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Berner Brought Out Scott Storch, P-Lo, Kool John & Messy Marv At Cookies Xmas In San Fran

December 24, 2017

Saturday, December 23

It’s the Saturday before Christmas… and Berner is performing his annual Cookies Xmas show in the Bay. Honestly, I’m speechless lmao. Legitimately, at a loss for words. This might be the most LIT show I’ve been to in a minute. Lit being the main word in the equation. This was the most weed-friendly, weed-welcoming, weed-everything show I’ve ever been to. I just think of when I’m in LA… every time I spark up, I get caught and have to put it out. And get scolded ten times over. Sometimes threatened to get kicked out even. And it usually happens in like less than a minute. Tonight, 0 fucks were given at The Warfield in San Francisco. Like, negative fucks were given lmao.

So, I still think I’m the only female in the world who listens to Berner lmao. I discovered him just from being a Hip Hop head/stoner from the Bay. He’s the definition of OG Bay Area. I used to smoke and drink heavy to his music. “Purp” featuring The Jacka was the anthem. He’s also the owner and founder of Cookies SF: “an inspirational clothing and accessory brand destined to spark fire within the budding fashion industry.” Basically, it’s Berner’s own clothing and weed strain. And it’s fucking lit.

I’m from Sunnyvale, which is definitely not SF. I’m from the suburbs an hour from the city. But don’t underestimate us… we go stupid, dumb, hyphy just as hard. Almost harder because we didn’t have shit else to do lmao. My parents decide they want to spend Christmas out here at Cavallo Point, which is a resort in Sausalito overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge. Translation: how can I pull up to the show. I forgot my bud but no problem here lmao. The only part that tripped me out was how it was a 35-minute drive. AND a $7 fee to cross the bridge. Say what.

I have to give it one time for Eric, aka Stinje. I knew him back in Los Angeles when I was a club rat lmao. He was a pretty lit promoter in Hollywood, then one day he just left and went to work full-time with Berner. Never knew and still don’t know exactly what he does with him, but I know it’s lit. As the night went on, I just kept discovering more and more the extent of how much this show meant to the people. It’s like Snoop in Long Beach status — home sweet home. And shout out to Eric selling over 300 tickets so he could perform lmao. I had no idea what this meant… until I pulled up.

Had to make sure I caught his set at 9pm, which proved to be pure entertainment. Still not sure if it was supposed to be taken as serious, but the crowd was super here for it. As they were the entire night. There was so much fucking free tree lmao. From prerolls to actual bud, if you were in the front by the stage, you definitely had a high chance of coming up lucky. If you follow Berner, you know Stinje. He actually sold 422 tickets, which well-exceeded Berner’s expectation of 300 tickets. This was his time to shine on stage. By the end, he had officially ripped his shirt off like the Hulk and proceeded to chug some Henny. Cookies Xmas in full effect.

Mike Sherm was up next. I actually had no idea who this dude was until after the fact lmao. I feel like I’m slippin’ with Bay Area cats. “Asshole” definitely had the crowd geeked.

Shout out to the Big Pescado taking the stage like a damn boss. Berner’s actually part of the Taylor Gang fam (#TGOD for life, which is why I think I fuck with him so much. Wiz is top 5 for me. He started with “Busy Body,” his most recent single with E-40, Too Short, and Teeflii. It’s a slap, for sure. I remember hitting #BETxperience in LA where Wiz brought him out. As much as I can’t say I LOVE his lyrical content, I do think he’s very slept on. His last project Packs had so many features: Young Dolph, Wiz, Quavo, Paul Wall, Frenchie… so many. Anyways, the new album drops on January 16.

And never forget he did a project with Styles P called Vibes. I was definitely reminded when he performed “Table” featuring ScHoolboy Q. Fire. “Niice” with Paul Wall and Quavo was next. I was literally bumping this earlier today and thinking, why is Berner not more lit lmao. My theory is his Cookies SF brand is so damn successful. Not sure if he intended it to be this way, but he’s definitely doing something right. He literally forgot the lyrics at one point and blamed it on being too high lmao. It was definitely lit though. “All In A Day” is another banger. Next, PREZI comes out for “Do Better.” This was only the beginning.

Everyone was genuinely dancing and having a good ass time. None of this standing out LA bougie shit. Everyone was here to let loose and celebrate — celebrate the holidays, celebrate the weekend, celebrate life. Kool John coming out for “Bitch I Look Good” had me geeked. I fucking love this song.

Then P-Lo comes out for “Put Me On Somethin'” featuring E-40. My Bay Area spirit animal. But it gets even better. Next comes out Messy Marv to the stage, shirtless and all lmao. He performed “Playing On My Nose” which had P-Lo literally going HAM on stage behind him. It was so epic. This is my heaven. Berner came back out to perform “Burn One.” I swear, his body is just immune to marijuana like Wiz’. You prob can’t even tell when he’s high because it’s just normal. He kept shouting out weed legalization in the new year. I still can’t wrap my head around it.

Just when you think it can’t get any better… Scott Storch. Totally forgot this was even happening. Scott Storch is a legendary producer. The fact that Berner got him to play a keyboard set… AND to Mac Dre’s “Feelin’ Myself.” Mannnnn. I need to move home lmao ASAP. And it got better. He was playing the keys to all his hits, from Snoop Dogg to Fat Joe to The Game. East Coast was loved tonight.

Forever mood lmao. I feel like these legendary producers literally get no love. Scott Storch reminded us he did “Lean Back” by Fat Joe, “Just A Little Bit” by 50 Cent, and so many more.  To close out the epic evening, Berner had DJ Teflon drop the last record, “OT” featuring Wiz Khalifa. Old Wiz is literally life. Shout out to Kenny for mobbing with me and T for linking us. Yay Area for life.

I still can’t get over the Santa Clauses on stage handing out marijuana from a huge bag. Literally, just handfuls of tree for the crowd. Also, Berner could definitely pass as kush Santa Clause. This 5-lb joint made it to the stage and had to be lit with a fucking torch. I really would have loved to be the chick lighting this on stage. She was Asian too. High.

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