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A$AP Mob Sets The Bar For All Hip Hop Shows On Too Cozy Tour

October 25, 2017

Tuesday, October 24

Happy Tuesday. Can’t believe it’s finally the day of the A$AP Mob show in Los Angeles. I remember putting this into my planner the day it was announced way back in July. I remember thinking, wow. That’s so far out. And another thought: A$AP Rocky is so fine lmao. Literally, my #1 rapper crush (sorry CB). Aside from that, the A$AP Mob is probably my favorite Hip Hop collective: Rocky, Ferg, Twelvyy, Nast… not sure what happened to Tyy but him too. The A$AP moniker is literally a cosign for greatness.

This show was COMPLETELY sold out, which I had no idea until someone I gave a ticket to told me they were going to $100 on Stubhub. Insane. The Shrine is probably one of the biggest venues to perform in LA, next to The Forum. A$AP Rocky headlines huge festivals, so this was easy. I’ve honestly seen him a solid 20x but he’s so fucking good IRL. PLUS Ferg. Man. Their dynamic and their energy- they set the bar for litness. I somehow ended up with a stack of tickets at work and frantically gave them away. Was so happy that my friends swooped. I legit HATE seeing concert tickets go to waste. Hate.

But who I really came for: A$AP Twelvyy. Shout out to Bert for this. He is the best of the best of the best. I knew I wanted to interview 12vy right after I heard his project. 12 is full of gems. If you guys haven’t heard it, please add it to your playlist. It’s fucking fire. And he spent 6 years on it! Respect.

Getting to The Shrine by USC after work was not easy, and me being the queen of missing freeway exits, it’s even harder. But we made it happen and that’s all that matters. Twelvyy was so. fucking. cool. Legit the most down-to-earth dude, which is really why I wanted to speak with him. I pull up around 8pm and he pulls me backstage. We walk all the way to the other end of the building to the private rooms. Each artist had the name tags laminated on the door, including the Tour Manager. Like, the TM has his own fucking room to get ready lmao. So lit.

I read so many interviews with 12vy before this lmao I didn’t want to ask any generic questions, like “How’d you get your name?” Google will tell you that. I honestly enjoyed our convo so much. Not only was he funny, but he’s so damn inspiring. motivating. interesting. He’s actually one of the founding fathers of the Mob. A$AP Yams brought him in himself. RIP, Yams.

No joke, I was debating leaving after the interview. I had so much work to do that I really was about to leave the show of the year. SMH at myself. No joke, Bert texted me a quick video of him at their show in New York, straight mobbing in the crowd. It gave me FOMO lmao. Deadass, I stayed after that. And I’m so fucking glad I did. A$AP Nast took the stage first, and he immediately converted me into a fan. He’s so lit, just like the rest of them. He performed “Trillmatic” by A$AP Mob, then got in the crowd for “Cuanto” by A.Chal, my other favorite.

Yo, 12vyy turned into a damn BEAST on stage. I was so here for it. It’s like he just turned on a switch. At that point, I realized why he’s a part of the A$AP Mob. It made so much sense. He performed “Strapped,” one of my absolute favorites. I was so happy you guys lmao. After this, he did the whole “A$AP MOB, WHAT TIME IS IT?” chant and the crowd goes fucking wild. I apologize for my excessive usage of “lit,” but that’s exactly what this show was.

He gave a quick tribute to Yams before “L.Y.B.B. (Resolution),” another one of my favs off 12. I asked Twelvyy also, what his favorite track off the project was. He started with “Ea$TSideGho$T” before naming 4 more. I had the same exact issue lmao. Couldn’t stop at just one. Next, he had everybody throw their L’s up before shouting out the Too Cozy Tour.

The intermission between Twelvyy and the rest of the Mob consisted of a girl voice speaking loudly into the speakers informing everyone where the exit doors were. This left the crowd mad confused. People were asking me if the show was over lmao. I was like hell nah. The safety precautions were real tonight. I was in the photo pit and the security were handing kids in the front row cups of water. I thought that was fire. AND THEN, in preparation for Rocky and Ferg, two fake Lambos take the stage. It was about to be a movie. The screen started playing BTS footage of the mob wildin’ out backstage to “Feels So Good,” which literally had the crowd so hyped. Myself include. Nothing compares to the Mob. And the moment Rocky’s face came on… chicks lost their shit. High-pitched screams like it was Justin Bieber.

That’s a great comparison. Rocky is the JB of Hip Hop. “Yamborghini high” had ya girl drooling lmao. Seriously. It wasn’t fair being this close to Rocky. Seriously.

“RAF” is one of my favorite songs off Cozy Tapes Vol. 2. So fucking fire. “Walk On Water” was next after I got kicked out of the photo pit. Security had no idea which way to kick us out or what the fuck was happening lmao. But anyways, I went out to meet up with the homies for a bit and then head out. I definitely missed D.R.A.M., ScHoolboy Q, Rae Sremmurd, and Smooky MarGielaa- the 15 year old A$AP Rocky took under his wing.

Yup. 15.

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