Lil Pump Celebrates 4 Million Followers On Instagram In DTLA On Halloween Night

November 1, 2017

Tuesday, October 31

Happy Tuesday! Or Halloween day. Today started off with a super humbling moment. It’s been a long journey with, and it’s finally time to move on to my next ventures. Super excited for what the future holds and thankful for each and every one of my friends have supported me along the way.

Fast forward through work, praise the man above Halloween is almost over lmao. I legit can’t. I was trying to be a good sport last night at Ty$’s Halloween bash, but fuck costumes. Fuck wigs. Fuck masks. Fuck clowns. Fuck them all lmao. I honestly think I offend some people who treat Halloween as the best time of the year. Nah b, Christmas is comimg lmao. Don’t play yourself. But ANYWAYS. Tonight, was Lil Pump’s Lil Pump Tour at The NOVO in downtown LA.

The reason I was so amped for this was because I saw him perform “D Rose” live at XXXTENTACION’s (terrifying) show, also at The Novo. From June to now, he has since signed to Warner and put out his debut album Lil Pump. I HATE that I love it. HATE. That I love his music. I remember listening to “Gucci Gang” in my whip and going HAM. I heard the line “My lean cost more than your rent” and was like wow. WOW. wow. lmao.

“JUMP IN THIS BITCH AND GO CRAZY!” “Crazy” was the perfect track to start off his set. This was after the DJ teased the crowd for like 45 minutes. BUT I was actually a bit surprised. The crowd was a bit underwhelming. Don’t get me wrong, they were hyped, but there was something missing. Something I felt at the XXX show that wasn’t felt here lmao. Maybe it’s because most kids were out trick or treating. Who knows.

“Broke My Wrist” featuring Smokepurpp is a banger. Shit, all his songs are bangers. That’s literally the perfect word to describe them. Can we talk about how Lil Pump was dressed up as a doctor/Harvard graduate? Holding a bottle of lean. I expect nothing less lmao. His “ESKETIT” tagline was definitely on repeat the entire evening. I low key love it. Pump literally created his own brand for himself. ESKETIT.

“What U Sayin'” is the intro track off his debut project. It was lit. As was “Flex Like Ouu,” which reminds me. What happened to Young M.A? Lmao. “Boss” is my shit. If you guys have been to a festival with the likes of Lil Pump’s, Lil Uzi’s, Lil Yachty’s, you’ve probably heard this joint. “Bitch I flex Rick Ross!” So catchy I swear. Btw, I definitely tried to sneak into the pit because I wanted to channel my inner mosh self (YOLO). But they wouldn’t let me. Even though I had a sparkly purple VIP wristband. How does that work? And there was so much room.

And then he left the stage lmao. Deadass. Break time. That tripped me out, but hella rappers have been doing this. The intermission was very unnecessary but he did come back out in a different costume: a tiger lmao. I think. He then performed “Molly which had the crowd loving life. This next part is brazy. He literally got this huge ass cake because he surpassed 4 million on IG. He’s 17.

Mood af lmao. This lead right into “Smoke My Dope” featuring Smokepurpp. I do not condone these lyrics. AT ALL. They’re trash. But they slap. Help.

Lil Pump definitely kept teasing that there was going to be special guests tonight. When Lil Yachty came out, I was so here for it. Def a huge Lil Boat fan and think he honestly built his fanbase organically- just by being himself. And the relationship he has with the youth is unmatched. “Back” was super lit. Definitely a dope feature on Pump’s project.

And then Lil Pump let Yachty perform his own songs, “Minnesota” and “Peekaboo.” Gang. Next, Pump performed “Foreign” and his track with Gucci, “Youngest Flexer.” IT’S GUCCCIIII.

“D Rose” is the reason I fuck with Lil Pump. If we’re being honest. And then he brought out Boo Thang, another rapper from Florida. All these kids are from Florida lmao. They were going brazy on stage when all of a sudden Boo stage dives into the crowd. It was intense lmao. Mostly because no one was expecting it. “Gucci Gang Gucci Gang Gucci Gang” closed out the show. He’s only 17.

Huge thanks to Nate for allowing me to cover and shout out to my babygirl Lupe for always holding me down. Or should I say, Left Eye. <3

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