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Rich Chigga (& DUCKWRTH) Sells Out 2 Nights At The Fonda Theatre At Just 18 Years Old

November 21, 2017

Monday, November 20

MONDAY. Monday of Thanksgiving week to be exact. While most companies are already checked out, retail companies get to deal with this beautiful thing called Black Friday. aka mayhem. But luckily we had a Friendsgiving today to make up for it. I’m actually eating leftovers rn lmao. So much food. Shout out to everyone who cooked and brought homemade dishes. Shout out to nobody touching the 2 huge bags of Lays I brought.

Mood af. Was genuinely excited for Rich Chigga’s show tonight. And I knew exactly what to expect. Definitely caught his last headlining show at The Roxy, which he managed to sell out at the age of 17. Now, he’s 18, and selling out The Fonda Theatre in Hollywood. Two nights in a row! Really wonder how life will play out for him at 19 lmao. But anyways. I was bumping him ALL day. Had to take a break from Talib Kweli’s fire Radio Silence project.

I had to mob to yoga after work because I was so fucking full from the day lmao. Shout out to Core Power Yoga, forever healing my soul. Went all the way home, showered, and still made it for Duckwrth’s set. Welcome to Brian’s Come To My Party Tour. Can we talk about how the crowd was religiously chanting Brian’s name for him to come out? Not Rich Chigga, but Brian. There was something sentimental about calling him by his real name. This second show was added because his Tuesday (12/21) show completely sold out. Again, much respect. Not many people are capable of this — period. Brian is so fucking young.

BUT FIRST, I have to take a solid time out to praise DUCKWRTH, and all his worth lmao. For real, I was completely blown away by his performance. I’m pretty sure I used to post his music on DX, and I’m pretty sure we’d met before (I think he came into the office one time). All I know is, I was bumping his record with Sabrina Claudio all day: “I’m Dead.” I’m in love with that collab. He hails from South Central LA, which always reminds of Dom Kennedy. I wonder how Rich Chigga and him connected, cause their friendship is adorable. 9:30pm rolls around and a very excited, bubbly DUCKWRTH takes the stage. He starts the set off with “BOY” and we were all so here for it.

Those who didn’t know Duck definitely knew him now. His personality shined above all us. He said he was taking a piss when they called him to the stage lmao. Amazing stage presence, which is a huge attribute for an artist on the rise (IMO). DUCKWRTH all of a sudden had to prove he was a rapper, going straight into “XTRA.” I’ve been sleeping! Need to cop his mixtapes. “LOWRIDR” was definitely one of my favorites. Such a vibe. One of those songs you want to drive to the sunset and smoke one to. And then he switched things up with “THROWYOASSOUT,” asking the crowd to get crazy and belligerent. This was easy. DUCKWRTH proved himself the minute he started performing. Honestly, I can’t think of a single negative thing to say about this set.

“MICHUUL.” had DUCKWRTH on stage breaking out the dance moves with his band. Synchronized dance moves at that. He looked like a little hipster up there with his high-waisted pants and tucked in T-shirt. “Beach House” and “I’m Dead” were next before he shut down the venue with “TAMAGOTCHI.” This song is a banger. Definitely will be spinning An XTRA UUGLY Mixtape.

Shoutout to my favorite person ever Tony for being my plus. He actually shot a video for DUCKWRTH one time. SMALL WORLD. And huge thanks to Noah for allowing me to cover. Not trying to be racist, but we blend right in. Rich Chigga is from Indonesia, and I thought the mini handheld Indonesia flags floating around the crowd were epic. Pretty sure they brought those from home. Pretty sure they weren’t selling them at the merch booth (but then again maybe). Also, pretty sure we were the oldest ones there lmao. How were these kids out on a school night? Anyways, DUCKWRTH did the absolute best intro for Brian: he shushed everyone in the room (which was definitely not easy and took a few tries) before screaming at the top of his lungs, “ARE YOU GUYS READY FOR RICH CHIGGAAAAAA???!!!!” Shit was dope.

Rich Chigga gracing the stage had the audience in a frenzy. They were all so fucking hyped — you would have thought Kanye just graced the stage. And I will say that’s something Rich has: a super strong hardcore fanbase. I watched this teenage chick in front of me recite all the words to his songs. Verbatim. “Back At It” was the perfect intro song to this explosive set. But can we talk about how strong the bass was once “Seventeen” dropped? It was honestly intense. The only other time I felt bass this strong was at The Internet’s show. It totally set the vibe tonight.

While “Seventeen” had Brian literally flexing his muscles, he asked the crowd to “turn tf up even more.” I was definitely here to see “Gospel” live. I’m such a fucking fan of this song lmao. It’s featuring Keith Ape and XXXTENTACION and always makes me want to wild out. Either that or break something. That might have been the collab of the year when it dropped. Rich Chigga’s 3rd verse begins with: “Born in ’99 and I got 99 chicks in my crib.” I was so done lmao.

And shout out to Rich Chigga’s DJ, Chris, who was getting everyone as lit as they could possibly get. They definitely had a good thing going up there. This next joint, “Bank Roll” by Diplo, I found out was originally written for Justin Bieber and RiFF RaFF. How interesting is that? The inside scoop lmao. Next, Brian performed a song that he wrote when he was 15 years old. “Living My Dream” is/was so fucking inspiring. Brian said he was finally able to live out the things he wrote in the song, which made him feel some type of way. So cute.

Next, that moment in the show when an artist tells you to grab your phone and wave it in the air. Rich Chigga goes, “Grab your phones, now stick it up your ass. Just kidding.” I actually laughed out loud. “Glow Like Dat” is a BANGER. Everything about this song is just on.

“Crisis” featuring 21 Savage is also a win. Was definitely hoping 21 would pop up, but he let us know early on that wasn’t happening. Next, he performed “Chaos” which had him busting out the Supreme money gun. He definitely had this prop at his last show, and I was crying because he was shooting out Asian money. Tonight looked like US bills, but I didn’t look too close.

“Dat $tick” was Rich Chigga’s ticket into the rap game. The beat is flames. This is the song Rich Chigga blew up to, catching the attention of some of the greats (this video is pure gold). This beat is absolutely brazy. Also, shout out to 88 Rising, who continue to push the boundaries of dope content.

“Dat $tick” is so fire, he had to play it back. He full on left the stage and came back out for round 2. Rich Chigga, you are the truth. Please don’t ever change. And please don’t bring out special guests at tomorrow’s shows because I’ll be very sad.

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