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Cuban Doll “Aaliyah Keef” Listening Party At Pink Dolphin f. O.T. Genasis; Power 106’s Holiday Party At Dream Hotel In Hollywood

December 7, 2017

Wednesday, December 6

Happy Hump Day. First and foremost, I want to take the time to address the crazy fires that are tearing down LA right now. Huge thanks to all those who checked on me (which sadly wasn’t that many lmao) but the ones that did, so fucking sweet. It’s crazy how literally your home can disappear at any given moment. Even KYLE went on social media to ask fans to give back. His home that he grew up in got demolished. Man. 🙁

Tonight was Meruelo Media’s holiday party at Dream Hotel in Hollywood. Honestly, I’ve been wanting to come here, mostly because Reckless Girls stays with events here. The function was from 6:30pm-9:30pm, and the invitation flier was nothing short of festive. The details were written over the most lit ornaments that just screamed Christmas. Honestly, fuck your mood. Nobody is allowed to be sad or negative during the holidays. This was the perfect event to bring everyone together, not only to celebrate each other but also how much work everyone puts in. I mobbed with my babygirl Noor, one of my favorite people on this earth. Don’t know if I would have come without her lmao. So Meruelo Media is the company that bought Power 106, and simultaneously, KDAY moved into our building. Translation, it’s lit.

We get out of the elevator and I look to my right to see the most gorgeous outdoor pool, but thank goodness we were instructed to go inside (we were told it was going to be a rooftop party). LA is starting to feel like winter and the winds certainly aren’t helping. I’ve heard so much about this Highlight Room Lounge, and didn’t even know I was here until I saw these napkins next to the food lmao. Speaking of, the invite read, “heavy tray passed hors-d’oeuvres (no need to eat beforehand – trust me!).” Say no more. The food was definitely on deck and everyone went in.

The invite also read, “holiday attire- dress to impress.” Wops. Definitely didn’t get the memo, but also don’t know if I would have done anything different if I did. The minute we walk in, we were surrounded by so much Power and KDAY love. Literally, everyone that works in the office was here. The talk of the day was the fact that this party had an open bar. They were all so ready to party lmao. If I’m not mistaken, there was a Hennessy mixologist at Power earlier. The evening began with some lovely small talk, socializing, and indulging in the appetizers before everyone was called to the front. This is when and where the top bosses presented awards and praised everyone for their hard work. It ended with a quick call to the head honcho, Alex, over the phone. Here’s a Snap of everyone cheering and chanting, “We are #1!” It was honestly really cute.

And then… the longest raffle of ALL our lives lmao. BUT IT WAS A WIN FOR YA GIRL! Well, it was a win for Noah, because I NEVER ever win anything. Seriously. I’m cursed when it comes to winning anything. Raffles, concert tickets, LIFE (subtle plug to go visit the Museum of Failure if you fail at life like I do). But really, this raffle went on for at least an hour. There was one point where we all wanted music, but there were more prizes to give away. There were rumors that last year, they gave away iPads and laptops and shit. This year, the first prize was a 4-pack to the San Diego Zoo lmao. Ay, still lit. I’ve been but I’d totally hit that shit up. FYI, I did not win. Noah was a fucking sweetheart and gave me his pair of Universal Studios tickets. My entire night was made lmao. I’ve been wanting to hit this theme park for a minute now. And Noor fucking won a Google Home! She’s the real MVP. I was so jealous.

The raffle was still going and they had already switched the food out for desserts. Shit, this had my mouth watering. I took some home in a napkin on my way out, no shame lmao. It was dank. There was also a good amount of time spent outside at the photo booth. It didn’t feel cold anymore because everyone was so damn lit. I requested an emailed gif but they definitely didn’t have that as an option, so the old-school hardcopy will do. Definitely going on my wall when I find it (I legit lose everything). Overall, this was a success. But it was nearing 9:30pm and I had to take off to the next one.

Had to mob to Pink Dolphin on Fairfax to catch Cuban Doll’s Aaliyah Keef listening party. Shout out to Pun and Charley for the invite, I had to pull up. I actually hadn’t heard much about Cuban as an artist, other than the name. Pun told me they been cookin’ in the studio and I can always trust when he says he’s got some heat. To those who don’t know who Cuban Doll is, “she is the culture.” He actually let me hear an unreleased track and that shit went HARD. That’s honestly what convinced me to roll tonight. I had to meet her. They describe her music as a mix between Chief Keef and Aaliyah, hence the project title. That collab has to be insane.

Tell me why this was low key lit af the second I walk in. Madeintyo, O.T. Genasis, Malika, AD, 98KB, YBN Nahmir… everyone was out supporting (just missed 24Hrs and Salma Slims). This was definitely an intimate get together to hear the project, which I’m sad I didn’t get a chance to hear too much of. Good thing I only have to wait 2 more days. The event was from 7-10pm and I’m just glad I caught the tail-end. Cuban was such a fucking sweetheart. She definitely has the presence of an artist, which is great (not everyone has that unfortunately). Was joccin’ her silver Timbs too, I definitely wanted those at one point in my life.

Bruh. This made my week lmao. Forreal. O.T. got Pun to crip walk. This was after both of them took pulls of Don Julio. I was just as lit lmao this made me so happy. In this moment, I appreciated life. And everyone in my life. So cheesy but I’m just grateful to be in this space. I know we all talk mad shit, but there are actually a lot of gems in the industry.

The event ended and they kicked everyone out but I had to steal this flick. I know I don’t have that much of a following on socials but if I can get one person to listen to someone new, then my job is done. Shout out to Pun in the back lmao I hope he gets my joke.

When they kicked everyone out, they busted out this glorious Aaliyah cake. She just set the bar for ALL cakes lmao. It’s too pretty to eat.

Leaving you with this. Good night.




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