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October 27, 2017

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Marc. E Bassy is exactly where he needs to be at this point in his career. With his certified-Platinum hit single “You and Me” featuring G-Eazy now surpassing 21 millions view on YouTube (and counting), the Bay Area’s own returns with his highly-anticipated debut album ‘Gossip Columns.’ Read more…

While the soulful R&B singer originates from San Francisco, sunny Los Angeles is now a place he calls home. On the evening of Thursday, October 12, friends and family gathered at the Live Nation offices in Beverly Hills to celebrate the release of the album. An invite-only event, it was all eyes on Marc as you entered the room.

Young California: Who is Marc E. Bassy?

Marc. E Bassy: Marc E. Bassy is the man sitting next to you right now. I’m a human. Man. I was born in San Francisco, CA. I’m a singer, songwriter. I’m a believer in good music and good people.

YC: How would you describe your sound?

Marc. E Bassy: I would describe my sound as progressive, R&B-soul, pop music rooted in classic soul and Hip Hop. But also inspired by 70’s punk rock and 2008-9-10 indie rock.

YC: You mention wanting to find your voice, where do you stand with this now?

Marc. E Bassy: It’s a constant search.


YC: Debut album Gossip Columns, How you feeling going into this? Are you nervous, excited…?

Marc. E Bassy: I feel good. I’m the perfect amount of inebriated right now.

YC: Were you nervous?

Marc. E Bassy: I am nervous. But I’m not really nervous, I’m more so excited- that this offering that I’ve given so much of my energy and time into- is available for all the world to hear.

YC: Tell us about the creative process behind it.

Marc. E Bassy: The creative process was lengthy and extensive, and very social and introspective at the same time. You know, You get your whole life to make your first album. So, I just feel very lucky that I got to do it. Since it took such a long time and doing it was such a communal effort, I feel like I really gained so many great memories and friends. And really, everyone who was a part of this album is my family now. Not too be corny, but it really did get like that. I’m just really appreciative.  


YC: So, how long did the album actually take you?

Marc. E Bassy:  It’s been like 3 years.

YC: What do you want fans to get from of it?

Marc. E Bassy: I want fans just to listen to it. I just want everyone to hear it and know that I believe in storytelling, expression, and individuality. And I hope that they can feel those 3 things from my album.

YC: I, for one, think you’re extremely slept on. What’s it going to take?

Marc. E Bassy: I don’t even know. I don’t think about slept on. Do I wish I had more money and had more people coming to my shows and shit? Kind of. But, I don’t really fall into that trap. I’m confident in what we do. Me and my team. The people I create with. Life is peaks and valleys, so you never know what you’re in really.

You think you do. You might be in a learning period, whatever. We got Platinum songs and been travelling and making music. I know the quality of our music only continues to grow. I pinch myself every day, just even for that. I’ve been doing this. And I’m good. And I know it’s only going to continue to grow and get better and better.

YC: What do you say to the nonbelievers?

Marc E. Bassy: I don’t like to say cliché shit. But, I really don’t pay attention to anyone… not even like I don’t pay attention. It’s almost like a psychosis. I don’t even realize anyone’s existence that doesn’t engage with what I do in a positive way.

YC: Walk us through a day in the life.

Marc E. Bassy: I wake up. I smoke a joint. Go to the gym, for about an hour.

YC: You go the gym high?

Marc E. Bassy: Yeah, I go to the gym a little bit stoned. Feeling good. Work out, as hard as I can. Dip. And go play piano, listen to music, fuck around for a few hours.Then I either go to the studio, go to rehearsal. Come back- I watch The Sopranos. Smoke another one. Have a glass of red wine if I’m lucky. I have some good Italian food. That’s about it.

YC: What a life. What would you be doing if you weren’t singing?

Marc E. Bassy: I would be a writer, or a barista.

YC: Dream collab?

Marc E. Bassy: King Kendrick, Drizzy Drake, Kanye West.

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