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Hauser & Wirth In The Arts District Is A Must-See; Thor: Ragnarok Proves To Be The Best Marvel Movie Yet

November 12, 2017

Saturday, November 11

Happy Saturday. I’ve been eyeing this art gallery for days. Introducing Hauser & Wirth: a family business with a global outlook. I’m so intrigued just reading about this. H&W encompasses art, education, conservation, and sustainability all in one. Founded in 1992 in Zurich by Iwan Wirth, Manuela Wirth and Ursula Hauser, it has since expanded to 5 major cities. Luckily, Los Angeles was one, and the location is 5 minutes from.

The Arts District might be one of my favorite spots in LA. To be completely honest, I was emo today. Had a lot of things on my mind and knew I needed something. Thank goodness Hauser & Wirth is open until 6pm. I got out of class around 4pm and pull up to 901 E. Third St to find a gang of people on the streets. It was a bright sunny day in La La Land, and the line for Salt N Straw was out the door. I saw so many happy campers hanging out with their friends and families and it warmed my heart. Speaking of, I NEVER go to art galleries alone. Same with events, I have solo anxiety. But it turned out to be the best decision I’ve ever made.

I’d seen pictures on social media floating around of some Superman exhibit and had to see for myself. I proceeded to click on the links and found the full press release to the madness. This is the work of a man named Mike Kelley, who brings Superman’s birthplace, the city of Kandor, to life. Everything is based on the Superman comics, where an alien is sent to Earth as a baby to escape the destruction of his home planet, Krypton. Plot twist: it turns out that Kandor was actually not destroyed. It was shrunk and bottled by Braniac, the futuristic city that was later rescued by Superman. For almost a quarter-century, Kandor and its mini-citizens survived in Superman’s care, sustained by tanks of Kryptonic atmosphere. This served as a constant reminder of Superman’s lost past and disconnection from his adopted planet.

The selling point: it was free. I enter the premises and ask where the Superman exhibit is like a lost puppy. I wandered into the first room I see, which was full of beautiful art, and realize there was so much more. Hauser & Wirth has SO much to offer: multiple rooms and galleries, a glorious courtyard, a gift shop, and… the Manuela restaurant. Named after owner Manuela Wirth, this buzzing dining spot carries the same exact mission statement: a unique experience where art, community, education, sustainability, and food unite. The line was out the door. My homeboy told me it was the talk of the town. I HAVE to come back. Who’s coming with?

I actually am so proud that I was able to walk through with my phone in the pocket of my hoodie. I must have taken only one or two Snaps and one tweet. The rest was just me soaking in all of Mike Kelley’s work. I also had some great conversations with the staff, who are posted in each room (maybe even corner). I asked one to educate me and her face just lit up. This made up for my dolo mission. I love talking and totally don’t mind conversing with strangers. It also beats reading a sign posted on the wall.

These structures were all replicas of the different cities which represent a piece of Superman and his hometown. She lost me after that lmao. But I loved the ones that had Kandor in a glass bottle. It was so magical and just alluring. It felt like Disneyland almost. Mind you, I had no idea the backstory of Superman before this lmao. None. If you’re into comics, this is extra special for you. I had to catch this photo opp. She said it was definitely a hot spot, which made me a tiny bit less self-conscious.

Tonight, I had promised my friend I’d go see Thor with him in theaters. If you know me, you know I used to be fucking obsessed with movies. Like, I used to have the Moviepass. This brainwashed me to see every single movie that came out. It was honestly bad. I found myself sitting in the worst movies only to see it because I hadn’t seen it. This was back when school was my main focus, so I had nights to spare. My schedule now is crazier than ever and I was astonished to find I didn’t even re-download the Flixster app when I got my phone repaired. That used to be my favorite app. No shame.

First off, you can’t lose with Marvel. They are GOAT. Remember how fucking epic Deadpool was when you saw it for the first time? Remember that feeling? That’s the exact feeling I got tonight watching Thor, only greater. Shout out to Stan Lee. He’s a legend and will never be duplicated. Thor: Ragnarok is the third in the series, and I (again) had absolutely no knowledge of the backstory. But that’s the beauty of it. This movie is made for all audiences. It’s so entertaining in all aspects possible.

We pull up to the 9:15pm 3D showing to find it completely sold out. Damn, Regal L.A. Live killing our vibe. My reckless self actually successfully sneaks in (the struggle is real). I get a call from Duncan in line only to find out all my efforts went to shit lmao. Oh well. At least I could brag about it for like 3.5 minutes. We tried to find other theaters and eventually settle on the later showing. Which actually proved to be so clutch because I was able to mob home to get my j. Game changer.

IMDB plot: Imprisoned, the almighty Thor finds himself in a lethal gladiatorial contest against the Hulk, his former ally. Thor must fight for survival and race against time to prevent the all-powerful Hela from destroying his home and the Asgardian civilization.

Honestly, this movie is so fucking funny. Comedy is the secret (or not so secret) ingredient to success in film. I’m literally over here wondering who wrote the script, because those jokes could not have been more perfect. Even the opening scene in 3D had us geeked in our chairs. In our extremely comfortable, plush seats that half reclined. All I needed was a blankie and I would have been out lmao.

The opening scene also introduced this beautiful creature by the name of Chris Hemsworth. Seriously though. I could not stop staring at those arms lmao. The cast is stacked per usual. Mostly famous people I recognize in every movie but never know their real names. Loved The Hulk in this also. You guys just have to go see it. Like, you deserve to go see this. It’s so great. The whole time I felt like I had made the right decision in coming.

And lmk when you do!!

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