YG Shut Down Young & Reckless Prom With “Fuck Donald Trump” At SLS Beverly Hills

December 2, 2017

Friday, December 1

Happy Friday and first day of December. My brand new Volkswagen Golf died today. Brand new like… I just fucking bought it (well leased it). Unbelievable. Definitely fucked me up. I had to wait hours for roadside assistance and even when they arrived, they couldn’t figure it out. Which honestly makes me feel like God is out to get me lmao. Like I can’t be taking this many L’s in one year. They said the battery was dead and there might be a recall.

I was a complete bitch to the service lady and she took it so well. I was in shock. It humbled me up real quick. I apologized and explained this comes after 3 hours of waiting to get to the dealership, only to be told the same exact thing. Luckily, my car is under warranty and they were able to fix it, but honestly. Today just needed to end.

Tonight was Young & Reckless‘ annual prom, which I really had to suck it up and get over myself to go. When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade (sorry super cheesy I know). This year is my first year attending, but I’ve always heard about it. In the words of my boss, “It’s the one thing we do right.” The event took place at the SLS Hotels in Beverly Hills, my old stomping grounds. Just kidding, but I used to live in mid-City and it made me miss the La Cienega/Olympic hood. Also, every time I think of SLS, I think of PARTYNEXTDOOR’S “SLS.” That song is so fire. I must have listened to it on repeat 30x.

I get dressed for once in my life and the world goes nuts lmao. Smh. I should probably try harder. That’s all this post told me lmao. Huge shout out to my babygirl Nykki for doing my hair and makeup. She’s the fucking shit and kills it at life. I love her crib in Culver City and her two kitties. If you guys need a makeup artist, slide in her DMs!

Mood af on the way over there. My original date bailed on prom and it did not sit well with me. Anyone who knows me knows that’s my number one pet peeve. Like, if you’re going to bail, give me a couple hours notice. Not 5 minutes notice. The worst part is how valuable these bands were. I swear everyone was trying to get an invite. We hit capacity hella early in the week and had to close the list. I definitely sub-tweeted at the hoes who hit me just to get on lmao.

If you guys aren’t hip, Young & Reckless is a streetwear clothing brand founded by Drama and Dee. Honestly, I love the brand (and Reckless Girls!). I’m part-time but I still feel like they’re family already. For some reason or another, tonight was the place to be. Meaning, these orange and black wristbands were gold. Which I later understood… they held the door at not even midnight. The security said the room was at capacity but that shit was NOT at capacity. There was so much room inside lmao. So confused. But the SLS is fucking nice and the definition of bougie, so I can only imagine it cost a hot dollar to book the entire ballroom. This location was everything though. It made prom way more realistic.

The evening actually went by kind of fast. I arrived around 11pm, and the next thing you know, it’s 1am. The rooms were decorated so cute, definitely prom-themed. This reminded me of Lil Yachty’s prom night at Capitol Records (fucking lit). Tonight was a way more sophisticated crowd, which I wasn’t used to lmao. I brought a pre-roll and realized 2 seconds after that I couldn’t light up (smh lmao). It was a tease all night. There was definitely an open bar (4 of them), all which had the longest lines. And also 2 photobooths, equipped with props and hardcopy prints. Everyone was so dolled up, it was adorable. I couldn’t help but people watch while waiting in the lines lmao. Shout out to Monica and Kiona, the best dates ever! <3

Best surprise ever. YG took the stage after the most heartfelt speech from Dee and Drama. They pretty much thanked everyone for coming out and drinking their top tier liquor lmao. I thought that was funny. It’s true though. I don’t drink but I know they weren’t serving no mediocre liquor. I swear, everyone was faded by this hour. Plus I heard the drinks were delish. Someone let the cat out of the bag earlier in the night that YG was the surprise guest so I was just waiting lmao. Zaddy. And I love 4 Hunnid. Talk about a street rapper whose gone mainstream (400 is from the street he grew up on). If you ever hear me say “brazy,” blame YG. He performed “Why You Hatin” featuring Kamaiyah first, which of course is my shit (anything with Yaya).

He played “My Ni**as” next which had everybody in the room giggin’. He told us to not be afraid to say the n-word which was kind of funny, but kind of awkward at the same damn time lmao. I def don’t think anyone who isn’t black should say the n-word. I remember one time I was quoting rap lyrics on my Snapchat and got reprimanded so hard by one of my friends. That left me so cautious. But anyways. YG needed to take a shot before his last song: “Fuck Donald Trump.” This was intro-ed by a random dude in the crowd screaming “FUCK DONALD TRUMP” into the mic. So random lmao he kept going and YG took the mic back real quick. It ended on a high note for sure.

So much love on stage tonight. Shout out to Emilio, YG and Y&R’s photographer. YG had to plug his own 400 Hunnid brand in there real quick but definitely showed Drama a ton of love. It’s 4am. Good night.

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