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G-Eazy Performs Private Show For Day One Fans At The Roxy In Los Angeles

December 21, 2017

Wednesday, December 20

Today was my first day back since Saturday night. I typically choose to be private about my struggles with mental illness, but when you hit rock bottom (over and over), you don’t exactly have a choice. I’m just so fucking grateful that I have people in my life who care about me enough to check on me. And not even close friends, but strangers. People who would bend over backward to be at your side, whatever you need. Makes you appreciate life a lot more.

I honestly didn’t think I would make it out of bed today. I threw up (sorry, TMI) super early AM and literally was in my deathbed. (I never throw up). But honestly, I had to force myself to come in. Aaron fucking Carter. The younger brother of Nick Carter of The Backstreet Boys. Everyone’s favorite pop star (sorry Biebs). They were so sweet to make time to come through Young & Reckless, so I really wanted to make sure they were taken care of. Who knew Aaron would not only make my day, but actually change my entire outlook on life.

In nothing but good spirits, Aaron just got out of rehab after spending 60 days inpatient in Malibu. It’s crazy. Not only was I on the other end of this as a client, but I also worked in treatment as a counselor and mental health worker (or technician). With that being said, I commend Aaron so much on his sobriety. He’s back and ready to prove to the world he still got it. You really can’t knock that. If you find a way to, you’re an asshole. Music saves lives. Shout out to the homie Matt for making this happen. <3

Fast forward another 5 hours of work and I’m desperately trying to find a roll dawg to come hang out with me and young Gerald tonight. This was a private show in a small, intimate setting, aka The Roxy on Sunset. I was going to take my brother’s bestie, who thinks Gerald is as fine as the rest of the world. But he catted last minute (smh). Understandable — it’s a school night, and The Roxy isn’t exactly the most convenient location in LA (Weho is hella deep). But Mark swooped and I was happy to bring him. He’s literally the only other person in this world who goes to as many shows as I  do. And he’s from the Bay. It just made sense.


Btw, I didn’t even know about this show. Huge thanks to Yash for allowing me to cover. Definitely just saw G perform on Saturday at Cali Christmas and probably every single time he makes an appearance in LA (he lives here now). But tonight, he repped the Yay like NO OTHER. Seriously, he put on for Oakland and it made me smile from ear to ear. I still don’t know who had access to this lmao the caption says day 1 fans. I think it was whoever bought a hard copy of the album (The Beautiful & Damned) and whatever VIP package that included. Honestly, it was so cute. The room was filled to the brim with friends, family, and die-hard fans. On the GA floor, the crowd would flock to young Gerald every time he moved even one inch closer to them. I’m just trippin’ because G’s come up is so real: from an average rapper from the Bay to a superstar.

If you guys have been sleeping, The Beautiful & Damned is a fucking amazing album. He described it as dropping “just a few days ago” which tripped me out because it feels like it’s been out for ages. But then you realize that’s just how much you’re listening to it. Everyone was posted at The Roxy for quite a few now, patiently waiting for G to grace them with his glory. With Zoe Nash singing the intro IRL, “The Beautiful & Damned” was the perfect intro to the show. It was definitely movie status, not even one song in.

“Pray For Me” is one of my favorite tracks off the project. It’s only song #2 which meant I had trouble getting to the rest of the album lmao. It’s just so fucking real. So relatable. Just listen to the lyrics.


“The Plan” is definitely a contender for top 5. This was released as a single before the album dropped, and I remember thinking, “Damn G, this shit goes hard.” Whoever says he can’t rap, y’ll are definitely just hating. “That’s A Lot” was next, which had the girls cheering and screaming. That really goes to show how many of them actually listened to the project, and not just the surface-level singles. G was the most humble I’ve seen him, genuinely taking the time to thank the fans and how much they meant to him. He said this was the first stage he ever performed on in LA and remember thinking he couldn’t wait to sell this bitch out. Now, that’s a give in. Btw, he had his bae Halsey on the balcony locked in the ENTIRE show.

Literally, they couldn’t take their eyes off each other. This lead right into “Order More,” which was romantic af. Halsey took Starrah’s place lmao. And wow, this video has over 43 mil views. I swear, he’s way more lit than I think he is (and I think he’s pretty lit). “Calm Down” was next, which had him bringing the hyphy movement from the Bay to LA. Keak Da Sneak status. That shit had me and Phora so turnt! Who btw, will be joining G on his upcoming tour alongside Trippie Redd. That’s a movie already. G continued to play more of his older hits which the crowd was 100% here for. He played “Random” and another banger that had his manager Jamilio literally headbanging in the crowd. I swear, that was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Ever.


Next was another oldie (but goodie) called “Far Alone,” which had G shouting out Jay Ant who was posted in the Bay. I had to text him to tell him. The love is too real. “Lotta That” was next, which really tripped me out on because it just reminded me how many hits G had in his back pocket. His progression is crazy and beyond admirable. He literally made his dream come true. And you know he had to play “Lady Killers,” his fire collab with Hoodie Allen. This was for the real day ones. He then shouted out Mod Sun before performing “Stay High.” Totally forgot they had a song together, and totally here for it. Mod Sun is the fucking best. “Breathe” was next, which was released back 2012. At this point, I realize G was having the time of his life on stage. And “Gotdamn” was an anthem.


My other favorite artist from the Bay: Marc E. Bassy. I had literally just got done with texting Ash saying I hadn’t seen him yet tonight. And then he pops up on stage. “Some Kind Of Drug” will forever and ever be one of the most romantic songs to exist. Marc’s music has a very special place in my heart. And G-Eazy singing this entire song to Halsey on the balcony almost made me cry. ALMOST. Tears were forming lmao. Similar story with “You & Me.” Marc is so fucking talented.


Can we talk about G’s interactions with his fans? Addorable. He was taking their phones and selfie-videoing himself all night. “Sober” featuring Charlie Puth is also a gem from the new project. If you guys aren’t familiar, these are the same vocals you hear on Wiz’s “See You Again.” Gold.

“I Mean It” had G partying like it was 1999. Is that how the saying goes? Either way, lit was an understatement. He also threw out water into the crowd in this moment, which left me glad I was back in the VIP (in the most non-bougie way ever). He even admitted “this is the most fun I’ve had on stage in a year.” We got you, G. The crowd then started chanting his name, “Gerald, Gerald!” “Me, Myself & I” was next, which I couldn’t help but laugh inside because at Cali Christmas on Saturday, he literally told the entire Forum he was sick of playing this record  (leading to “No Limit” for a second time). He then introduced and shouted out his entire band, from the drummer to the DJ. You literally can’t lose with live music.

Now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for (or just me). I knew Halsey was going to come on stage for “Him & I.” I remember when I first heard this record, I was sold. They are legit this year’s Bonnie & Clyde. My bro was saying how he watched a video of them recently performing together, and how they had “so much sexual tension.” The way he described it was just so funny and innocent lmao I had to share. But really, you can tell G is head over heels for Halsey, which I’m sure breaks the hearts of the rest of the female population. Every girl, including my bro’s gay bestie, has a crush on G-Eazy.


They had so much chemistry on stage. Also could NOT stop thinking about the Mod Sun show here where Marty Grimes opened. G-Eazy and Lana Del Rey were straight macking all over each other on the balcony, exactly where Halsey was tonight. “Him & I” ended with G calling Halsey “the baddest bitch in the game.” Cute.

“No Limit” I’m a fucking soldier. This song will be in rotation for the rest of our lives. He also played the remix tonight, which features himself, A$AP Rocky, Belly, Juicy J, and French Montana. What a lineup. And what a show. Congrats, G, on your much-deserved and never-ending success.

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