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Macklemore’s Sold Out Show In Los Angeles; Marc E. Bassy’s “Gossip Columns” Listening Party At Live Nation

October 13, 2017

Thursday, October 11

How in the fuck is it mid-October already? Excuse me as I go through a mid-life crisis. Today, I woke up in a Marc E. Bassy mood. If you’re a Marc E. Bassy fan, you know what I’m talking about. When you’re just in the mood to listen to some Marc E. Bassy. If you’re not a fan, I’m about to make you a fan. Organically. His music speaks for itself.

“You And Me” with G-Eazy makes me want to cry. Every time I hear it. It’s that good. Marc is from the Bay, which is an automatic co-sign. He’s an R&B singer, but his voice is so fucking unique. It’s so identifiable, which is extremely rare nowadays. I was just having this conversation with someone tonight. Music is beyond saturated right now. I was specifically addressing female R&B artists but it applies to all genres. There’s so many new artists and so many artists with the same sound. It’s really hard to keep up.  Especially when it’s part of your job.

ANYWAYS. Marc is an artist I think is so slept on. I mean, he’s known. He’s poppin’. But I think he should be superstar status with what he brings to the table. Tonight was the celebration of his debut album Gossip Columns, which is now available. This was an invite-only listening party, so I felt honored to make the cut. Huge thanks to Matt all the way in New York always making sure I’m taken care of. He’s the best of the best.

The event took place at the Live Nation offices in Beverly Hills, which was totally not advertised on the flier but I recognized the address. I was here for Destructo’s 10-year celebration of HARDFEST. This place is so lit lmao. So nice inside. The event was from 6-8pm and I definitely did not make it. The goal was to catch his performance but with LA traffic, my 7:45pm arrival time did not suffice.

I bugged everyone around me for clips they got of Marc’s sexy self lmao. Huge thanks to Frankie, Eric, and Ash  for sending me their flicks. Literally so annoying but I really wanted to put him on. Besides being amazingly talented, Marc is also phenomenal live. His last show in LA had us all drooling.

It was all fam out tonight. Literally family. I got to interview him for Young California, and I’m pretty sure he was nearing the border of drunk and wasted lmao. But I’m glad I got him before the latter. Shout out to DJ Amen and Fess for setting this up. Marc is really a sweetheart and I’m just waiting for the day he’s too big to be talking to little old me.

So funny, I was literally listening to the album before it dropped on Apple Music, where they have the tracklist but only the singles are accessible. And as I was driving, at 9pm, all of a sudden the songs that weren’t available beforehand now were. That tripped me out. I only noticed when Kehlani‘s voice all of a sudden took over my speakers. I fucking love Baelani. Gossip Columns will definitely be in rotation this weekend.

Next up was a show I’ve had in my planner since it was announced. Mostly because I’m a fan of Hip Hop and I’ve always believed Macklemore can rap. I’ve watched him glow tf up from an indie rapper to a mainstream rapper, to now selling out venues like this. And don’t even pretend “Thrift Shop” ain’t catchy as hell. I feel like for every Macklemore hater, there’s 50 ride or dies. I feel like nowadays, people hate on artists for no reason sometimes (most times). Let them live lmao.

Macklemore is from Seattle and I remember thinking about him the entire time I was visiting. Another reason why I fuck with him: he’s an addict. I’m an addict. There’s this factor of being relatable. To being real. To being genuine. To being transparent about your struggle. I remember the day he went public and it made every single headline. Idk. I’ve always really truly respected him.

Tonight, I walk inside The Wiltern to find it the most sold out I’ve seen it in a while. You could feel the sweat as you enter the room. Huge, huge thanks to Alison, Filip, and Carrie for allowing me to cover, and Janette for the set times. His set time was 9pm and he was one song deep when I arrived. I had to catch the 3 first songs limit. “Firebreather” was so fucking lit. I couldn’t get over how great of a performer he was.

And I knew he was just getting started.

“Marmalade” featuring Lil Yachty is also a hit. Literally, Macklemore knows how to make hits.

The photo pit is such a tease lmao. The security gets super Nazi when you post up in the aisles, and it’s hard to squeeze into a spot with a good view after the show starts. I’m usually a lost cause but I somehow got by tonight. “Downtown” is also a fun one. Macklemore busted out dance moves the entire night. It was epic.

In between songs, Macklemore dedicated a good amount of time thanking everyone for coming out and also addressed the devastating shooting that took place in Las Vegas recently. He really had some positive things to say. This lead right into “Same Love” which stands for equality among all people. He’s definitely a prime example of an artist that uses their platform to push positivity and make a difference. “We must love harder” really struck a chord with me.

This was definitely the highlight of my night. Even afterwards, my homeboy was like, you loved that “FDT” performance huh? I was like yup lmao. I definitely thought YG was going to come out for a sec, but negative. Still so great though. Macklemore is on the remix with G-Eazy, if y’ll were confused.

Next, he came out in a full on costume for “Willy Wonka.” He was so animated. What a well-rounded artist. He must have changed outfits like 5x throughout the night. I wasn’t able to stay for the very end but my homeboy said he had the entire building shaking. Everyone was jumping up and down. Also, shout out to Corey for convincing me to mob. I really wasn’t sure if I was able to make it but I’m so fucking glad I did. Macklemore, thank you.


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