2017 LA Auto Show Takes Over Los Angeles Convention Center In DTLA

December 11, 2017

Sunday, December 10

Happy Sunday! Today marks the last day of the LA Auto Show, which ran from December 2 to December 10. Honestly, wow. First of all, the fact that there were THIS many people on the last day speaks for itself. Downtown LA was a madhouse today. All the roads surrounding the Los Angeles Convention Center and Staples Center were blocked off. I’m just so glad I got to come. If you like cars, or anything related to cars, this is your heaven. I came last year and was able to write a dope piece on DX on my favorite whips. This year, I had to take my brother. Mostly to hang out with him because we’ve both been so busy. This was the perfect outing.

First off, huge thanks to Alexis and Elena for being so responsive! I was super excited to come see what this year was about. My bro definitely wanted to Uber but I told him I had my secret spot. Parking is usually $20 and the lots are always crazy busy. Today, the show was open from 10am-7pm. We pulled up around 4pm to find absolute mayhem. Huge congrats to the LA Auto Show for selling out! It sure seemed like. You couldn’t walk any direction without having to say “excuse me.” Good thing the Convention Center is HUGE. It’s low key stressful because there’s just so much to see. This is probably the biggest auto show to exist. There was nothing but pure entertainment and eye candy for all those who attended.

The event description reads, “Whether it’s new vehicle shopping, test drives, experiencing the latest tech or exploring an assortment of customized rides and exotics, there is something for everyone at the show. On average, attendees spend up to 4 hours at the show, so plan accordingly, arrive early and experience all we have to offer.” Even walking into this event, we saw so many cars on the side of the building just waiting to be test driven. This added a whole interactive component to the visit. And the average 4-hour visit time is 100% accurate. Ours lasted maybe 1.5 hours, and that’s only because my bro had plans. Next time, we’re coming early.

This was a family affair! Perfect for all ages. Before we even get upstairs to the Main Hall, there were already so many cars in sight. So many dope backdrops and photo opps. My brother was smart to grab the booklet with map inside, so we could actually find our way around efficiently. The goal was to get to Galpin’s Hall of Customs over in the Concourse Hall, although it seemed like this main building was the place to be. We get upstairs and the first thing we see is an Audi A5. And not just any. Each vehicle on display was probably the best of its kind. My bro quickly revealed that was his girlfriend’s dream car. Hate to admit it, but my dream car is a purple, all-matte Range Rover with black rims. Maybe in my next life?

After walking through the Acura, Volkswagen, and Landrover exhibits… it was soon realized this was all the basic cars. Galpin Auto Sports is where all the exotic cars were on display. AKA the modern, hip, swagged out cars that you will never own in your lifetime lmao. This is exactly where I started last year! Shout out to Junior, that’s family. He’s actually the reason I got to come through last year. I asked him for help on posting the most lit car to pull up to Cali Christmas in, and he came through clutch. Introducing pink the Porsche Carrera GT belonging to YouTube star Salomondrin. It took me a few tries on Google to actually find this guy. I feel like I’m so out of touch with the YouTube world, where people are sadly becoming celebrities quicker than we can blink.

Here’s the back view. This car is sexy. Can you imagine pulling up to Cali Christmas in this?! Lmao. I’ve actually seen bougie cars pull up to VIP section of The Forum parking lot. It’s just so interesting because the point of a car to me is to get from point A to point B. To some people, it’s their prized possession. Their claim to fame. I feel it though. I think it’s super cute actually to have something you’re really passionate about and dedicate your life too. If I was Salomondrin, I’d just be worried people would be putting their dirty hands on this beauty. But the car was definitely roped off. Also didn’t know it was a Porsche until after-the-fact.

The rest of the display at Galpin’s (cue commercial) was just as lit. Shout out to DJ Medek on the 1’s and 2’s! I jokingly told him to play me some ratchet and 10 minutes later, I hear Mac Dre in the speakers. I was so lit lmao. We walk around some more and come across the Aston Martin cars, which took up an entire wall. Each car was placed on its own rotating stage against a glistening crystal backdrop. The very first one even had a photo booth that printed out a picture of you posing in front of the expensive whip. Honestly, I can never separate Aston Martins from Rick Ross’ “Aston Marton Music.” That shit was my jam back in the day.

Also on display: the Ford GT’s. The car that John Cena got sued over lmao. Shout out to Junior for giving me the tea, this was so fucking interesting to me. Cena was lucky enough to be chosen from thousands of applicants for the opportunity to buy this Ford GT. Allegedly, Cena signed a contract that said he couldn’t sell the car for 2 years. So of course, Cena flips it and gets hella money. Ford requested Cena to pay them back the profit he made, but apparently Cena needed the money to pay bills. I’m done lmao.

My bro really had to go but I convinced him to swing through The Garage exhibit downstairs before we head out. I’m so annoying. I can’t do anything alone lmao. This was literally a show in itself! So many amazing cars, all customized and swagged out. This Porsche is definitely a strong candidate to pull up to Cali Christmas in. Modern, chic, sexy… perfect for a rap concert lmao. Next to it was a matte Rolls Royce and Maserati SUV, all aligned in a row. Shout out to the Dub Magazine in the building too. I cover the Dub Show every year.

I love this response lmao. I love when company/business accounts respond! The best.

I’ma leave with you with this. Cue P-Lo and E-40.

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