wasn’t offended to get carded. I fucked with this mature crowd tough. And shout out to Devon for the flick! I was so annoying to get this from him lmao.

The balloons and decorations were seriously on. Would love to know who planned this because they get a round of applause. These are the exact balloons I wanted at my birthday… that didn’t happen lmao. I probably should this year but 27 in huge balloon form freaks me the fuck out. So old. My next event was at Soho House right next door, which blew my mind. Literally, right next door in the same building.

Mood af lmao. Of course, Diddy would pop up right as I leave. Kay, not right after, but enough to complain about it lmao. Mo texted me he was there and I cried lmao. I haven’t met him yet and I just want to be graced by his presence really. This Snap was fire though. I made people move out of the way to get the panoramic shot. So. Extra.

Okay. Can we talk about how fire Mo’s Android camera is? Like my iPhone could not have done this. I feel like I’ve been talking way too much shit about Android’s lately to be praising one. But this shit fire.

Still can’t get over that Soho House was literally in the same building. I did not plan that at all. My cheap ass had to leave both events 3x total to go feed the street meters. You guys don’t even want to know increments I was putting in lmao. But ANYWAYS. Tonight was a special performance by a singer named Yasmeen. Cosigned by Amir, I knew she had to be special.

First of all, this was in the same exact room where the Aux Chord DJ’s event was. That one night I spoke on a music industry panel and it was low key lit (good times). It was pretty packed too. Friday night and the feeling’s right. I link up with Rashied, Yasmeen’s manager, who is an absolute sweetheart. Super responsive and I value that SO much in the industry. Asked him to tell me about Yasmeen because I honestly knew nothing about her. She’s 25, from Arizona, and just moved to La La Land to do this music thing. The music stems from pure heartbreak after a four-year relationship… with him. Lmao. The irony. He told me she just sang the national anthem at the Arizona Cardinals game. That’s huge.

I was told she was going to be on at 9:45pm but you know how this goes. YVasmeen wasn’t on until an hour later and I decided to take the time to catch up on emails. This event was a combination of musical performances and comics. Rashied was kind enough to give me the very front seat next to Yasmeen, and these bitches were not having it lmao.Both the girl comedian and the guy comedian after her ripped me a new one. I honestly LOVE comedy and would have been so into it but I did not deserve the harassment. I honestly had no defense or comeback whatsoever. I get it but seriously, fuck them lmao. I think the guy was the host of the evening too. Cool.

Yasmeen is Middle Eastern and has the most glorious curly, voluminous hair. You can’t miss it. Tonight, she blessed us with four glorious songs. She intro-ed her set with “Half Of Me,” which she said was about a man she was supposed to marry. What up, Rashied lmao. As the night went on, the crowd got drunker and drunker. Which meant louder and rowdier. The true music fans were here for her set. She was such a good sport and looked SO comfortable performing. Next was “One More Drink,” which Yasmeen said she made in LA. Such a vibe. It’s not even out yet.

“My Way” is her latest single. They say the best music is made during heartbreak. Even Ebro fucks with it. She can really sing. Female R&B singers soothe my soul. Super excited to see where her career goes from here. <3

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