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JAG Hosts Exclusive Listening For Debut Album “Dalton Ave” At On The Rox On Sunset

November 29, 2017

Tuesday, November 28

Happy Tuesday! I was going the entire day thinking it was November 29 and it was fucking me up lmao. Anyways. We’re almost to 2018. Home stretch. Work was cool today. I really was so obsessed with this Wu-Tang Clan vinyl. Old school Hip Hop > new school Hip Hop. I wish I was a vinyl collector. My shit would be poppin’.

Fast forward to the evening, tonight was JAG’s release party for his debut album Dalton Ave, which is officially out! Congrats to him. JAG is a South Central LA native, which fits perfectly with my “West Coast the best coast” mantra. Huge shout out to my girl Suria with Sanguine PR for putting me on. I honestly get so touched (and attached) when I discover new artists whose music I really fuck with. Not going to lie, I hadn’t heard of him before this. And my hope to all of you is that you will give him a chance also. It’s so hard because music is so saturated now. But hear me out. If you fuck with real Hip Hop, you’ll enjoy Dalton Ave. Guarantee or your money back lmao.

The caption in this post is a statement. Confidence on fleek and I think it’s amazing. Why should we believe in you if you don’t believe in yourself? This is dope. JAG literally says Dalton Ave is going to be the Hip Hop album of the year. Funny cause the Grammy nominations just went out today, and pretty sure Kendrick is walking home with that trophy lmao. But anyways. I was so intrigued by Dalton’s story and how he linked with Cassidy. Cassidy literally heard someone play JAG’s music at a car wash and it was game over after that. Cassidy is a legend in Hip Hop. This is a cosign of a lifetime, especially for JAG.

I listened to some of his music (“Banks” and “Stockhome Malone”) and liked what I heard. I had to pull up and meet him. He was so sweet. Super humble and excited for what the future holds. This was his night. Got to do a quick interview right outside On The Rox, which is on top of The Roxy (trippy because I’ll definitely be here tomorrow for Hi-Tone lmao). JAG is the definition of slept-on. It’s crazy because the people that do know him in the industry, fuck with him hard. They all say he works his ass off and in the words of Amir, “he can rap his ass off.” Real recognize real. I also saw he’s worked with Bizness Boi, one of the most lit producers in the game right now. I knew he had to be dope.

The invite said the red carpet included “VIP swag bags” for the media and talent. So here for it lmao. Shout out again to Suria for putting this entire thing together! Boss babe. I’ve actually been meaning to check out On The Rox. It’s a bar literally right on top of The Roxy on Sunset, a venue I’m at more often than not. Huge thanks to JAG’s manager Patrick for mobbing with me upstairs to grab the gift bag: a shirt from Ducquets, a super lit clothing brand from San Diego. It was SO dark upstairs but SO lit. I was turning up and couldn’t see shit at the same damn time lmao. I actually wasn’t going to stay for the listening portion, but slowly but surely more and more familiar faces popped up and I was easily convinced. Also got to hit a blunt and my nerves were immediately calmed lmao.

When the time came to play the project, JAG gets on the mic to introduce himself and talks about linking with Cassidy, whom earlier he said changed his life. His credits run deep, which include managing a female group alongside James Fauntleroy back in the day. That tripped me out lmao. So dope. He introduced DJ R-Tistic and JDOE, both who showed mad love. JDOE was saying how JAG had been doing music since birth lmao (in reality 15 years, I asked him in our interview). Without further ado, we got into the intro track called “Stephon Urkel.” It was a vibe off the bat.

Dalton Ave is 18 tracks long, which is a solid length. Definitely excited to hear his story, evident in the album title alone. Being his debut album, this was his baby. And tonight he was sharing it with the world. The second record is “Banks” featuring Kace, which is the lead single off the project. Definitely catchy and has a mainstream sound to it, while bringing it back to real Hip Hop. By this point, the entire room (still dark) had filled up. It was a straight function. A celebration. Next, they skipped to “Mr. Good Bars,” produced by Bizness Boi. This one is for the ladies. Here for it.



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