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HORROR MADE HERE: A Festival Of Frights At Warner Bros. Studios Is A MUST; TeeCee4800’s “Realness Over Millions 2” Listening In DTLA

October 20, 2017

Thursday, October 19

Holy crap. I literally just visited the most epic Halloween attraction in my entire lifetime. And I say that with absolutely no bias. No one is giving me anything for this praise. I am genuinely speaking from my experience tonight, which proved to be nothing short of phenomenal. Introducing Horror Made Here, where the Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood transforms the backlot into a fun festival of frights. In addition, this was an encore of “The IT Experience: Neibolt House Hollywood.” They had me at IT. I was SO sad I missed the IT house when it was open in Hollywood. The lines were absolutely insane (2+ hours wait) and I definitely suffered from a hard case of FOMO.

I don’t even know where to begin. First off, thank you SO much to Carly and Haley for having me. I was told about this event by a couple friends actually, and I knew I couldn’t miss it. Plus, I haven’t had a single break from work and I forgot Halloween was even happening. This was the perfect reminder and could not have come at a more perfect time. I would have literally come for the IT Neibolt House alone, but there was SO much more. It blew me away. The minute I stepped foot onto the Warner Bros. property, I was already sold. They do not play. And their studio lot trumps any studio lot I’ve ever been (may or not be a shot at Fox Studio).

Moments like these make you appreciate living in Los Angeles. Also, the fact that it’s only open on 6 nights total (Oct 19-21 and Oct 26-28) made it that much more intriguing. This was a legit festival full of haunted house attractions, haunted mazes, walk-through haunted Hollywood sets from the actual movies, drinks, food trucks, music, photo opps, and even zombies and monsters IRL scaring you as you innocently frolicked through the premises. That was the best part. This was PURE entertainment. Pure fun. Pure thrill. Pure laughter. Pure joy. Pure everything.

I get off work and head 5 minutes down the street (thank God). As I enter the underground parking lot, I asked the security guy what exactly I was getting into (up until this point, I still had no idea). He said it was similar to Universal Horror Nights. After my experience, I would say it’s 10x better than Universal. And WAY cheaper. I’m telling you. You don’t want to miss this. I’m just so impressed by the production, stage set-up, the characters, the props, the costumes, the endless options available… For five hours, you had the luxury of getting scared shitless in a haunted house, going on an actual tour of the Warner Bros’ studio lot, feeding your body and quenching your thirst, turning up to the DJ dropping 2 Chainz’ slaps… it was honestly everything you could think of in one place.

This was honestly such a treat. I felt like I didn’t deserve it. Little did they know, this could NOT have come at a better time in my life. Dealing with a bad cold, a traumatizing car accident, and some unfortunate news has left the owner out for the count. Seriously, this was my first event since the accident. Even my brother noticed my lack of events this week. Shout out to my babe Valerie and her boyfriend Corey for being the best dates in the world tonight. I literally was holding on to Val for dear life the majority of the time lmao. We enter the lobby to check in and were immediately welcomed with the best customer service (the drink/meal tickets certainly helped). They even had a shuttle to take us to the lot. It’s like they knew how much I hate walking.

It was pure bliss the minute we got off that gold cart. There was SO much to do, we didn’t know where to begin. I seriously can’t get over how real everything was. It really felt like we were in the movie IT and hanging out with Pennywise (the terrifying clown) and Georgie (the adorable little boy who floated away). This photo opp was so necessary. I didn’t even realize Pennywise in that sewer until it was our turn in line. Btw, there will be lines. But it’s NOTHING compared to a theme park. They all move fairly quick, and if you’re there, high chance you’re with good company. Hanging out is part of the fun.

The moment we’ve all been waiting for… the IT Beibout House! Without bragging whatsoever or sounding spoiled, the press passes came extra clutch tonight. I only had a limited amount of time (1.5 hours) and I would not have been able to do 90% of what I did without them. There were lines at each attraction, but the IT House was definitely the most popular: a terrifying dark maze replica of “Where IT Lives.” The best part? Georgie was our tour guide. Stepping foot inside the 5,000 sq. foot house with a group of people who were equally as scared as you was priceless. Literally felt like I was in the movie. So many of the stand out scenes were brought to life and it was just so fucking epic. Apart from getting scared and hearing Corey scream like a girl, I was still so distracted by how amazing the production was. From the lighting to the fake blood stains on the walls…. it left me speechless. I exited the house and immediately blurted out, “3 thumbs up!” It was though.

We felt like little kids in a playground. I hated that I was in a time crunch, while the rest of my party could just enjoy with no stress. But that just meant we had to do it all before I left. This lead us to the next destination: A Nightmare On Elm Street. While this was the theme of the entire event, we soon found ourselves at the footsteps of the Freddy Kreuger house. Well, we called it that. It was actually the haunted high school. Definitely can’t say I was ready for this one. The girl at the front literally says “school is in session,” and we entered for the scare of our lives. Until we hit the Conjuring house. That shit was UNREAL. I literally am still shook lmao. So fun though. So fun.

Be sure you grab a brochure on your way in, because this gives you a map of the entire festival. We proceeded to check out the the IT VR Experience, which was on an old abandoned bus. This was honestly a ball. You know I’m about that VR life. Next, we stop by the Horror Made Make-Up Demo building. So dope this was here and open to the public. It literally gave you a behind-the-scenes look at all the costume and makeup prep to bring these characters to life. Another reason why this event was epic: it was educational and informative for anyone who wanted to work in film or production. Super bummed I couldn’t make the actual tour which takes you around the entire lot (last one leaves at 10:15pm), but my friends went and said it was absolutely wonderful (#FOMO).

On my way out, I had to stop by the food truck titled Carnival Truck, which had a heart attack menu of fried everything lmao. I ordered the taco and came home to a fried lobster. Welp lmao.

I had to cut out to catch TeeCee4800’s Realness Over Millions 2 listening party. That’s fam right there. I honest to God had this in my planner for tomorrow so thank goodness Ashlee asked me if I was going tonight lmao. She’s bae. I would have missed the entire thing if it wasn’t for her. I saw this was going to be at King Loiuie XIII‘s studio in downtown LA and immediately knew I had to be there. The last event there was nothing short of a hotbox, which always makes me feel at home lmao.

I was fortunate enough to catch the tail end and see all my peoples in one room. Shout out to Jeremy and the team killing it. Serious love for all of them. Said hi to weed connoisseur King Louie XIII before making my way into the main room where the project was being played. I always am genuinely excited to hear the new music at listening parties. The project has features from YG, Wiz Khalifa, Vince Staples, Ty Dolla $ign, E-40, and G. Perico. Nothing but West Coast vibes, which meant bangers all night. I walk in as TeeCee was vibing to “Caccwood Shawty.” I die every time homeboy changes B’s to C’s. Like the most unnecessary words lmao. I had to interrupt to say hi. Coming from the streets, he has to be one of the nicest rappers I’ve ever met. Rare. Shout out to AD rolling through. The support is real.

Loved hearing that E-40 feature also. The last song on the project “This Ain’t Love” is a dedication to his brother Big TC who is locked up. Btw, TeeCee4800 is Ty$’s cousin. Not sure if he wants that to be the first thing people know about him, but maybe he dgaf. Some people do lmao. The listening was full of Hennessy and empty boxes of pizza by the time I arrived. It was definitely a function. Secretly came for Louie’s stash of snacks and candy right as you walk in. Made for me lmao. Shout out to Mo for this flick, on his extremely lit Android camera.


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