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December 14, 2017

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While the Bay Area has already given birth to some of music’s biggest superstars, they’re just getting started. With G-Eazy and Kehlani leading the pack, it’s only a matter of time before the world discovers the rest of the hidden talents. Insert Marty Grimes from Berkeley, CA. Read more…

I formally met Marty for the first time as he was opening for Mod Sun at The Roxy in Los Angeles. During his explosive set, the crowd was not only blessed with a guest appearance from young Gerald, but also… pizza. As I watched Marty physically hand out slices of pizza to the crowd, I realized this was a level of fan interaction I’ve never seen before. I was convinced.

For those who don’t know, who is Marty Grimes?

Marty Grimes is a rapper from Berkeley, California — the Bay Area, ya dig! With something a little different from the Bay.

How would you describe your sound?

I’d say I want to bring a little bit of everything, like it’s for certain moods. But overall, rider music. I make a lot of music you can ride to. Either that morning ride or that 2 a.m. from the club ride, or that headed to the club ride early.

So you’re from the Bay. How does being home compare to places like LA?

Man, there’s no comparison. When you’re at home, you’re around everybody you know and love. In the Bay, we really like individualism. So it’s really cool because it’s just a melting pot of hella different styles.



Do you find it harder to convince people elsewhere?

Nah, not really. It’s just hard to get people to listen since there’s so many artists and there’s so much music out there. And we have ADD, so we skip past so much and we listen to so much — it’s hard for people to really sit and consume it. Me meeting people helps a little bit because it gives them a little more incentive. Like you know, “I really fuck with that dude. I’ma listen to his stuff.” And then it’s over, [snaps fingers] you’re hooked.

Tell us about your friendship with G-Eazy.

Oh that’s the bro, we’ve been friends since like high school. Started rapping out together. I went through the whole everything. I’ve been the tour manager, the driver, the merch guy… I’ve done it all. It was tight.

The music industry is no joke. What’s the best advice G has given you?

Man, I don’t know. We talk, but we like learned everything at the same time to a certain extent. Me working on the side during his come up and soaking up all that game… that was worth more, if that makes sense. Of course, getting to the point where I’m at now, he can help me out with bigger questions, but at the same time during the come up we were both learning the same things.

What’s your favorite song off of Cold Pizza and why?

“Lose My Mind.” Just because that’s just my favorite vibe of music and I feel like it’s speaking on a little more than everything else on the tape was, to a certain extent. And I just really appreciate substance and at the same time, some shit you can bop to.

What makes your love for pizza different than anyone else’s?

It’s my good luck charm. It like really created this life for me, to a certain extent. A lot of opportunities were given being at the pizzeria. And a lot of opportunities came up just from meeting people and telling them the story. And it worked out.

I was listening to “SIKE!,” shoutout to P-Lo. You gonna dive into R&B or what’s happening?

Man, I’m about to do a lot. I’m really trying to have no limit. But yeah, you might hear a little more sensitive side of Marty in the future. [smirks]

So, you’re working on an album or a mixtape? What are we getting first?

I don’t know. I just really to work. Yeah, just work. And then see what comes up from the songs that I make and then catch a groove from certain ones and then go from there. It might be a mixtape next if I feel it, it might be a album next if it’s just going over the top crazy.

You’re only 27, what’s your end goal?

The end goal is to take over the world. 100%. Do everything. I’m not just an artist. It’s not just music that’s my background. I’m trying to get into everything. I just did the title track for a new anime cartoon called Cannon Busters, so we dabbling into TV. So we’re just trying to do everything. Not trying, we are doing everything.

What would you be doing if you weren’t rapping?

If I wasn’t rapping, probably opening up a ton of pizzerias.

What’s a normal day in the life?

It really depends. But lately, it’s just been like, wake up, eat good, go to this interview, eat a little bit more, talk to some other folks before this shoot, go work out.

Do you work out?

Yea, daily. Well, I try.

That’s why you’re skinny.

To a certain extent. I don’t run though, I never run. That’s for the birds. But I might get my little lift on, just to keep some meat on these bones. [laughs]



How was Rolling Loud?

Rolling loud was amazing! I love festivals just because it brings so many different types of people. And they don’t know what to expect. And a lot of people of course come early to wait for the bigger acts. I get them excited — that’s why I love it.

What are your thoughts on Lil B getting jumped?

Man that was weak. I can’t even… that was just terrible.

I’m just like, “Where the fuck are his people?”

Well, that’s the thing man, Lil B moves solo. He shouldn’t have to worry about mobbing with nobody when you got something going on in the Bay. And I just feel like that’s a real coward move to jump somebody 20 to 1. And they’re at home when they’re with nobody. He’s a real one. You seen him though, they ain’t put nothing but a scratch on his face. Shoutout to Lil B, he’s still showing love. He’s a bigger man than a lot of people to be able to walk up and really forgive that easily. He had a lot of people that were ready to go to war for him, and still ready.

What’s the most interesting encounter you’ve had with a fan?

A fan has gotten me tattooed on them. Like my logo. And they tell me about a song or how I either saved their life or stopped them from A, B, and C, or helped them get to A, B, and C. That’s always crazy to me because I just like making music. Of course I want to be there, help the people, help any fans, but when you really get that real story that’s like, “Yo, you stopped me from taking my life.” That’s wild to me. It’s an amazing feeling to me. You can’t replace that.

Who’s the most played artist in your phone?

I go through phases, let me look real fast. I’m listening to ymtk’s 9Song.Wav. I’ve been bumping that for a minute. I been bumping that OMB, that Humble Beginnings EP. And Ty Dolla $ign, that Beach House 3.

Last question, dream collab?

I got a few: Kendrick, Cole, Em. I can keep going, Ye. I just want to create with great people and great creators. Just because I feel like those are the type of artists that can really like take me out of my element and force me to make something different that could be great.

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