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Marc E. Bassy & Bebe Rexha Bring Out G-Eazy In LA; David Camarena & Aaron Kai’s D n A Photo + Art Exhibit At Space 15 Twenty

October 22, 2017

Saturday, October 21

Happy Saturday. I’m devastated right now. I dropped my phone at my roomie’s birthday (3rd stop of the evening, I almost made it) and it spazzed for a minute before completely going black. I’m so sad. This is the last thing I needed. The worst part? I can’t even get to the Genius Bar tomorrow because I need navigation. Or set an alarm! Fuck these first world problems.

But first, let’s talk about the most lit art show I’ve been to all year. And you know I love art shows. Introducing the D n A Photo and Art Exhibit by David Camarena and Aaron Kai. First off, these are all bay cats, so you know it’s going to be grandiose. David is Kehlani’s photographer, and I’m sad I didn’t get to meet him tonight. My fault for showing up so late, I definitely wish I had more time here. This proved to be the place to be.

The event took place at Space 15 Twenty, one of the dopest spaces in the heart of Hollywood. They could NOT have picked a better spot. All the description read was: OPEN BAR all night! Music by Noodz, Brick, and Orange Calderon.” Short and sweet, and to the point lmao. This DJ lineup is stacked. Brick is KYLE‘s DJ, and 100000% lit. Was also excited to finally meet Noodz, Kehlani’s DJ, also my Asian sista.

The event was from 5-9pm, and my ass would have been here way earlier if I didn’t fall asleep lmao. First nap in years. As always, the music set the mood. Bay Area slaps all night. I was home. The room was so crowded, you could barely maneuver your way through. Found babygirl Iza posted and had to steal this flick. This backdrop just screams acid to me lmao.

Shout out to the artist behind it all, Aaron, whom I had the pleasure of meeting. He’s from Hawaii and I asked if he had any Hawaii tats lmao. He showed me “imua” on his forearm, which is Hawaiian for always pushing forward, never sideways. That really struck a chord with me.

And shout out to David Ali always running shit. You literally expect nothing less when he’s involved. Tonight was a celebration of life, art, and music (that sounded poetic). The photos by D Cam were nothing short of epic. There were shirts with these shots screened on them for sale on a rack near the front. Super lit. Also Baelani says, #SupportYourFriends.

Stress. I had to be at The NOVO ASAP. When one of your favorite R&B singers performs in LA… you go. Marc E. Bassy and Bebe Rexha on their joint tour. Bay and bae. I love Bebe. Not only did I have the pleasure of interviewing her, but when I was home in the Bay one weekend, I legit stole my mom’s minivan and drove an hour to see her perform in SF. She def brought out G-Eazy then too lmao.

Marc’s set time was 8pm and I was really hoping he was going to be late lmao. Nope. Ironically, when you want them to be on time, they never are. Luckily, he had an hour set. I recruited Dom from the art show and called that he was going to bring out young Gerald. I love being right lmao. We arrive midway as Marc is serenading LA with “Lock It Up” from his 2014 Only The Poets Mixtape. This song features Kaelani and he told everyone she couldn’t be here tonight so they had to make up for it (she was at the art show lmao). The next song featured her as well: “Made Love First” off Gossip Columns.

“Black Jeep” is the intro track off his debut album Gossip Columns. Honestly, Marc’s music is so fucking good. So good. Next, he played us a brand new track and brought his homie out on the guitar. You can never go wrong with live instruments. “Plot Twist” with Kyle was next, before he got the keyboards.

“Morning” was absolutely beautiful. This next part was intense. He gives the crowd a speech about having a crazy past 24 hours and how much he thinks about women. AND THEN HE GOES, “I’d kill myself if I didn’t have this.” Whoa. Whoa. Whoa lmao. He backed his shit up real quick, but still. We were all speechless for a hot sec. It was soon forgotten when he performed “Don’t Let Her Go,” also off the new project. AND THEN, he covers Pretty Ricky’s “Hotline.” Hearing him sing the “5 In The Morning” line was pure bliss. Then he had the DJ play Rihanna and Drake’s “Work” which I thought was a little random, but the crowd ate it up lmao. They were so turnt. Marc definitely has great stage presence. I’m telling you. Superstar in the works.

Love that G-Eazy comes out and supports every time. “You and Me” is a fucking hit.

But “Some Kind Of Drug” is better. I’m pretty sure that’s the record that put me on Marc. This makes me want to fall in love lmao. But anyways. Already completely satisfied, closing his set with “Til I Get Found” was the absolute cherry on top.

The intermission before Bebe’s set proved to be the perfect time to catch up with everyone. The squad is always out for Marc. When it was finally time for Bebe, the stage turned into a straight movie. Bebe comes out in all-black, looking bomb as she always does. And thick as ever lmao. Baby got back. I enter the photo pit right as she brings out G for “Me, Myself & I”… except wait. His mic wasn’t on. 🙁 Right as he goes to rap, nothing lmao. I hate that shit. It’s like they had one job…

They meaning the production. Not the artists lmao. She reminded everyone she hailed from Brooklyn before performing an explosive “That’s It.” Bebe, we love you. I had to dip out soon after to catch my roomie’s bday (love you, Tanya!) at Preux & Proper, which ended up being only 6 minutes away. Sometimes, I really do love living downtown. This spot was adorable, on the corner of Spring. The food is all New Orleans-inspired, and all their leftovers looked incredibly dank. It was a great evening until I drop my phone and it completely dies. Like, I was legit about to post all my Marc E. Bassy footage. Sigh. Can’t win.


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