Coco Is Disney Pixar’s Best Movie Yet

November 25, 2017

Friday, November 24

Happy Black Friday. Today I was an idiot and tried to go return something at H&M. Literally worst decision of my life. Couldn’t even get off 280. AND THEN, realized I forgot my wallet. When I tried to come back, I realized it was a lost cause. Santana Row was not poppin’ for my mom’s minivan lmao. Fast forward through the day, tonight was our Thanksgiving dinner. My dad fucking loves Alexander’s Steakhouse and I soon found out why. They opened up this new spot in downtown Cupertino and it’s fucking beautiful. I literally was so confused because this glorious strip of shops and fine dining came out of nowhere.

I walk inside and was immediately traumatized by all the raw meat on display. Literally was freaking out. My bro asked if I wanted to Uber home. I couldn’t deal. We had a 7:45pm reservation and I was just so in awe (and observant) of the entire place. I used to work in a fine dining restaurant — that shit was no joke. It was so cutthroat lmao. I literally got yelled at once for not filling up a customer’s water glass, which was HALF FULL! That blew my mind. Anyways. I was definitely underdressed. The servers, hosts, and staff were all in black suits. Shit was brazy. The room was pretty crowded too. My dad made it seem like you HAD to have a reservation to come. Which may be the case. All I know is, I was not used to this bougie life. This is probably what Beyonce and JAY-Z get every single meal.

The good news is, they definitely have more than just steak. It’s American/Japanese cuisine (I think). Definitely lots of things on the menu I failed to recognize. My bro knew exactly what to order for everyone, and pretty sure they’d been talking about it all day. I couldn’t help but notice the tables surrounding. So many of them were already onto their dessert portion of the evening. Others were on their whatever # glass of red wine. Everyone looked rich af lmao (cue Lil Wayne & 2 Chainz). These were the halibut shots, which scared me lmao. If you’re a regular here, pretty sure this is one of your go-to items. The soup was carrot bisque, which was bomb af. Our server was older but so fucking sweet. She brought me a sample of the soup in the cutest miniature mug. She even topped it with the krab meat you would get in a regular sized bowl. Shit was too cute lmao.

Yes, I got a salad. Don’t judge me. And my poor dad’s prime rib had just sold out for the evening. Like how does that happen at a steakhouse? And let’s talk about the hour of dead waiting for our food. Another reason I don’t eat out (although being cheap is the main): I’m way too impatient. Most of you know, but I’m not close with my family at all. I def wanted to do this for them. #Babysteps. Wasn’t even hungry, but I know me being there meant everything. The best part of the evening for me? Banana cotton candy. I die. Biggest sweet tooth known to mankind. Hi. This shit was dank. Is this a bougie thing?

Get home around 10pm only to leave again. This time, it was to Century Cinemas 16 on Shoreline in Mountain View. The crazy part is I grew up to this theater. And now it’s glo-ed the fuck up. Seriously, ask anyone. This might be the best movie theater in the Bay. Leather, plush reclining seats that make you feel like you’re chillin’ on the world’s best sofa. AND I had a gift card. Win. Tonight, my bro and I were going to see Disney Pixar’s Coco. Best decision we’ve ever made.

Where do I even begin? First off, what a fucking perfect movie for the holidays. Yes, this is a cartoon. And yes, it’s for everyone. The reason I found out about it was through my friends’ post on IG. Oh, the beauty of social media. They could not stop raving about it and I saw the 99% ratings on Rotten Tomatoes. It was a no-brainer. My bro was super down too, although I know he wishes it was his gf instead of me. We were scared people weren’t going to see we were siblings in public lmao. A very valid concern for us. And then my worst nightmare: the movie was sold out. We were really trying to catch the 10:15pm, and it was 10:30pm when we pulled up. The reserved seating chart showed there were no 2 seats together. Good for them I guess lmao.

So we waited until the 11:10pm lmao. I would seriously never wait in any other situation, although it’s happened to me like 3x recently. The wait wasn’t bad because the concessions area is LIT lmao. Literally, so many people, a bar, snacks on snacks on snacks. The couches in the main area were just as comfortable too. The time went by and I’m so glad I made the executive decision to stick to Coco. My brother tried for Murder On The Orient Express and I was like nah lmao. I was scared too, the movie’s almost 2 hours long. But soooo worth it.

If you’re new to Pixar, you’re in for a treat. They always play the cutest short film before the movie begins (my first few times, I was genuinely confused because I thought it was part of the movie). The fact that this one was a 20-minute Olaf musical was EVERYTHING. Literally, everything. Frozen was and is another huge win for Pixar. This short film was honestly too cute for words. Before the actual movie started, 3 people from Pixar gave a little intro on how much went into the film. How much time and effort and attention to detail went into each shot. Literally was blown away by the imagery and how close it resembled real life. I remember strolling through the Pixar exhibit and seeing all the different stations, from arm movement to the hairs on each character’s head… this shit is remarkable and beyond admirable. These people are SO talented. Just their vision and being able to execute and bring it to life. Salute.

Contrary to what people may think, this movie is far beyond a boy and his dog. My favorite part is the fact that it’s a young boy aspiring to be a musician, despite what his family thinks. Following your dreams is sometimes harder without your parents by your side.

Plot: Despite his family’s generations-old ban on music, young Miguel dreams of becoming an accomplished musician like his idol Ernesto de la Cruz. Desperate to prove his talent, Miguel finds himself in the stunning and colorful Land of the Dead. After meeting a charming trickster named Héctor, the two new friends embark on an extraordinary journey to unlock the real story behind Miguel’s family history.

Also have to say how much I LOVED the culture in the movie. It celebrated Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) in a way I’ve never seen before. I was literally just having this convo with my homegirl the other day, how overlooked this holiday is. Aside from the amazing skull face makeup, this day celebrates those who have passed, honoring them and remembering them. This was a huge part of the movie and it was shown in the most beautiful way. Besides that, the story was soooooooo sweet. I cried lmao. And had to look around to see if anyone else did.

They did. Shit hit home.

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