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Kurtis Blow & The Hip Hop Nutcracker Take Over The Dolby Theatre In Hollywood

November 18, 2017

Friday, November 17

Happy Friday. There’s a LOT going on (#VicMensa). But seriously. Life is crazier than it’s ever been, and we’re all still just trying to figure it out. One day at a time.

Tonight was the Hip Hop Nutcracker. I literally cancelled my plans for this lmao. This the perfect example of when the word #FOMO comes into play. I had heard about this show last year, but I had no idea it was going down tonight at The Dolby Theatre in Hollywood. There were a ton of tickets leftover at work and I knew it was a sign from the man above. First off, I love musicals, so I knew I’d enjoy a Hip Hop version of a musical. Tickets were $40 minimum too, which meant I couldn’t pass up the opp.

The struggle was real in finding people who were down for the count, but it was super last minute. I pull up to the Highland/Highland mall lost as ever lmao. Literally, didn’t make the connection that it was inside the mall. So I had to repark my whip in the lot which took a solid 15 minutes. IT WAS SO FULL! I thought The Grove was bad… this shit did not help my anxiety. It was cutthroat in there, but I finally squeezed into a spot on P4. From the outside, this Dolby Theatre looks like your average theater. But inside, it is GORGEOUS. I was so taken aback.

The show definitely started at 8pm, but with LA traffic, being on time was a long shot. Good thing it was 2 hours long, so we didn’t miss too much. One of my homegirls who rejected my invite said she didn’t want to go because she didn’t like Christmas music. This left me almost upset. How tf do you not like Christmas music?? Anything Christmas is a win. With that being said, we enter a dark theater and take the first row of open seats. For some reason, I definitely was expecting more of the Hip Hop side of things, but soon realized it was more on the Nutcracker side of things. If you don’t know what the Nutcracker is, it’s a ballet musical set to Tchaikovsky’s iconic score, made for the holiday season. It’s tradition. I would categorize it among musicals such as Hamilton and Book of Morman.

I have to really give it up to the dancers. They are so damn talented. There were so many moments throughout the show that I just thought, “Wow. How tf do they do this? And memorize ALL of this? How Sway?” It’s truly remarkable and every single person on stage tonight deserves the utmost praise. It really seemed like they didn’t miss a beat. This description is perfect:

“The Hip Hop Nutcracker re-imagines Tchaikovsky’s classic score, swapping out pas de duex and relevé for head-spins and windmills. Instead of pointe shoes, these Sugarplums are lacing up their high-top sneakers and they’ll be poppin’ and lockin’ their way into Hollywood.”

Literally, it is breakdancing and B-boying in its truest form, all while telling the story of The Nutcracker. I was actually a bit distracted so I couldn’t follow the story too much, but it was definitely something along the lines of love. The show consists of a dozen all-star dancers, an on-stage DJ, and an electric violinist in a modern-day New York City setting. Shout out to the director, Jennifer Weber, who is also the artistic director of the Brooklyn-based theatrical Hip Hop dance company Decadancetheatre.

I remember turning to my girl during the show and telling her I felt like I was in New York. Speaking of, shout out to Raven, Corey, Cassie, and Maggi for mobbing with me. We all somehow united at intermission, which was extremely clutch. 2 hours straight was way too long for my attention span. I couldn’t help but notice how everyone bombarded the concessions. It was definitely a family affair with children all around, but grown-ups were able to unwind with some alcohol. Act II was better than the first. There was a scene where the dancers were doing the Nae Nae to a JAY-Z song against a New York backdrop that read “1987.” It made me so happy.

Totally was not ready for this one, but totally here for it! After the closing scene and every dancer taking their praiseworthy bows, out comes the legendary Kurtis Blow. This guy is a rap icon. He literally bought the 80’s back tonight.I literally couldn’t figure out who he was (we were up top on the balcony) until he started performing “The Breaks” with all the dancers. Legendary. His classic hit single “Christmas Rappin'” brought caroling to the club, so this could not have been more fitting.

Btw, a huge salute to all the dancers. I could not help but notice how each one of them did not miss a single beat. No joke, they were 10000% synchronized the entire show. I couldn’t get over it. I could only imagine the training, rehearsals, and relentless hours of work put into this. This is what their whole lives lead up to. Much respect. That’s one hell of a resume builder.

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