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Pookey Comedy Roast At Laugh Factory’s Chocolate Sundaes Comedy Show In Hollywood

October 9, 2017

Sunday, October 8

So, happy Sunday. Today has been a total bunk for me. I was really sad to miss this lmao. The most lit yoga class at The Shrine and I could not wake up. I did have a great night last night at Ace Hotel, but this 10-page midterm has me fucked. With that being said, my entire day was spent cooped up trying to get at least one thing crossed off my to-do list. Swear this is the most rewarding feeling for me lmao. THat part.

Fast forward to the evening, which I had in my planner for a week now. Actually had another event I committed to, but had to cancel real quick. First of all, if you live in LA and are at all hip to the culture, you know Laugh Factory. This is probably one of the best comedy clubs in the world. Nothing in the world beats ending your week (or starting your week) with Chocolate Sundaes. Nothing. This is hands down my favorite comedy show in LA. Even by the name alone. I literally spent my birthday here with all my favorite people. Tonight was special. It was the celebration of two very beautiful people: Pookey Wigington and Lani Dotty. Pookey is the executive producer of the show and Lani is the show manager. I had the pleasure of meeting Pookey at the Basketball After Dark afterparty at his crib recently. It was absolutely lit. I literally had so much fun.

I knew tonight was going to be just as good. Not only was it a regular Chocolate Sundaes bill, which always hits the spot, it was a ROAST. If you guys don’t know what this means, basically it’s when someone gets put in the spotlight and completely trolled. Annihilated might be the better word lmao. Huge, huge thanks to my babygirl Glenna for always being a fucking doll and taking care of me. She seriously warms my heart. When you see my random positive subtweets about all the good people in the world, that’s her.

Chocolate Sundaes is seriously the perfect activity for all occasions: birthday, date nights, a friendly outing, comedy-lovers, etc. I pull up at 9pm to find absolute mayhem (there’s a 7pm and 9pm show). First off, I couldn’t find ANY parking. Even settled for valet and they were maxed out for the night. Say what? You know it’s lit when valet parking is at capacity lmao. Low key that’s never happened to me before. The lines of people were the longest I’ve ever seen- wrapped around and up Laurel Ave. It honestly seemed like their biggest night yet.

Which makes sense. Pookey is the man behind CS and he was going to get roasted by only the funniest comedians. This was seriously going to be epic. Anyone getting roasted in general is pure entertainment. We make our way upstairs and take our seats at the very front. Again, shout out to Glenna for being a fucking doll. We did not deserve this VIP treatment. I recruited my girl Ophi to come, who ended up being my good luck charm with parking. Absolutely adore her and had such a great night laughing with her. Turns out, she’s actually best friends with Nicole, whom I have met since coming here. Shout out to their amazing staff.

We were in for a treat, beginning with Rell. He gave a nice little intro before the host, Ron G, took the stage. Ron is seriously my favorite. He’s fucking hilarious. Like, yeah that’s what a comedian should be. But no, he’s literally funny as hell. There was a moment where I thought he wasn’t going to host the 9pm show, and I got sad for a sec. Talk about fan love lmao. I was also excited to be upstairs next to DJ Sidekick, who always gets me SO turnt. Off just teasers too lmao. He put me on “Trap Trap Trap” by Rick Ross when it first dropped. We met a while back so it was so good to see him again. The first comic up was Boogie B, whom I actually met outside beforehand with the homie Malcolm. Again, small world. His set involved a Beyonce cover, which was pretty epic, not going to lie. Next was Gary Johnson, aka G Thang. He was savage lmao. Jay Phillips also had us crying. He had DJ Sidekick drop a banger because the first one wasn’t good enough. “Ain’t I” by Yung LA ended up being the one. This lead into an impression of how we look like monkeys when we listen to trap music. I hate to say this, but you had to be there.

Next was Esau McGraw, who had us all knee-slapping. At the end of his set, he brings out Pookey, looking cheerful as ever. Even though he was about to get roasted. It was so cute. He was just smiling through it all. One by one, all the comedians come out and take their turn going in. This shit was hilarious. They should do more roasts during their shows, because this was gold. Ron G was going in using Kevin Hart as a reference, it was too perfect. If y’ll didn’t know, Pookey is the reason Kevin Hart blew up. Real recognize real.

The birthday cake was the best part. Ron brings up a random chick from the audience to sing happy birthday and I honestly thought she sounded great. Along with the rest of the room. Next thing you know, Ron is roasting her lmao. Mostly her voice, so it wasn’t that bad. But it reminded me of Friday night at Soho House when I got annihilated for being on my phone. Not okay. As much as these guys joke and troll, Pookey gave them all a chance. A chance to be great. At the end of the day, there was so much damn love on stage. It was a beautiful thing. You could just feel they were all a family. I always say, comedy cures lives. With no bias at all, you need to come to Chocolate Sundaes.

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