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Lalah Hathaway’s “Honestly” Music Video Premiere At Her “Taste of Soul” Pre-Party In Hollywood

October 21, 2017

Friday, October 20

Happy Friday. We finally made it… to the end of the week. Barely. This morning started off with me losing the car key to my rental, proceeding to look for it for 30 minutes. Halla. Good thing these chocolate chip cookies from Chick-Fil-A saved my day. Fire. At work, we were told there were subs and cookies in the conference room. No one knew it was Chick-Fil-A until after the fact. These were better than McDonald’s (I used to live for their 3 for $1 deal).

Anyways, fast forward through the work day and a quick visit to the studio in Noho (s/0 Sledgren), I make my way over to Liaison Restaurant & Lounge in Hollywood. IntroducingLalah Hathway: the amazingly talented, legendary, 5-time Grammy-winning R&B singer. Words don’t even do her justice. Honestly, can’t tell y’ll how cute it was when I brought up her name and our adorable intern at work fanning out. That literally convinced me to go. The cosign is real.

Tonight was more of a turn up than anything. Nothing but good people and good energy. Partnering with KJLH 102.3, which I find out is Stevie Wonder’s radio station, this was the exclusive premiere of Lalah Hathaway’s music video “honestly” (followed by a Q&A). In addition, it was her Taste Of Soul pre-party. I just found out about this too. Taste of Soul: 12th annual all-day street festival that takes place on Crenshaw Blvd. Translation: it’s lit. Okay, back to Lalah. “honestly” comes from her forthcoming project honestly, which drops November 3. Saw that Lecrae feature and immediately got excited.

First off, shout out to Chardae and Daniel for having me. They slay. At life. One time for the venue though. I was so incredibly taken aback at how beautiful and glorious this place was. Liaison, I see you. This looks like a five-star club more than anything. There is a huge dance floor surrounded by the most luxurious plush booths and tables. Let’s not even get into the hors d’oeuvres floating around: meatballs, beef wellington, and a bunch of other things I couldn’t pronounce. Fortunately, they were able to introduce me to the lovely Lalah, whom I actually made eye contact with as I soon as I walk inside. I thought to myself, she looks so familiar. Duh, it’s the artist lmao.

I literally can’t get over how down-to-earth she was. Already beautiful, it made her even more gorgeous. I literally felt like I was chatting with one of my homegirls. Shout out to Lalah for being a sweetheart and so fucking humble. We actually looked up her credits while we were there (shout out to Andre hanging out with me). She literally has 5 Grammys under her name, including Best R&B Album in 2017 for Lalah Hathaway Live. That’s beyond impressive. The majority of the world can’t even get one. It wasn’t until this point that I realized the legendary Donny Hathaway is her father. I felt dumb because duh, same last name. But also dope, because I fucked with her so much before knowing that.

The evening quickly escalated into a function. Shout out to the brave souls breaking out all their dance moves in the middle of the dance floor. We turned up with them, just in our seats lmao. Lalah Hathaway eventually got on the turntables taking over DJ Malski, shout out to him. He hit us with ALL the classics. N.E.R.D. never fails. Again, love the set up of the venue. The DJ booth was located right in the center underneath the screen. The honestly cover art was lit and on display the entire night.

She first premiered her long-awaited “honestly” music video, which came with such a powerful political message. Even if you just saw the clip on her Twitter, that “Black Lives Matter” sign is so powerful. Next, she played us her “I Can’t Wait” video, also amazing. Tonight was all Lalah. She deserves all the praise and attention in the world.

Excited for her album to drop top of November!

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