Keyshia Ka’oir & BET’s Toast To The Mane Celebrating #TheWopsters At Neuehouse Hollywood

October 10, 2017

Monday, October 9

Happy Monday. I tweeted this at work earlier and had no intention of it going this far. I fucking love Jhene Aiko to death and hope she doesn’t see this tweet lmao. I almost deleted it but damn. Big Sean’s face on her TINY body is so intense.

AND THEN… at the event tonight, I find out the tattoo artist is fucking Miryam Lumpini. That’s my girl. Literally love her. Beyond just being a dope ass chick, she is so, so, so talented. The fact that she was the one who did this just blew me away. Got the smallest piece by her at SXSW, so she’s forever with me.

Tonight was a celebration (and a letdown, but it’s already forgotten) of Keyshia Ka’oir and Gucci Mane’s wedding to come next Tuesday (10/17). The God-forsaken date of Gucci’s wedding. I swear, this is going down as the biggest day of 2017. If you’re not familiar, look above. Keysia is queen and Guwop is her king. They’ve been dating for almost 7 years now. I know everyone hates this saying but #RelationshipGoals.

Tonight was called an event called A Toast To The Mane, celebrating the #TheWopsters. AND it was at my favorite venue in LA: Neuehouse Hollywood. This is the SPOT for any event in music or the entertainment world in general. It’s so modern, swanky, chic, and always sets the mood right. Huge thanks to Robert for having me and Kim for the invite. I definitely was teased in the beginning thinking both Keyshia and Gucci would be here. Definitely not.

I was quickly informed Gucci is still on tour and could not stop thinking his reaction when a random chick jumped on stage while he was performing. Dead. We pull up around 7pm i hopes of grabbing an interview. An hour and a half goes by and… no sign of Keyshia. You’d think by now, by the 10000th time an artist has bailed on me, I’d be good off it. Life.

Luckily, the turn up was real as ever. As it always here. Especially when it’s an exclusive, private event. This time, we were tucked away on the 5th/6th floor, with a beautiful view of LA awaiting us. I was dying because Ural was so here for the hors d’oeuvres. Fancy ahi tuna and beef sliders. The open bar had 2 drinks: Woptober and 10.17.2017. So fucking clever lmao. Excellent marketing. Sounds were provided by DJ BHen, who was dropping all the bangers. From ratchet, to trap, to R&B… issa vibe.

I honestly really was sad the future Mrs. David didn’t show but once I accepted it, my night was saved. Ran into some good people that made me smile from ear to ear. We scouted the inside room (because food, duh) to find a beautiful cheese and fruit selection. Obsessed with this poster still. Each wedding invite cost $5K. That’s literally unreal. And BET is paying for it since they’re filming the entire thing. So lit for both parties involved.

Still cannot get over how perfect the date 10/17/17 is. IT’S GUCCCCCI.

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