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Watsky Performs His Last Show Of 2017 With A Live Orchestra At Ace Hotel In DTLA

October 8, 2017

Saturday, October 7

Happy Saturday everybody. The weekend never feels like the weekend, especially because I have class. Truth be told, I was just happy I could finally get my nails done lmao. Anyways. Introducing the 7th annual Los Angeles Music Video Festival, which ran all week long (10/1-10/7). Super lit.I actually had no idea it was the 7th one.

I literally tried to hit up all the people I knew that work in film or music videos and/or works. More so the productions side of things. I must have glanced at this schedule like 20x throughout the week lmao. I just really thought the events were so dope and wanted my friends to take advantage. Like this mixer on Wednesday for women in film. So fire, especially because I feel like females are the minority in this industry.

Of course, you had to end LAMVF with a bang. Tonight was the closing night at The Theatre at Ace Hotel. This meant Watsky was going to perform on stage with a live orchestra. Holy shit. Sold. First of all, I love this venue. Been here countless times and each time I fall in love. This place is historic (to say the least). Great Gatsby vibes.

In addition to Watsky, the festival added a Bjork retrospective, which meant a screening of a medley of Bjork videos. It was a huge tease at first, because I def thought Bjork would be there, IRL. I remember walking into FYF Fest as the fireworks were going off during her set, FOMO-ing hard. If you guys know music, you know Bjork. She’s queen. Singer, producer, DJ… she’s fucking weird. And that’s the best part.

Huge thanks to Brianne for allowing me to cover. I was happy to do a giveaway on my Twitter but must have spent a solid 15 minutes trying to get the entire script to fit into 140 characters lmao. Pretty sure I did this during my hour and a half journey to Chance on Tuesday. Multi-tasking at its finest. All you had to do was RT (retweet- if you’re not hip to Twitter). I had to only pick the ones who were following me because that’s the only way you can DM them. So many random, unspoken rules to this platform when you really think about it.

Again, I just wanted to get the word out. I wanted everybody who was interested to be able to go. Honestly not sure why I care so much lmao but I do. Huge thanks to Mimi for giving me run of show. I was supposed to go to a bday dinner at 8pm (in Santa Monica) and would have missed the entire thing. We get there half past the hour and walk inside an incredibly dark theater. We posted in the back left corner which turned out to be tragic for this one attendee. No joke, we got shushed 3x by an older lady at the end of our row. My #1 pet peeve. Hi.

I was ready to fight lmao but she ended up moving. We weren’t even that loud. Excuse me for having emotions when I watch something epic. The Bjork clips were honestly fire. She is one-of-a-kind. Her visuals are the definition of trippy and def made me want to do drugs. This was supposed to be followed by a Q&A with some of her directors and producers, but they had to cancel last minute. Smh.

Okay, this next part left everyone in the room fucking speechless. A serious loss for words. Traumatized lmao. So, out of all the countries in the entire world, only 6 music videos were chosen to win a trophy. A really fucking cute trophy at that: rose gold and in the shape of a VHS tape. But the first music video we saw, which was from Puerto Rico, was fucking intense and definitely NSFW. I would go as far as X-rated lmao. These people were literally coming out of a vagina, in the most explicit, unnecessary, unfiltered way. It took us a while to accept that this was supposed to be beautiful art capturing the creation of man… but still. No. John Leguizamo popping on the big screen helped. I forgave them a little after that.

The next 5 videos, which came from Argentina, France, US, and Israel, really touched my soul. Each one had a story that was told in the most beautiful, creative way. These were unofficial music videos, so the artist is not involved. This boy dancing I’m pretty sure struck a chord with everyone tonight. Not only was he so fucking expressive but he was also really really skinny. You could see his bones and count his ribs. Really intense. He was the only one to accept the award IRL. And I thought it was adorable that the last 3 finalists were able to say thanks by sending in a quick selfie video they took on their phone, which 100% sufficed as an acceptance speech. Technology man.

Wasting no time at all, next up was the grand finale: WATSKY. Not even going to front rn, I definitely thought he was an EDM DJ. I definitely got him mixed up with someone else (maybe Netsky?). But it made his performance even better. Turns out, he’s a poet slash rapper slash spoken word slash overall fucking dope. Not even trying to gas him up because there is no bias here whatsoever, but what he did on stage was too dope. The live orchestra was amazing.

Did some research: real name George Watsky. 31 and from the Bay. All of a sudden love him 10x more lmao. Per his IG, he said this was his last show of the year. That made it that much more special. He was bringing his music video for “Lovely Suite Thing” to life for the first time. I honestly enjoyed every second of this. Brb, as I research this man’s life story.

It was a vibe afterwards. Everyone was just hanging out and genuinely enjoying each other’s company. Shout to Josh for being so d for the cause! And all my frans who came out tonight.

This is so cute! Just saw it lmao <3. I love when artists see my tweets @ them.

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