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Waka Flocka Was The Perfect Headliner For Circle V Vegan Music Fest

November 19, 2017

Saturday, November 18

I’m so extra for this lmao. Sometimes, I wonder how I even hear of these things. Today was the Circle V Fest at The Regent in downtown LA. Translation: a music and food event that celebrates animal rights. I definitely was only here for Waka Flocka (he dropped the Flame), as I’m not vegan. I really could be as I don’t eat meat, but I LOVE cheese and chocolate. No chance. After the most brutal 3.5 hours at The Genius Bar, this was the only thing that I had to look forward to. The worst part? They didn’t have a solution. If I don’t text you back, it’s cause my phone isn’t receiving texts :(. I’m heartbroken.

Circle V Fest is vegan music festival and they honestly could not have picked a better headliner. Waka lives, breathes, sleeps, and (obviously) eats the vegan life. I’m still dying at all the things he said tonight. First off, he said he lost 50 lbs in 18 days going vegan. He also said “when you first go vegan, you stink like shit” lmao. I can’t deal. Tonight was so wild. BUT Waka does look good (still looking buff as ever). He said there were so many health issues when he went to see the doctor, and they all went away when he made the move. What a testimony.

This was definitely familiar territory, as The Regent is one of the many historic venues in downtown LA. After 15 circles around the venue trying to find parking, we enter to find a room full of vegans. I definitely was wearing a faux fur jacket earlier today, and made a point to switch out of it lmao. Tbh, this crowd was intense. Lots of hippies but also loved seeing the families. Many attendees were sitting down waiting for Waka’s set, which took a solid second to set up. The fact that they stayed all this time (doors opened at 3pm)… brownie points. Vegan brownie points.

I honestly was wondering how they were going to turn this one room into a festival, but I soon found out as I approach the venue. Food trucks were lined up outside, speakers and performers shared the main stage, and the bar next door was open for business. Super legit. And congrats to Circle V for completely selling out. Tickets were $40 GA and when I found out about it, they were already gone. Huge thanks to Chris for allowing me to cover. Although we came so late, I don’t think they even checked for my name lmao. Waka’s set time was 11pm, which I had to mentally prepare for. I do have to say all the food that the people were indulging in looked bomb. You would never be able to tell it was vegan.

Shout out to Corey for mobbing with me! We actually saw RiFF RaFF here last lmao. And honestly, that show was so comparable to Waka’s. A whole lot of turn up, a bit of ratchet, and some major love for EDM. It seemed like the majority of the people came to see Moby perform, because the room had definitely cleared out. I’m just sad I missed Kat Von D speaking. She’s dope. As we patiently wait for Waka, we couldn’t help but people watch. There was a little girl in front of us with blue and purple hair, and no shoes. It was almost worrisome. But her parents were right there. Also with blue and purple hair.

This was how Waka opened his set lmao. BRICKSQUAAAAAD. So intense. I was definitely here for it. Before he came out, the DJ asked everyone to throw their middle fingers up. Wasn’t sure the meaning behind it, but the crowd gladly flipped the stage off. It felt good actually lmao. Not gonna front. His first song sounded like a remix of Future’s “Peacoat,” but I honestly couldn’t tell you. Could not make out a lot of the words Waka was saying lmao and could not get over his stage presence.

“Trap My Ass Off” was next, before Waka shouted out having all his vegans in one room. Facts.

Let’s not forget Waka’s list of hits. All party records made for the club. “No Hands” honestly will have you twerking no matter where you are, who you’re with, what you’re doing… Waka made history with this one.

This was almost my favorite part lmao until later that night he started singing “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” by Marvin Gaye later in the evening. MGK’s “Wild Boy” is top 30 for me. Waka jumping in the crowd and turning up with all the vegans was a beautiful sight to see. This soon turned into “Jump Around” by House of Pain. Waka is GOAT. I was on my phone and look up to see Waka walk right by Corey and I. I was like well damn lmao.

“Rock, Paper, Scissors,” was next before EDM’s most obnoxious song: “Turn Down For What.” A crowd favorite, nonetheless. He kept saying he was partying with vegans tonight, which the crowd ate up. It was cute.

“Grove St. Party” literally takes me back to my ratchet party days when I was actually cool and went out. RIP.

“Round of Applause,” baby make that ass clap. How does Waka create such club bangers? How Sway? He dedicated this one to the ladies. Next, he shouted out Jodeci but actually threw it back with some R. Kelly lmao. “Rooster In My Rari” was next and I could not stop staring at Waka’s hype man. He was going ape shit. It was so intense. He’s also very buff. I wonder if he’s vegan too lmao.

Next was “O Let’s Do It,” which always get me so hyped. Waka has so many hits. He could retire now and be good. Can definitely see him starting some vegan company. “50K” had him remixing “vegan squad” for “Bricksquad.” This shit was hilarious. “Hard in da Paint” is probably Waka’s biggest hit to-date, and whoever he was going HAM with on stage here was in for a treat lmao. Waka damn near broke his neck.

He closed out his set by shouting out everyone who eats clean. Let’s not forget how he had to slip in: “that KFC was good as hell.” This makes me wonder the success rate of vegans lmao.

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