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December 27, 2017

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Born in San Francisco, Larry June is one of the Bay’s hidden gems. While the rapper moved to Atlanta at a very young age, it wasn’t long before he returned to his roots. One thing you’ll notice right away is his “orange emoji” attached to his socials. Larry embodies the definition of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, which is why Larry took some time off to discover himself. Now, he’s back and ready to kill the rap game. Read more…

Larry’s unique flow and signature ad-libs are only a few reasons why fans flock to him. Between the “YEE-HEE’s” and “Sock it to me’s,” Larry proves he can show out and turn up in any capacity. Having toured with Asher Roth, Post Malone, and Ugly God (to name a few), Larry is ready to take over the new year.

For those who don’t know, who is Larry June?

Larry June is the rapper, organic sensation. Good Job Larry. Sock it to me. Big mojito. You know I’m saying? YEE-HEE! Good job!

Your manager describes you as “every rapper’s rapper.” What does that mean?

A lotta rappers fuck with me. And the industry is tapped in — they call me they favorite rapper’s rapper. Or whatever they call it. We’re doing good, pretty much.

How would you describe your sound?

Electrifying. Something different. Something refreshing. Something you can get in a good mood to. YEE-HEE! God damn!

You grew up in Atlanta, but you’re originally from the Bay?

I was actually born in Frisco. I moved to the ATL when I was in kindergarten. And I came back in the 6th grade.

How does the Bay affect your sound?

The lingo in the Bay is crazy. All my family’s from the Bay. Just having conversations and being around and shit, it is what it is. It’s a whole different world there, than Atlanta.

How’s LA treating you?

LA’s good. LA’s going good — it’s very productive out here.

The music industry is no joke, what’s your take on it?

It’s no joke, fosho. I agree.

I wanna talk about your single “Back Rappin.” Did you go back to trappin’?

Oh, you know. I took a little break from rapping, for a second. Not even a break, I just took time to get my mind right. I had to run this check up, you know what I’m saying. But now I’m back. I’m doing numbers. Good job! We doing this show tonight!

How’d you connect with Ugly God?

I don’t know. The nigga Jordan Stone hit me. But I fuck with Ugly God. Good job Ugly God! You’re doing good!

How was touring with Asher Roth and Post Malone?

Amazing. I love Asher Roth and Post. They’re good dudes. It was fun, I learned a lot. Because at the time when I was touring with them, I was actually learning about the tour life and all that shit. I appreciate them a lot.

Talk about your EP, Larry Two.

Oh man, Larry Two was just something I put together. I was experimenting with different sounds and had to go back to the old school sound. And trying new shit and trying to create different trap sounds. And it was more of me experimenting, and my new shit is really going back to my old shit and incorporating the new shit with it a little bit. And just trying to, you know, build that bigger range of fans and shit.

Those two Zacari features though! Is that your homie?

Yeah, good job Zacari! Yeah, that’s my homie. He came through and showed love. We knocked that out the same day, damn near. Sent the song, got it back, went on tour. That’s a good dude.

You’re only 26, what’s your end goal?

I’m trying to get my Larry June grocery store. Coming soon! Everything organic. Good job Larry, you’re doing good! Coming soon. Larry’s Produce, sock it to me!

So if you weren’t rapping, is that what you would be doing?

If I wasn’t rapping, I’m “4Deep” pimpin’! [laughs]

So, what’s your favorite grocery store?

I fuck with Whole Foods. I’ve been fucking with this one called Erewhon, off Beverly and shit in LA. When I’m in LA, I fuck with the Erewhon shit. I fuck with Trader Joes.

Are you vegan?

I’m not a vegan.

What’s a normal day in the life?

I wake up, look at my phone. Check my bank account. Take a jog. Might get a big mojito. Get an organic breakfast. Make sure my son good. I live a normal life. Ride my bike. Make sure shit don’t stall. Make a beat or something.

How old is your son?

My son 6.

Did you take him trick or treating?

Nah, he’s with his mom right now.

What’s the most interesting encounter you’ve had with a fan?

[long pause] Letting one… at SXSW, picking one up in an uber. Picking him up, kicking it, smoking weed and shit.

How was Rolling Loud?

Rolling Loud was tight. It was amazing, fosho. Yes Lord!

What are your thoughts on Lil B getting jumped?

Oh man, I feel bad. I wasn’t around, if I was around, I would have helped. Lil B is always doing a good job!

Who’s the most played artist on your phone?

Bootsy Collins right now. Probably James Brown and Bootsy Collins.

What’s your dream collab?

Right now, I want Bootsy Collins. That would be tight as fuck.

Anything else you want Young California to know?

I got a new EP on the way, You’re Doing Good, coming very soon! We gonna drop the new single, very soon. It’s coming, it’s already done, we’re just figuring out how we gonna do it. And we’re doing good, Good job Young California, you’re doing good!

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