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Nai Palm of Hiatus Kaiyote Sells Out The El Rey In Los Angeles

October 24, 2017

Monday, October 23

Today was pretty busy. Left work and came home to more work. But no complaints (cue Metro Boomin and Offset).

I was really excited to bring in these artists today. First is Reo Cragun from Vancouver, Washington. NOT to be confused with Vancouver, Canada. Def had to fact check myself. I caught wave of him because he opened for Lil Yachty on his last tour. Real recognize real. He is honestly the nicest artist I’ve met in a while. So fucking sweet and just mad cool. Like I want to be his friend lmao (we are now, he has no choice). Reo just dropped a project called Growing Pains, that I had the pleasure of listening to on my commute after work. Homeboy can SING and rap. He created his own genre. Love that.

Next up was Sledgren, one of Wiz’ first producers. #TGOD!!! Taylor Gang or die. Wiz is top 5 for me and I always said I’d get a TGOD tat lmao. At 27, this might be a bit reckless and maybe even ratchet. But hey. I just really fuck with the movement. Shooting outside in 100-degree weather had me hyped. While everyone was miserable, I was ecstatic. I love the sun. Legit, hate AC. Love the sun.

This next artist is from the Bay, which means automatic friendship. His music I genuinely took the time to listen to, soaking in what he’s saying in his lyrics. Introducing Caleborate. I’ve listened to a few tracks in the past and knew he was dope, but never gave him my full attention. While his last project 1993 was a gem, his new album Real Person is even better. It really struck a chord with me last night. And I’ve only had less than 24 hours with it.

Shameless plug. These stickers came right on time for my new Mac lmao. But really, Caleborate is talented. And when I see talent, I’ll promote the shit out of an artist (Marc E. Bassy status). We went to the rooftop for the shoot. So dope. Shout out to Michael with the vision. He literally found a ladder and had Caleb sit high at the top overlooking all of LA… it was lit af.

Fast forward through 2 Apple stores and a long drive home, and I’m back in mid-city. Tonight was a show that I really couldn’t miss, just because I had to see what this artist was all about. Nai Palm headlining the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles. Most of you would probably be like, who tf is Nai Palm? Honestly, truly, this girl is her own entity. She’s the female vocalist on the intro of Drake’s “Free Smoke.” Yeah, you all know who I’m talking about. Don’t act like we all didn’t sit there and wonder who this amazing voice belonged to.

Okay, some more background info. Nai Palm is the lead singer of a band named Hiatus Kaiyote. Ural actually told me about them on our drive back from Coachella. They are a “future-soul quartet formed in Melbourne, Australia.” Basically, feel-good music for the soul… R&B on drugs while frolicking Joshua tree type vibes. Anyone who is a fan of Hiatus is a winner in my books. They know good music. I walk up to the El Rey Theatre to find a completely sold-out show. I honestly had a feeling it would sell out, and that just made me even more grateful to be there.

The build-up to Nai Palm actually coming on stage was cute. The curtains would open a smidge, and the crowd would get so excited and start cheering like crazy. Around 10pm, she actually did grace the stage, in which the crowd cheers at the top of their lungs. This was who they came to see. Nai Palm in the flesh. Honestly, this show reminded me so much of Jorja Smith‘s, at the same venue. Both singers just sound so incredibly good IRL. With even better stage presence. Just one song in, Nai Palm goes into a cover of Fabolous’ “Into You.” Fuck yes.

Huge thanks to Angela for allowing me to cover. Always feel blessed I’m able to experience such beautiful art come to life. “Atari” comes from Nai Palm’s solo album Needle Paw, which just dropped. It’s always a big deal when a band’s singer drops a solo album, and the support could not be more real. She broke down what “atari” meant: the top of your head that connects to your divinity and higher self. I couldn’t make out what language she said it was in. Google is telling me it’s Japanese but I feel like that’s wrong lmao. But really, Nai Palm is a spiritual goddess. Literally cannot find the right words to describe her. She is one-of-a-kind.

She told everyone she just got her shimmery silver boots today when someone screamed out a compliment. This lead into a beautiful performance of “Breathing Underwater” by Hiatus Kaiyote, which had the crowd screaming out in joy. She told everyone they “sound so pretty.” And let’s not talk about how she slays on the guitar. I just don’t understand how these artists can be so good at both singing and playing instruments. This guitar looked huge too, bigger and heavier than the average.

She performed “Molasses” by Hiatus next, which leads to an encore. Even Nai Palm noticed the extensive clapping afterward. It was beautiful. She said next time hopefully she’ll have her backup singers with her. This next part had everybody laughing. Someone from the crowd screamed “Marry me!” and Nai Palm responds, “I’m already married to the sea.” Real talk though, she is lmao. She is so in tune with the earth, I can’t even begin to try to understand lmao. Next, she SERENADES all of El Rey to “Mobius.”

Nai Palm, grateful for your existence. Homegirl literally has positive energy exuding from her body.

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