3 Thumbs Up For Pitch Perfect 3

December 27, 2017

Tuesday, December 26

Happy day after Christmas! It’s time to get motivated af. 2018 is about to go off.

My day was honestly all work and errands. Mood af walking through Nordstrom to return something. Literally could not not stop at the Women’s Shoes department at their sale rack. I hate myself. And their Twitter is so fucking lit, they respond in like .5 seconds to every tweet! Ugh lmao. They slay.

Tonight, I was reuniting with my best for some Pitch Perfect 3. Btw, these movies are always my idea lmao. I’m always that annoying friend like, “Hey! Let’s go see this!” Honestly, that’s what I look forward to when I come home. To hide and catch up on movies. If you guys have any type of sense of humor, you’d know these Pitch Perfect movies are fucking hilarious.

Omg. $5 tickets. I literally die. AMC Cupertino 16 on Tuesdays. Yes lawd. I really should be shouting out AMC, not the Bay, but hey. Don’t think this exists in LA. I literally saw a post-it on the ticket window that said “Buy tickets for $5” written in sharpie. Hella ghetto actually lmao. I ask the cashier and all you have to do is be an AMC Stubs member and tickets are legit 5 bucks. This made my entire day.

Honestly, Fat Amy alone is a reason to watch these films. Pure comedy and pure entertainment. I remember someone saying the last film (Pitch Perfect 2) sucked, but it’s like bruh. That’s like saying Will Ferrell isn’t funny. It’s dumb humor and you have to take it for what it is. I LOVE chick flicks but this is a comedy more than anything. It’s a good time with whoever you go with.

IMDB plot: “Following their win at the world championship, the now separated Bellas reunite for one last singing competition at an overseas USO tour, but face a group who uses both instruments and voices.”

It’s basically about a group of girls called the Bellas who sing and compete with other groups. Anna Kendrick is the star alongside Rebel Wilson and Brittany Snow. It’s an all-star cast really. Imagine the funny version of S Club 7 trying to make it. Also, I couldn’t get over DJ Khaled in this film, as himself. He literally acted out and dragged out all his puns and ad-libs, it was too much. I wonder how much he got paid for this lmao. But the movie is only an hour and a half long, so it’s absolutely perfect. I truly believe all films should be this length.

It was like midnight by the time we got out but we decided to go explore downtown Cupertino. So fucking pretty this new plaza is. I remember I came here for Alexander’s Steakhouse on Thanksgiving and just thought wow, Cupertino with that glow up. Shout out to A$AP Rich for snapping this flick. He’s the fucking best.

So is “Street Lights” by Kanye West.

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