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HBO Live Taping Of All Def Comedy Hosted By Tony Rock At Avalon Hollywood

October 12, 2017

Wednesday, October 11

Happy Wednesday. Life keeps testing me, but I had this to look forward to all day. A live HBO taping of All Def Comedy hosted by one of my favorite comedians ever: Tony Rock. I discovered him when I used to go to the All Def Comedy Live shows at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. Tony was the host and I literally thought his jokes were SO funny. It was honestly a blast each and every time.

Tonight was no different. Shout out to my babes for being the best company in the world. I adore both of them so much. Huge thanks to Thomas for the plus 2 and Cecy for making sure I was solid. She warms my heart. I felt so bad because I told Noor it was at TCL Chinese Theatre and was even driving there myself when Ophi set us straight. Shout out to her for being able to read the damn flier lmao. It was actually at Avalon in Hollywood. They literally turned the club into a beautiful studio set. We were told to arrive an hour early for the 8:30pm showing, which made sense as soon as I see the extremely long line of eager people who also RSVP’ed. In the most non-bougie way, thank goodness we were VIP.

But honestly, just being there was so special, so intimate, so memorable. What I love and respect about Uncle Rush is that he has the ability to put people on. To make them a star. That’s essentially the point of his All Def Digital platform. With All Def Comedy Live, these hand-picked comics are able to show their talents on fucking HBO. That is a dream come true for many. Again, not paying attention to detail, I definitely thought this was going be a Tony Rock standup special at first lmao. Nope. He was just the host. But he kills it every time. His ability to make people laugh and come up with jokes on the spot… he was made for this. Btw, he’s Chris Rock’s brother.

Please don’t judge me for this, Tony. This was before your “get off your phone” shpeal. I never know if it’s okay or not to cover on socials. Especially if it’s going to be aired later. I’m just so fucking used to it. We find three seats in a row (which was rare) near the very front and I look up to see DJ Mustard to my right. Fuck yeah. They could not have picked a better DJ. The bill was already fire, but this was the cherry on top. Once it was time to begin, Tony Rock and Russell Simmons popped on stage for a quick second (literally) to say hi before the entire room started swaying to “Swag Surfin’.” That shit was undeniably lit.

First up was Gary Owen, who was sitting in the crowd before he was brought on stage. It was all staged, planned, and executed perfectly. Definitely completely fooled me lmao. Noor knew who he was but this was my first time experiencing him and I am definitely convinced. He was hilarious on stage. The best part was him making fun of himself for looking like the white dude from Power. The story he told us had everyone in the room busting up. This was also his HBO debut. I definitely posted a Snap on DX, but deleted it after Tony Rock gave the cell phone shaming speech. Smh lmao. Gary did say being on HBO was on his bucket list, so that was really fucking cute.

Next up was Clayton Thomas, who was recently on InsecureHe was just as lit. I love when comics have it in their facial expressions. It makes their entire set. After him was Kareem Green from Cincinnati, who also killed it. I loved how this show was run mostly because these comics only had like 10-15 minute sets. These guys were funny as hell, but the length of time per comic (and show in general) was so perfect for my ADD (no pun intended). Literally perfect. Can’t get over it. The grand finale was Robert Powell III. Talk about saving the best for last- this guy is a fucking riot. Like, I could not get over his set lmao. This is his second appearance on the show and I’m just so happy to have witnessed this man, IRL.

Once the show ended, we were all instructed to either stay put, or GTFO lmao. With 30 seconds to decide. I thought it was super dope you could stay for all the shows. And I would have if I didn’t have 10 millions things to do. On our way out, I see Uncle Rush posted, talking to a pretty lady. I literally debated interrupting their convo to say hi, then decided not to. Then the next second decided, fuck it. I gotta tell him how dope he is. So I kindly said hi and told him how amazing his birthday celebration was just this past Friday at Tantris Yoga. He actually gave me the time of day, which I don’t always expect from celebrities. He asked my name and I told him I’ve interviewed him before. He totally did not remember lmao and I wasn’t surprised at all. I can’t even imagine how many people try to talk to him on the daily.  He’s still one of the most interesting human beings to me. Plus he married the hottest Asian in the game, Kimora Lee Simmons. Like shit. That is one lit family.

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