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Joe Moses x NWB “Til Death Do Us Part” Listening Party In North Hollywood

December 8, 2017

Thursday, December 7

Happy Thursday! This has been my mood all year. The music industry is honestly something else, and you need thick skin to get through it. Shout out to all those who fuck with me, because I fuck with you too.

Tonight was Joe Moses’ Til Death Do Us Part listening party, which is actually out now! Thursday nights are always so stressful. Every project hits Apple Music at 9pm PST and it’s always a tough decision which one to listen to first. Luckily, I was able to get a first listen IRL. Shout out to Sasha for the invite, that’s my girl forever. I was excited to come through. Anyone who knows me knows I fuck with that West Coast sound, which is exactly what Joe brings to the rap game. Straight bangers. You may recognize him from records with Ty$ like “Only Right.”

I just got off work in Burbank, so thank goodness North Hollywood wasn’t too far out. LA commute will kill a bitch. I pull up and immediately see Sevyn inside, which made me smile. She’s the sweetest. The event was from 8-11pm, and people were actually there before 8pm. That was a surprise but the support is real. Joe Moses has his own label titled N.W.B, which stands for “Ni**as With Bands.” Yeah. He did that lmao. He actually told me it was a play off N.W.A, which made so much more sense. Tonight was his night, and the tequila was on deck. Excellent marketing with this drink menu. These were actual songs from the project.

I got to interview Joe for Young California, whom he fucks with hard. He said he drove to the Bay for their first show, proceeding to shout out Amen, Carisma, Dre… the whole crew. Nothing but pure love from both ends. I actually didn’t know this album was with the squad, so it was dope to hear him speak on his vision with the project and what he wanted fans to get out of it. Got to kick it in the studio afterwards while people slowly but surely trickled in. It soon became a full house. Shout out to Joshua for the flick! Love photographers who can send the flicks in the moment.

Any time someone brings Joe Moses out to the stage at a show, it gets dumb lit. Which is exactly what this listening was. All his people in one room turning up with good drank and good herb. I must have met 7 artists on his label lmao I could not keep up. But loyalty was in the air. I respect it. Joe low key funny as hell too. We were just kicking back exchanging stories and he made me laugh. The room filled up real quick.

There was a point where Joe Moses was talking about the day he was going to level up on everyone. He gave an example of wanting 50 red M&M’s and how it had to be 50. Not 49, not 51, but 50. Boss shit. I hope that made sense lmao. That shit is super motivating to me. I love artists who believe in themselves. Confidence and hard work are definitely the key ingredients. “Hot Girl” was the latest single off the single, which brought me way back to Wayne’s “Hot Boy.” PS, this Snapchat filter is everything. Shout out to Sasha. Fire.

“F**k With Me” is Joe’s favorite record on the project, which I found out during our 10-minute convo. He said this one’s for the ladies. I love the female R&B vocals here. Unfortunately, couldn’t stay too much longer. I heard he played some unreleased shit from his upcoming album too. V said there’s one with Jeremih! #FOMO.

Forever mood. Big Sean is top 10.

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