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Kehlani Takes Over The Novo In DTLA For Night 3 Of #TSUNAMICHRISTMAS f. Ty Dolla $ign

December 12, 2017

Monday, December 11

Happy Monday. After a long day at work, I knew I had to go cure my soul at Core Power Yoga in Westwood (I died). Right as I get out,  I get this unsolicited phone call from a New York number, so I’m thinking it must be someone important. Nope. Quite the opposite. It was the most random guy trying to get me to post his artist’s music on DX. First off, I’m no longer with DX. Second off, don’t ever call me for things like this. I feel like hitting my line is for personal matters only, unless we have a relationship already. This guy didn’t get it either. He kept texting me as if he did nothing wrong. I had to literally contain myself. I’ve cursed someone out before and felt like shit afterward lmao so I’m learning too.

On a more positive note… tonight was going to be special. Night 3 of Kehlani’s #TSUNAMICHRISTMAS shows at The Novo in downtown LA. Definitely saw Baelani here last time on the #SweetSexySavage Tour where she put on a show of a lifetime. Honestly, I was so blown away that night. Kehlani’s always been good, but not like this. She glowed tf up. I knew I couldn’t miss this one. I saw all the footage from her shows in the Bay over the weekend and it was just getting me even more hyped. If I’m not mistaken, this is the 4th Annual Tsunami Christmas Tour. Btw, Tsunami Mob is Kehlani’s entire movement: her fans, her music, her positive messages… all of that. There’s no Kehlani without the Mob. And she lets them know on a consistent basis how much they mean to her.

We all pull up around 9:30pm thinking we were late for her set, but soon realized they were the ones running behind. Noodz, Kehlani’s DJ, was up first. She is the shit (also my Asian sista). She always drops all the slaps. Bay Area was in the building tonight. Huge thanks to David for allowing me to cover.  And Noor and Julian for being my dates. I love going to shows with fellow fans — it makes ALL the difference. We posted in the back to enjoy Noodz’ DJ set along with the rest of the crowd. Tonight was definitely a full house.

When it came time for the show to begin, all of a sudden we hear Kehlani’s beautiful, one-of-a-kind voice singing “All I Want For Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey. You guys. Christmas is the best time of year. So much cheer, so much joy, so much laughter. I honestly love the holidays. People are genuinely happier, nicer, and funner (I know that’s not a word). Baelani gracefully pops up with smoke and fog filling up the entire stage. It was an entrance if there ever was one. And it was quickly stopped by a quick disclaimer that there were technical difficulties, and she couldn’t do her intro to the fullest. Fooled me. I would have never known.

I was honored to be this close to Baelani lmao she’s literally flawless. Just being in her vicinity will leave you shook. Noor said she was hyperventilating (jokingly) which made me lol. Everything from her outfit to her dancers to the stage set up to her female guitarist to her timing… each second was executed perfectly and on cue. So fucking impressive. “I Wanna Be” was the most perfect first song. Kehlani is one of those artists where if you know her music, you know EVERY single song. Every word, every album. Every time she started a new song, the crowd would cheer and freak out as if it was her biggest hit. It was adorable.

“Undercover” from SweetSexySavage is one of my favorites. Pretty sure she closed out her last show with this one. “One way or another, I’ma love you…” R&B heaven. She apologized for her voice being raspy because she had been performing 2 nights in a row and I immediately thought out loud, “NO apology needed.” Kehlani’s raspy voice is her biggest claim to fame IMO. Shit is gold. And shout out to her backup dancers on stage killing the choreography. They just had so much synergy up there, as if they were all best friends just dancing their hearts out. Speaking of, Baelani kills it in choreography. I’m convinced that has to be the secret to her 6-pack.  I feel like she’s the type to eat whatever the hell she wants to. She deserves it lmao.

“In My Feelings” was next. It also blew my mind how fans knew the exact song she was about to play within 2 seconds of the beat dropping. I swear I need like a solid 20 seconds, maybe a verse or the hook lmao. It made me feel incompetent. I promise I’m a day one, Kehlani! “You Should Be Here” had the entire venue singing and throwing their arms in the air. I love the intro on this song for some reason. It’s so real. “Runnin'” is another stand out from her 2015 album You Should Be Here. “Down For You,” “Alive”, before she intro-ed “Gangsta” with a shoutout to love. Healthy love at that. How many of you saw Suicide Squad? The scene with Harley Quinn and The Joker falling to Kehlani’s voice made the movie for me.

Honey” was the song I was waiting for the entire day. It literally was everything I thought it would be. Kehlani released this as a single after a little hiatus from releasing new music, and the very first time I heard it, it completely touched my heart. This was Lani’s coming out to the world that she’s bi-sexual, which lead to her finally posting her gf on her socials (just IG, she deactivated her Twitter). Before y’ll jump to conclusions, I am not bi. I just think it’s a fucking beautiful song. It’s honestly so touching.

This just isn’t normal. Kehlani actually sounds better live than in my headphones. Not normal. My favorite line in the hook says, “I’m a beautiful wreck, A colorful mess, but I’m funny.” @ me lmao. Next, she played us her newest single, “Already Won,” which sees her flexing on this record, as she should. Especially with that Grammy-nomination this year! <3

The “& Friends” part of the show came to life when she brought Ty Dolla $ign to the stage. She gassed up him too, saying he’s one of her favorites in R&B. Real recognize real. You could just feel the love and support form both ends. She also praised him for dropping such a great project (Beach House 3), which I genuinely enjoyed from start to finish. On repeat. Ty started out by playing “Dawsin’s Breek” featuring Jeremih and the crowd went brazy, myself included.

“Or Nah” by Ty$ had me so nostalgic. Can’t deal lmao. Every time he plays it, I’m just like damn. This was the most romantic/sexual song when it first dropped.

I have to admit I didn’t like “Ex” featuring YG when I first heard it, but now I fucking love it. Ty stays making hits. His records are made for the club. Of course, he couldn’t leave without doing “Blase.” Forever turning the scene into a full-blown party. This also left me wondering, why don’t Lani and Ty have a record together? As he finished, Kehlani made sure everyone gave him a standing round of applause. It was too cute. Keeping with the R&B momentum, Kehlani brought it wayyyy back, asking everybody if she could cover one of her favorite jams: “So Into You” by Tamia. So here for it.

Next, I guess Lani ran into more technical difficulties on stage, telling everyone the power just went out. She couldn’t hear shit (fooled me again). She told The Novo to get it together, which was hilarious. This lead into a shpeal of more of her past failures, and how she made it all work each time with the help of her time. Case and point: performing “Alive” in acapella. Fans were even more excited for this version. Kehlani’s voice isolated? Yes, please. “Get Like” had Baelani breaking out my favorite dance moves before she asked fans if she could talk shit. This transitioned right into “Personal,” one of my favorites. That one hits home.

“Everything Is Yours” set the entire tone for the remainder of the show, but not before she threw it back with “FWU,” from the mixtape she dropped way back when she was 19. This had us all looking at each other like, “Isn’t she only like 21?” She’s 22 lmao. She made it seem like 19 was hella days ago (she was born in ’95 according to Google). Next, Kehlani played us her verse on Calvin Harris’ “Faking It” featuring Lil Yachty. The summer anthem. Kehlani is smart for doing these collab — EDM is where it’s at. Next, she played “Distraction,” which was nominated for a Grammy this year. Huge congrats to Kehlani and her entire team. That’s so dope. Dreams really do come true.

Forever mood.

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