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Ugly God, Lil Xan, Larry June & OG Maco Shut Down The Novo In Los Angeles

November 4, 2017

Friday, November 3

Happy Friday. Today, I got to bring in the fam. Introducing Marty Grimes from Berkeley, CA. Bay Area for life. I met Marty IRL when he opened for Mod Sun at The Roxy. He was handing out pizza during his set and I was so intrigued lmao. Come to find out he’s BFF’s with G-Eazy, whom he brought out that same night. Gang.

Marty def could be a model lmao he’s charming and tall af. Was excited to put him in some Young & Reckless swag. I also got to interview him for He’s got a project out called Cold Pizza you guys should definitely fuck with.

Fast forward through the work day, tonight was Ugly God’s show at The NOVO. I still remember interviewing him before he blew up, when “Water” was just going viral. I really had to come support. I didn’t even know Larry June was opening until a couple days prior. That’s another member of the fam from the Bay. Def used to post his music on DX.

I fucking love Larry’s entire brand and mantra. The oranges represent living healthy and everything that entails. Between his taglines “GOOD JOB LARRY” and “YEEEHAWWWW!”, Larry definitely has a place in this rap game. His music bangs and he has something special. I fucks with it and I only hope to see his career grow from here. Huge thanks to Zack for having me. Got to speak with Larry for Young California as well.

Larry June came out to “The Dealer, Pt. 2” and it was lit. I saw his clips from Rolling Loud and knew he could perform. His stage presence and energy is definitely one that every rapper should have. He performed “Max Pain” and “Master Manipulator” next, both off his album Good Job Larry. The next joint I was just listening to today: “4Deep.” This one’s a fucking vibe.

I had to grab my girl and ended up in the pit, which was 10x more lit than backstage lmao. I love being near the people and feeding off their energy. He performed “F’d My Leg Up” before bringing out OG Maco, who was chillin’ backstage with him. I loved seeing Maco perform “U Guessed It. That shit was lit lmao and reminded me how much I fuck with Maco. “Glock 40” closed us out. Happy to see Larry back after his little hiatus. “Back Rappin” isn’t just a banger, it’s a message to the rap game.

Ugly God was the main attraction. Had the honor of saying hi to him and his manager Jackie backstage. Love them both very much. Ugly God came out to “Water,” but not the entire song lmao. Just a tease. That was smart. It definitely got the crowd hyped af. After subtly plugging in his Booty Tape he just dropped, he performed one of my favorite tracks from the album: “No Lies.” That Wiz Khalifa feature though.

This was too adorable, although I was legit concerned for this kid’s ears. Ugly God proceeds to turn up with “FTBT,” “Bernie Sanders,” “Fuck Ugly God,” “I’m Trynta Fuck,” “Beat My Meat.” As much as they slap, these lyrics are fucking vulgar. Poor kid lmao. I had a hard time posting content too because of the curse words in the title. The kid came on stage during “Bitch!” Dios mio. Definitely felt like I needed to go to church at that point mao.

“Stop Smoking Black & Milds” is so intense lmao. I was hoping it would have a positive message but not so much. Ugly proceeded to shout out LA for showing him love, and vice versa. It was cute. He’s definitely got a strong core fanbase in the youth. He proceeded to perform his favorite off The Booty Tape, “Like A Maverick.” “I make music from my basement / I done came up and got famous…” This song is a standout on the project.

This low key had me lit af, but embarrassingly so lmao. Didn’t expect Ugly God to bring out any special guests, and then boom: Lil Xan! I was supposed to interview him at his show at The Roxy recently, but no one wanted it lmao sad times. His “Betrayed” music video has 30+ million views. He’s 17, you guys. Sometimes I question my own taste but it’s not like these kids are blowing up for nothing. This next part was comedy. Someone took Lil Xan’s beanie. Like off his head, while he was performing in the crowd. He was literally asking for that shit back on the mic. Smh lmao.

“Water, water, water.” I stayed in the back because I did not want to get sprayed. Knew this was going to happen lmao. I remember seeing them haul cases of water backstage and didn’t even make the connection. It made so much sense here lmao. “Water” now has over 35 million views. Insane. I was down to see Ugly wild out to some lizard shit but it was probably for the best that didn’t happen.

Cue, “THANKS UGLY GOD.” He’s a genius for that tagline.

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