Lil Peep Had Every Emo Kid In Los Angeles Singing His Songs At The Echoplex

October 11, 2017

Tuesday, October 10

Happy Tuesday. Another day, another dollar. After a long day of work, I drive all the way to The Roxy to speak with OMB Peezy. Being signed to E-40 means automatic support from me lmao. The cosign is so real. Super dope he got added to open for Tee Grizzley on his nationwide Ain’t It A Blessing Tour. Shout out to Tee Grizzley doing the damn thang. “First Day Out” is a certified banger.

Hashtag: when they don’t let you in the venue so you have to improvise lmao. Straight up did this in the sprinter van around back. It was mad dark so all his homies helped and had their iPhone flashlights. Super clutch. It wasn’t until the night prior that I found out his manager was Kenn, same as Nef The Pharaoh’s. Literally was just researching and watching the Word Of Mouth documentary we premiered lmao. E-40 said he talked to Kenn every single morning. That’s real af.

I caught wind of Peezy on his “Try Sumthin” record with Yhung T.O. (of SOB x RBE). I literally listened to that shit on repeat for like 40 minutes lmao. That shit is fire. If you’re going to listen to one song by OMB Peezy, listen to that one. Also, homeboy said he smoked half an ounce of weed a day. Yeezus lmao. Unfortunately, I couldn’t stay for his set. But I know he killed it.

Lil Uzi, Lil Yachty, Lil Pump…. LIL PEEP! Honestly, my schedule has been insane so I wouldn’t be committing to a show unless I truly fucked with the artist. Lil Peep has me so intrigued. I was put on his music by my good homegirl Cherise. You know when you have friends that recommend you an artist and you know it’s lit already because they have good taste? Yeah. That’s her.

Lil Peep is an emo rapper from Long Island. That’s literally what it says in his Apple Music bio lmao. I am still so fucking speechless on the impact this 20 year old has on the youth. His fans knew every single word to his show at The Echoplex tonight. It was like they worshipped him, but not in a negative way. Just on some fan shit. I’d be worried if it was some crazy XXX antics, but Peep is purely for the emo movement. I am so entertained. He also came out as bisexual recently, and this post makes me think he’s dating Makonnen. This blows my mind for some reason lmao.

We pull up to The Echoplex in Silverlake, just before it sells out. Ticket sales literally stopped when I was at the front waiting for Neal. Like, they turned people away who were trying to buy tickets. That left me surprised because I definitely felt like they could have fit a few more people inside. This venue looks small, but it’s huge. Super spacious inside. I walk inside as he’s performing “Needle In My Eye.”

I notice the crowd right away. Literally emo. Emo is my forever mood, but I can’t say I dress the part. Tonight, everyone in attendance sported the same look. Tattoos, dark makeup, punk rock attire… it was impossible to miss. Screaming “fuck my life” didn’t help his case lmao.

In all honesty, Lil Peep’s Come Over When You’re Sober (Part One) album goes. When I first heard “Benz Truck,” I was like alright, another artist who blends Hip Hop and rock. Cool. Got it. When he started performing “Save That Sh*t,” I was so convinced. Everyone was so hyped and singing every word, which proved to be the case for nearly every single song afterward.

“Awful Things” is a standout from the project as well. Seriously, the fans knew every single word!! There were many moments where Peep just let them sing. And they sounded great. It was a night of no disappointment from both ends. “Problems” was next. Huge thanks to Kathy for allowing me to cover- so sweet and so responsive. I have no idea how I found out about this show, but I did lmao. The FOMO is real.

“U Said” is so damn emo lmao. I love it. Whatever Lil Peep is doing, he’s doing it right. “Star Shopping,” “BeamerBoy,” “Better off (Dying),” and “Crybaby”… Peep is definitely here to stay. He reminds me of Blackbear a lot. Those two should definitely be friends.

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