Slidin’ Thru: Reo Cragun

November 28, 2017

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Every day, a new artist comes to the horizon, making it that much harder to stand out and be heard. Whether it’s rap, rock, or R&B, an artist’s sound is the only thing to show for what they can bring to the table. Insert Reo Cragun — a blend of all those genres. Hailing from Vancouver, Washington, Reo moved to the city of Angels to pursue his one true love: music. Read more…

Luckily for Reo, his unique sound caught the attention of Lil Yachty, who he later went on to open for on the sold out Teenage Tour. While this gained him the exposure of the youth, Reo wastes no time getting to work in LA. “But I had to leave the city, had to do the heavy-lifting / It didn’t happen in an instant.” At 23 years old, Reo Cragun is well “On His Way” (pun intended).

For those who don’t know, who is Reo Cragun?

Reo Cragun… shoot. I am a wizard, I make music. I love sounds.

How would you describe your sound?

I would say it’s very original. It’s just me. It’s just organic. Just like… good music, I guess. It’s like a hybrid of stuff. We were talking about it the other day, I fucking hate “genre,” when I feel like music is evolving to this point of where we don’t know what the fuck anything is anymore. I would fall into that category of “I don’t know what the fuck this is.” [laughs]

That’s dope. So you’re from Vancouver, Washington, what’s the Hip Hop culture like there?

Not very large. I had a couple homies who I grew up with and… we rapped. [laughs] It’s not a huge community. We would go to Portland and what not, to play shows back in the day. But in Vancouver, Washington: nothing.

So you actually moved to LA to pursue music. How does this place to compare?

Oh, night and day. It would have taken me 30 years to do what we have been doing in 2 years.

Tell us about your debut mixtape Growing Pains.

Growing Pains was pretty much about… a roller coaster of emotions and my experiences in the last couple years. It was just about pretty much about an evolution. It was me growing as a person and some of the shit that I had to go through that I put into music.

What was it like going on tour with Lil Yachty?

[laughs] It was super fun. It was my first actual time being on the road. So, it was wild as shit. We didn’t get a lot of sleep. But it was so fun, like to be in front of that many people.

Is it hard to keep up with his energy? ‘Cause that fool is like…

No, when I touch the stage… like I’m like fuckin’ super chill, happy go-lucky off of the stage. But as soon as I touch the stage, I’m super hypeful and different energy.

You’re actually very smart. What would you be doing if you weren’t rapping?

I would still be in school.

What would you want to be though?

I was on a full ride scholarship and [laughs] I was going to school to become a doctor.

That’s amazing. I saw you spoke at Universal Music Group, what was that about?

Yeah, it was pretty much just about… they wanted to me talk about me. It was fun. I was talking to kids my age that are still in school that are also at UMG. Pretty much, we were just talking about breaking goals, shit that you got to do to keep pushing and what not, fucking keep excelling and become the person you want to become.

Speaking of, you’re only 23 right?

Yup, 23. My Jordan year.

What’s your end goal?

My end goal? I don’t think I have an end goal. Every time we fucking break a goal, we make a new one. Just keep excelling. Keep climbing.

What’s a day in the normal life? Walk us through.

On a normal day, I’m making music — performing wizardry. Good vibes.

Who is the most played artist on your phone?

Fuckin’ great question. Probably Local Natives, Tame Impala, and Sia — which sounds weird, but I love Sia.

Who is your dream collab?

Oh shit, damn. (Reo’s manager: “Dead or alive?”)

Alive. We’re trying to make this happen.

That’s a really great question. Fuck, I like The Weekend a lot. And then, Tame Impala for a weird hybrid mix. Let me do some background vocals. [laughs]

What’s next? What are you working on?

Working on a new album right now.

Debut album?

Yeah, it’s about to be lit. Fuckin’ lit.


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