A$AP Rocky’s Explosive Set At Camp Flog Gnaw f. Tyler, The Creator, Playboi Carti, Famous Dex, G-Eazy & Lil Yachty

October 30, 2017

Sunday, October 29

The day has come. Day 2 of Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival at Exposition Park. This is Tyler, The Creator’s genius invention. A carnival and a festival at the same time? #FOMO written all over it. I go every year and have a fucking blast each time. BUT, I did fuck up by not coming yesterday. I missed an interview with Kamaiyah, who I’ve been chasing for almost a year. Smh. I read the confirmation email wrong. It said the press window closed at 5pm, but if my dumb ass just kept reading, I would see that I could still pick it up at the regular box office. Still hurting.

I used to call this the Odd Future carnival, but I’m not sure if they’re still in tack lmao. I get so excited anytime someone actually recognizes the sticker on the back of my phone: Odd Future gang. Camp Flog Gnaw always sells out. Honestly, this fell on a very busy weekend in Los Angeles. I think in the past it’s been in November, but this weekend it fell amongst the millions of Halloween parties. Still no competition for Tyler (my spirit animal forever). His fans are loyal af. You could just tell this entire experience is created with them in mind.

Exposition Park always makes me want to rip my hair out. Parking is such a bitch. I remember pulling up for Frank Ocean at FYF Fest and making 15 circles around the block before creating my own spot. That was anxiety-provoking and the same thing happened today. Only WORSE. I walk at LEAST one mile to the festival entrance only to be told the box office was way far back, even further than where I had started. Which was far already. I could not deal. Good thing I had my running shoes on. I was ready for the bullshit lmao. Sadly, as I’m walking around aimlessly on the outskirts, I hear 2 Chainz, Ty Dolla $ign, and YG. And I still dunno who’s set they came out in lmao. BUT, YG left the stage with a fucking mic drop. It was so intense lmao and I wasn’t even there. I just heard it.

Finally inside and I wait for my babygirl Ophi. I low key made her come because she was debating not. I love her to death for that. Can we talk about how obsessed I am with all of Tyler’s Golf Wang line? The store just opened up on Fairfax, and I definitely added it to my to-do list. As if it’s something I need to do lmao. So extra. ALSO, Tyler dropped one of the best albums of the year (Flower Boy). @ me.

I was honestly a little child in a playground, in adult form lmao. I swear, just the feeling of pure elation as we enter the premises. There was so much to do, so much to look at. This minion definitely made my day. There was a life-size banana next to it also, which made for great photo opps. From carnival rides (WHICH WERE FREE), to carnival food (pizza, corndogs, churros), to merch (NEED GOLF IN MY LIFE), to the actual carnival games… this was like the fair, only your favorite rapper was performing just down the way. IMO, this trumps Coachella. 100%. Having a good time was the only thing you had to worry about here.

Ran into Nelson at the swinging boat ride and no joke was scared shitless. Ironically, had the time of my life lmao. I’m a huge adrenaline junkie. I’ve already accomplished most of my bucket list. I LOVED that we decided to do this too. I feel like every time I go to festivals, I always regret not riding the rides. I’m definitely a theme park whore. This wasn’t all that easy though. I def had to finesse and cut the line (not Nelson, he had VIP treatment) for us. It was insanely long. Like, uncomfortably long lmao. All the rides were. And then we walk by the corndog line and it was even worse.

Sailing into the air to Syd‘s set was the cherry on top. It was The Internet’s turn to bless the people. In between “Just Sayin/I Tried” and “Girl,” Syd got everyone so hyped when she asked if they were ready for new album. Fin was a masterpiece. The answer is yes. We then frolicked to the other side of Exposition Park. I love exploring. We stumbled about the Gnaw stage where all the DJ’s were going in. Caught wind of Ricci Riera, who my homie was literally just telling me about last night. He’s a producer who’s worked with the likes of Drake, Kendrick, Travis… definitely caught my attention.

Back we go to the main stage. I had to be front and center for A$AP Rocky’s set, even though I literally just saw him on Tuesday. No shame, he’s my baby daddy. Nothing makes me happier than to see him perform live. His energy and his stage presence is unmatched. Right off the bat, he brings out Tyler, The Creator for “Telephone Calls.” This song is fucking flames. You literally cannot deny it.

AND Playboi Carti, who did not bring his son on stage lmao. I suck. I need to fact check. It’s A$AP Bari’s son. Still, it was cute as hell. And we weren’t even done with the first song. Tyler proceeded to perform “Who Dat Boy.” The crowd went nuts. Tyler literally just shut down the stage. And his abs looked great.

Before Rocky performed “RAF” by A$AP Mob, a girl threw her bra on stage lmao. It didn’t phase him one bit. He just threw it right back. This was followed by “Multiply,” one of Rocky’s standout hits. It would have been game over if Juicy J came out lmao. And Rocky kept trying to get the crowd to mosh lmao. Literally yelling “mosh pit” at the kids. I was also very excited to see A$AP Twelvyy up there for a second. He came out for “Yamborghini High” later, but where was Ferg at? We want Ferg. Next, Rocky teased us with “Get Lit,” but said we weren’t old enough lmao. Tf?

He played “LSD” instead, setting the mood for the ladies, and “Purple Swag.” And then another one of my favorites: Famous Dex. DEXTER. Don’t @ me on this one. I get shit for being his fan lmao. But real talk, their new single “Pick It Up” was beyond lit live. Dex legit snaps on stage, giving Rocky a run for his money lmao. Even Rocky saluted him afterward.

Rocky must have said “last song” 5x throughout his set. I think they kept trying to kick him off, but were unsuccessful lmao. Bringing out G-Eazy for “No Limit” had me geeked. Fuck the VIP section at festivals. No one was fucking moving. It was SO lame. I was so sad lmao. I was so hyped during this, while everyone was just standing there. Rocky then gave a very heartwarming speech afterward about how he hasn’t done a single solo show this year minus with A$AP Mob. But he did it for Tyler. Going into how proud he is of Tyler because he’s seen the carnival get bigger each year. So cute. Friendship goals af.

And then Lil Yachty came out. “Peekaboo” had me turnt, I hate to admit lmao. One of those songs I’m embarrassed to like (21’s “Bank Account” is another). They clowned on stage and said “fuck Ben Baller” before Rocky closed out with “Peso.” Shout out to the squad for giving me the best vibes ever. Love them. And loved Ophi streaming the Dodger’s game on her fucking phone the entire time. Technology baffles me on the daily.

Tyler, The Creator, can we hang out? Please?

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